Big Toe Is Swollen On Side

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the skin on the side of my big toe grow back?
    My toe was swollen like a month ago and it had puss in it, I took all the puss out and my toe was fine. They I noticed my skin on the side of my toe looked dead so I peeled it off but it has not grown back and I hate the way it looks so I just really want to know if the skin will grown back and if it does how long will it take

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    Our 4 yr old son has a swollen big toe on the outer side. He can walk & run, but he walks on his heel.?
    He walks on his heel only on that foot which tells me that he sprained or maybe fractured his big toe? When he gets mad he tends to sometimes kick whatever is in front of him so maybe that's it I don't know, but it's worrying me. When we put his socks on he tells us to put it on slowly on that side only. He will not let anyone touch it either. We put some ice on it, but I am wanting to take him to the Children's Hospital here tomorrow to double check everything. On his big toe there is a white spot about 1 1/2 inches on the outher edge of his toe that has a red/purplish swollen ring around it.
    He is losing his appetite alot since this happened also.

    • ANSWER:
      Does he have a splinter or something embedded in his toe?
      I wouldn't wait too long before getting medical evaluation because if there is something in his toe he can get blood poisoning and this can be quite dangerous. Just curious, how could it be 1.5" on outside of big toe when most big toes aren't even that width total?
      I would strongly advice taking him to the ER.

    My big toe is swollen and has pus to the side?
    It is not an ingrown toenail. I ripped of part of it and a day later it turned purple. And the next day there was a yellow, hard substance on the side, it was pus. I used a needle to puncture it and i all came out, but the next day it was back. and i repeated that, but it came back again. Now it is spreading a bit and turning a little more purple. I also seem tp be catching a cold but im not sure if its relevant.

    Serious answers please!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have an infection, could be staph. That's how MRSA started with me, only it was in my face.

      The "cold" you're developing could be a secondary infection.

      You need to clean it, cover it and call your doctor immediately.

    why is the side of my big toe red and swollen?
    ok,so i have been having this problem for about two weeks straight now,it started with my left big toe,it got red and swollen on the side of the nail and even pus started coming out and then after about 3 days,the swelling went down,and then the pain stopped and then the same thing happened to my right big toe it got all red and swollen with pus and then it went down and switched back to my left toe!! and it keeps switching back and forth! its been switching from one toe to the other non stop and there never swollen at the same time, i mean can anybody tell me whats going on? i have not injured them in any way,and i know i don't have ingrown nails,this came out of no where!

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, thats exactly what ingrown toenails do. For temporary relief you can clip off part of the nail digging into your toe. But for permanent relief you can get a special and quick surgery that will make them quit digging into your toes.

    Why are my big toes swollen and sore on one side?
    It is only right beside the nail, it is red and a little swollen.
    It hurts really bad and it is on both big toes.
    It makes no sense to me.
    What is wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      There are many possible things like ingrown toe nails, gout or bunions. It may help to soak in warm Epsom salt. If you get no relief it is best to have it checked out by a dr., especially if you are diabetic.

    My big toe is swollen and red on the left side of the toenail,?
    and on the inside of the toenail there's this small yellow-green fungus looking thing that oozes a little when you squeeze. What do I have and what should I do? The fungus-like thing is really small right now, but I'm sure it's the start of something bigger. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely sounds like an infected toenail. I just got over dealing with one. What worked for me is soaking my toes in hot (as hot as you can tolerate it) water with epsom salt mixed in. Then pat dry and pour peroxide & alcohol on it. Let air dry then put some Neosporin on a band-aid and cover during the day. Remove band-aid at night and let air dry. It did the trick for me. If your toe gets worse, then you'll need to be seen by your doctor. Best of luck.

      Praying your toe gets better soon.

    how should i treat my swollen big toe?
    last night i went to go in my closet and i stepped on a tooth pick, and it got deep into the side of my big toe, i pulled it out. that was that, it was fine, than i woke up today and its really swollen, like i cant walk on it, i'm in so much pain, and i do gymnastics so i need this to to go away, any suggestions to get the swelling down?

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    why is my big toe swollen? for no reason?
    my big toe is red and swollen on the right side of my toe, it is very very painful. i don't remember hurting it in anyway, it has been like this for days now,i see a white spot on the red area of it, what is this? could it be an infection? i can not walk straight anymore, but i'm limping. it's so bad that the whole area from the right knee to the toes hurt bad, just because of that one toe...what is it? please help

    • ANSWER:
      Gout owuld be my first choice as this is the joint that it most frequently affects. Usually it will cause redness, swelling and a great deal of pain. You doctor can run some simple blood test to determine if it is gout and there are medications to treat this condition as well as some diet modifications. Becasue you have the white spot, which is not normally seen with gout, I would question whther or not you have an infection. Most infections of the skin are cuased by staphylococcus and some infections of the skin can develop under the outer layer of skin and form a type of abcess. If this is the case then you need some antibiotics to treat it. Either way I would recommend a trip to the doctor to get the correct diagnosis and medications. Don't wait too long because if it is infection it could get into your blood and cause sepsis.

    Slight swelling on left side of big toe nail....which is nt vry painful...?
    I'v noticd the skin on left side of big toe nail is sligtly swollen...and is shiny too.....from past 2-3 days..
    but it is nt vry painful as descrbd in few othr qstns askd over here.....i mean i dnt feel the pain at all unless i press tht pain too is vry this a possible begnnig of any infction or an ingrwn toenail.? or just a plain simple swelling? Since i dnt wear shoes on a reglr basis or i hvnt been hurt or did nt put my feet into any dirty water!!!
    If this is beggning of any kind of infctn, thn can i just try smethn at hme to avoid it frm furthr dvlpmnt?

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    What is wrong with my big toe? Swollen, red, tender.?
    Yesterday morning I woke up and my big toe was sore, when I looked at it I noticed that the skin at the side of the nail was red and swollen and tender to touch. Today it feels even worse and I can't put any weight down on my foot. My Dr has no appointments till Monday. If I go to A&E will they think I'm a time waster even though I'm in a lot of pain and can't walk?

    • ANSWER:
      In-Grown-Toenail. Nasty little things. Good that ur going to the doctor soon. If you leave it as is, it will continue to swell and will get enormous. In the later stages it gets infected and the doctor refers you to a podiatrician to have your toenail removed. However Im not sure if thats necessary in such an early time. But however you need to go to the doctor to have it checked.

    my big toe is red on the side and hurts!!?
    one of my big toes is hurting a lot right niw. the side of the toe is red and seems swollen then compared to the other side. when i dont put pressure on it, it doesnt hurt. but when i press the side where it is swollen, it hurts. the swollen side on the skin area next to my toenail. what could it be? thanks

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    Swollen big toe, help please!?
    Hi, yesterday i was cutting my nail and while i was digging the dirt from the side of the nail on my big toe; i must have dug down too hard b/c i cut the skin under the nail. Now today its all swollen and the skin has partly risen to the top of the nail. Please don't say ''go to a doctor'', i need some remedies or ointments to make it less swollen and red. The swell is not too big, just a bit noticeable and the swollen area is not totally on the side of the nail-just partly swollen.

    I'm almost certain that it is not an ingrown toe nail.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know why you don't want to go to a doctor- those are the people specifically trained to diagnose and treat you whereas the vast majority of people on Yahoo answers are not. As a physician, I can say it is almost certain that your toe is already infected (a paronychia) and needs to be lanced and treated with antibiotics (which are prescription only). I am well aware that doctors cost money and times are tough; however, this is the type of thing which if left untreated can lead to serious infection and even hospitalization. I say that not to scare you or intimidate you into seeing a doctor, I say it because it's true. I have given you free advice- you can thank me by showing you have the good judgement to get yourself properly treated. Good luck.

    My big toe is hard, swollen, and red-could it be broken?
    I can't really put weight on that side of my foot and the toe itself can't bend. If I try, it hurts. I can't move the whole toe up and down a lot, only a little bit. A boy stepped on it really hard. It didn't hurt that much at first, but it became swollen, red, hard, and throbbing. I can't really walk, I can only limp.

    Could it be broken? What should I do? I put ice on it for about 25 min 3 hours ago and sprayed Stopain.

    • ANSWER:
      Check your symptoms on

    How can I heal my swollen/jammed big toe QUICKLY?
    Okay last night I was sleep walking (not the issue so don't address it) and I jumped off by bed and my big toe bent forward and got jammed and swollen. Now it's purple in a couple spots like on the side where the toe meets the foot and on back of it. It's swollen so that it looks all one size and no indent or anything. The problem:

    not that I'm crying over the pain. Track just started for our school and I can not run very well like this. today was the first practice. Can someone give some ideas on how to heal it quick!

    • ANSWER:
      Put ice on it. the purple dots are brusis. cover it with bandages. hope this helps. you must of stubbed pretty bad.

    my boyfriend has a swollen place on the side of his foot right under his big toe??
    everytime he moves it - it hurts...he said it might be gout????? he is going to go to the doctor...but just wanted your input???

    • ANSWER:
      it could be arthrietis or athleats foot

    How to reduce swollen big toe?
    The problem is that about four years ago, i had an ingrown toenail. I waited about three years, and last year, on july 2, i had my entire toenail removed. The redness and swelling never really went away, despite the procedure. Then, on march 7, 2011, i got another procedure done in which the doctor burned the side of the roots so the nail would not grow back again. However, my toe is still swollen, kind of red, and bigger than the other. It is getting hot now, so i really want to go to the beach. My questions are: 1) How do i reduce the redness and make it smaller? 2) If i wear sandals like this, will it look funny? Should i wear them? btw, i'm a 18 year old girl. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      My only advice for the swelling and redness would be to elevate your toe above your heart when you are at rest, ice packs on site for 10-15 min on, then same off. Maybe also rubbing the foot and stretching your legs to help with circulation if it's blood sitting in there. I would go to a pediatrist (foot doc i think?) and have them see WHY it swells. It's possible it could be an infection way back from the original ingrown nail. If thats the case you could prob just take some antibiotics or something and not have to worry about it anymore.
      As far as looking weird, my pinky toe nail drops off sometimes, and I still rock sandals/heels. If you feel self concious, don't, but if you don't care, who cares what other ppl think it's just a toenail.

    How do I find and cut a hangnail on my big toe?
    How do I find and cut a hangnail which is actually hidden inside the side of my big toe? It is slightly red and swollen and a little painful if I touch it, but no pus, and I actually cannot find the hangnail. Any tips?

    • ANSWER:

    My momma big toe is swollen?
    she is not a dibetic, she is not overweight either. About a week ago she was complaining of her toe. Now it is swollen and I little black on one side of it.

    Please tell me someone what is going on and please no jokes and if you don'tknow the answer please don't leave anything

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:

    i think i have a swollen toe?
    my big toe has is swollen one side it doesn't hurt at all but it been swollen for two weeks n i put some ointment n alcohol on it but i really want to know how to cure my toe

    • ANSWER:

    Big toe sore and swollen?
    hi my big toe is really weird for months there was a gap between my toe-nail and the edge of it on one side occasionally it would fill with liquidy puss recently though it has become solid but it is brown and black in colour and all around it is swollen

    does anyone know what this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      A friend just went through this, and you're not gonna like the answer.

      The interior toe-box of the leather winter boots she wore the most often had a synthetic material--a heavy grade vinyl liner--inside the leather toe. They were her FAVORITE boots (AND expensive!) so they got the most wear out of her collection. Because they were vinyl inside (which she did NOT know), the shoe did not properly breathe and deadly bacteria began to thrive on the heat and perspiration generated by the toe box. Eventually both toes were swollen, pus-filled, and gruesome.

      She soaked them twice daily. She put antibiotic ointment, peroxide, bandages, etc., etc., etc., etc. She nursed them--and they got worse, and worse. Nothing worked.

      To make a long story short, by the time she finally gave up on healing them herself and went to the foot doctor, she had developed an antibiotic-resistant bacteria--a type of pseudomonas--which can be quite deadly. They immediately began aggressive treatment of the infection before they did any surgery, since left untreated it can affect the eyes, heart, lungs, etc., as well. They were very, very concerned for her health at this point.

      Once the infection abated enough to do the surgery (it took about 2-3 weeks), they removed both big toenails and continued treatment to eliminate any remaining infection.

      The bottom line is this: Do NOT fool around with an infection of the toe! The fact that your toe is full of infection and is already brown and black in color indicates tissue is dying.

      Get to the foot doctor and get it taken care of asap--before the infection enters your bloodstream and does harm to your organs.

    i have a swollen toe?
    ive had a swollen big toe for a week now its red on the side and a little swollen were my joint is and i think it feels warm in the middle . Every now and then it starts to throb and ake the pain goes down my foot.
    I can bend it reasonibly ok and everytime i walk it hurts what could it be

    ps im 14

    • ANSWER:
      You might have gout. If it continues, you need to see a doctor.

    Strange "bubbles" on my toe?
    On the toe next to my big toe, I have about 10 very small.. bubbles under my skin. I say bubbles, cause that's what they loo like. They're hallow though. I've tried to pop them or open them, and nothing comes out.. and they don't heal. One of them, the biggest one, looks like a corn, but the others are all under my skin. They don't hurt unless I touch them, so they aren't really bothering me, I'm just not sure what they are, since I can't get rid of them. They're just in that one spot, and really aren't doing anything but making the side of my toe swollen. Should I go to the doctor or is there something I can do at home to fix this?

    • ANSWER:
      Skin can do weird things. Corns come in different shapes and sizes, so it's possible that's what they are. It could also be some blisters from wearing sandals or flip-flops.
      Sometimes minor warts can look that way, they usually go away by themselves after a while.
      It's possible that it's a rash of some sort as well, like heat sensitive rash or even poison ivy. All of these are not really serious, just keep an eye on them and they will probably go away after a while.

      Good luck!

    What is this swelling on my big toe?
    About a week ago I got a small swelling on the side of my big toe. It is on the inner side (next to my other toe) and it is between the skin and my nail. It is slightly swolen and doesn't hurt to much unless I hit it. I can walk pretty confortably as long as the shoes aren't tight. My nail has cut it and blood has come out (never a lot of blood, but there is a scab that forms). When I first got it, it seemed like injuries I've had in the past. What I mean by this is that I've had little swellings that came up for no reason really. I've assumed my skin got irritated by rubbing with my nail. In this case, I think the skin has gotten pretty swolen and the nail cut it. Now the open wound won't heal. I've done some additional research and found some possibilities, but I'd like to hear what you guys think it is. Also, more importantly, what I can do to treat it. I'd prefer to hear as many home remedies as possible because right now is not the best of times for a big hospital bill.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have an ingrown toenail and that its becoming infected. Go to the doctor, they will most likely soak your foot in betadine or iodine, and they will remove the ingrown nail.

    Worried about swollen/ infected big toe?
    Hi all,

    For about 2 months now I have struggled with an infected right big toe.
    At first I thought some infection but given it started when I had an exam period, a very brief visit to a MD had to suffice. He said it was an ingrown nail and cut some parts off it. Up until then the toe had a pink/reddish colour around the left hand side and underside but didn't hurt.

    After the MD (an older MD who sort of practices outside his hours, but we had to figure something with the exams!) cut the nail things started hurting a lot more. The colour stayed and we went for a second opinion to a second MD who suggested I take antibiotics. Well, about a week has passed now since I took the antibiotics but nothing has really changed unfortunately as far as the colour is concerned.

    Both doctors suggested if things didn't go better I would have to be operated on. Because I have heard stories that this is a painful operation I wanted to try an alternative first and visited a podologist last Saturday. She extracted a little part of the toenail that the first MD had forgotten to cut out and had grown in. It hurted a lot at the time but it felt a lot better painwise and it still does (although I still have a limited degree of pain when pushing the top left hand corner of my right toe). The podologist suggested the infection should gradually go away within about 3 days. 3 days later and the toe is still as red, maybe slightly better.

    I heard if you wait too long this infection can spread to the bone and can cause amputation !!!! This made me really concerned and I was wondering if this is a likely thing to happen and secondly what my next step should be.

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing you could do is have the operation. That is really a severe case of an ingrown toenail. My brother had one of those last year and it was nasty. He tried every from soaking his nails in how water every night to trying to cut the ingrown nail. However he would always fail because the toe is very sensitive and the wound is spreading all through out his toes. The only way to cure his toes is to have a surgery. It involves on cutting the flesh where the nail is growing so that they could cut the ingrown nail. It would be painful however it is better than suffering from the pain of an ingrown toenail forever. Where you could lose your toes if you act too late.

    The side of my Big toe nail hurts. Help!?
    For a long time now the side of my big toe nail really hurts. It looks as if there is a slight bump and its very red. It does not hurt when I do not touch it but every time I touch it with my other foot or put shoes on it hurts. At first I thought it was a blister, but blisters usually go away after a little while and I've had blisters to know that with blisters you can usually pop them and there is white oozing "stuff". This is not. It is just a hard little bump and swollen. I don't know what it could be...could anyone come with suggestions or any slight idea?

    • ANSWER:
      You have an ingrown toenail. It can hurt REALLY bad. You might need surgery to get it out of there. You should go to the doctor.

    I have a swelling on my foot to the side and just above where my big toe meets my foot.?
    It can be extremely painful.

    When I have been sitting a while or when I get up in a morning having rested it, I get a shooting pain from where the lump is to the end of my big toe when I put it to the ground or stretch it. Its like an electric shock.

    Has anyone any ideas what it might be. I saw my doctor but it had gone down on that particular day and didn't have much to work on. I have no idea what makes it flare up or settle down either. I have found that ice helps.

    • ANSWER:
      You might have gout. Did your doctor order any blood tests or x-rays? Gout is caused by high levels of uric acid. The uric acid crystallizes in the synovial fluid of joints and causes pain and swelling. You symptoms my come and go. It can affect joints through out the body, but feet. and lower extremities are affected more frequently.

      There is treatment available but you need a definitive diagnosis first.

    Big toe nail hurts at side ?
    I cut by big toe nail a little short on one side and I think it is ingrowing slightly the pain isn't serious but it's bad when I put pressure on it. There is no blood , swelling or redness apart from that

    What should I do about it I'm goin on hiday tomozox

    • ANSWER:
      Soak your foot in a bowl of warm water containing a capful of Dettol for about 10 minutes. Then dry your foot and spend about a minute gently easing the skin away from the toenail. This should provide some relief.

    Big toe problems. Doctor or what?
    I was at a softball game yesterday and got hit with a ball on the tip of my shoe.I iced last night and this morning. There iis a purple line on the side of my big toe. It is swollen too.It hurts whenever i apply pressure. I don't know if i should go to urgent care or wait till monday and go to the doctor.if you need more info just write and answer and i will look at them and post it.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a bad bruise. Possibly, if you go they will take an X ray and/or ice it. I guess you have already iced it and kept your foot on a pillow. If they find a break, do they splint it, or do nothing.

    My toe is swollen.. or at leats i think it is...?
    Well u see about 4 days ago my left big toe started to swell.. and well it doesn't hurt but when i touch it it doesn't feel like a normal feeling.. it feels like a rough surface touching my toe feeling...( i hope u get what im trying to ) ... it is swollen mostly on the right edge and right side or the left big toe... So.. im begging u for help... because i don't know if it's serious..

    I have used a heat pack, cold water, and hot water to try and cure it... but no result so tell me how can i cure it... ?

    PLZ PLZ PLZ...

    • ANSWER:
      go to the doc

    I got this infection on the side of my big toe, its reddish and has white stuff coming out of it?
    i dont know what happened but it hurts and its red and the skin beside it is like swollen we tried cleaning and pusing it out with some disenfectent but it wont go away

    • ANSWER:
      Think it could be either two things... 1) Ingrown Toe nail or 2) Fungis..... but either way go have it checked by a pediotrist one of them foot doctors or just a plain Doctor maybe he can give it a shot...

      Sounds painful... sorry hope it gets better.... BT GET THAT CHECKED!!!

    Toe seperating from the side of the nail what is the problem?
    The big toe on my left foot is seperating off the nail on the left-hand side of the nail. At first I thought it might be from my shoes but I stopped wearing them and it seams to still be getting worse. The skin where it is seperating is getting hard and a slimy substance is comming out from between the skin and toe as well it is all swollen. Sounds like an infection but I have not done anything that could have gotten my toe infected. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
    Thanks, Brett

    • ANSWER:
      It might be an ingrown best if you get it checked by a doctor

    Do i have an infected toe nail?
    Do i have an infected toe nail?
    the side of my big toe is swollen and hurts really bad. i poked on the inner part that connects to my toenail and puss came out? is it infected? what could has caused it and how do i make it go away?

    • ANSWER:
      It is an ingrown toenail. I had the same thing, just I waited too long so I had to have surgery. I highly recommend you soak it in warm water for about 30-45 minutes, and then try and work the nail that is ingrown out (up). If it doesnt work tonight then try tomorrow too. Only if you cannot work it out do you go to the doctor. The surgery hurts like bloody hell.

    Question regarding pus forming on the side of my toe?
    So about 6 days ago, I woke up and noticed that my big toe was swollen, red and tender to touch. It's only on the side of my toe, not under my nail or anything like that. I thought it may have been due to my high-heel boots I wore the night before so I didn't worry about it much. But then the next day I noticed that it hasn't reduced in size or anything so I put some antibiotic ointment on it and covered it with a bandaid for the next couple of days. Fast forward to today, the swelling has gone down, but now it's sort of purple and I think I see pus forming. Should I go be worried? I'm busy with finals this week so what can I do in the meantime before I can go see a doctor? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      ingrown toenail. ouch!
      there are some youtube vids that tell you how to treat them yourself, but be careful because you can make them worse if you screw up. best thing is have a doc fix it. i know how to fix mine but i don't recommend it because someone else might do it wrong and make it worse.
      if you don't want these in the future cut your toenails in a straight line across, don't cut them round to the shape of the toe.

    What Is Wrong With The Side Of My Toe (10 Points)?
    On the side of my big toe there is my skin which has gone purple and swelled up, it hurts when I touch it and I have had it for about 3 or 4 months I thought it would go but it hasn't how do I get rid of it

    • ANSWER:

    Having a problem with my big toe?
    I have a REALLY sore big toe that is REALLY red and swollen and seems to have pus coming out from the side of the nail. The part that is red is not on the side but on top of the toe. Imagine where your toenail grows out from that area but on the skin. (if that makes sense) Its basically the top of my toe that is red,swollen and hurting. Does anyone have any idea on what this could be? I thought an ingrown toenail but from what I can see I don't see the nail poking in the skin.

    • ANSWER:
      It could easily be Gout or cellulitis. Either can be very painful and present with symptoms like you are describing. Both should be checked out by a doctor, however. I wouldn't run to the ER, but defenately give your MD a call in the morning.

    Sisters Big Toe?
    My sister stepped on something in her bin and now the she has a wound on her toe which is Brown with puss filling up in it. It looks really painful and her whole big toe is swollen.
    Also, yesterday my mother was squeezing the toe and its more swollen than befor and also shw woke up ths morning, and her finger nail on her left hand had turned orange.

    She hasent been playing with anything orange and it was there when she wokr up. Its on her Left index finger, (the same side as the infected toe).

    Does anyone have anyidea what it is?

    *the toe is also purple aswell

    • ANSWER:
      OMG!! u need to get her to a doctor fast! she has an infection in her toe and if she dosent get it treated it culd spread to other parts of her body and she'll have to get them amputated so please! please! hurry her to the Doctor's

    How do you know if you broke your big toe?
    So, I kicked my sister's knee cap and my big toe hit it. Now it hurts when I move it. Depends on which movement. It's not swollen or purple....yet...But I did put two cardboard wood on both sides of my toe and taped it, just in-case...So is it broken?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be broken, but most likely it is bruised or jammed. If it was broken, it would be very painful. Apply an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time several times a day, rest it, and elevate it above your heart - prop your foot up on pillows.

    Pain and swelling in right big toe and right thumb - started a few days ago - anyone hear of this before?
    Pain feels like it starts under the nail and my right bit toe and right thumb are swollen slightly. Very unnerving - I'm an artist so I use my right hand constantly. Anyone know what this may be or if there is a correlation of pain being on one side of the body?

    • ANSWER:

    Swollen/Infected Toe?
    i had a small cut on the left side of the big toe on my left foot.. i totally forgot my toe while i was walking home in the rain and my shoes and socks got wet. now the toe is swollen with a lil bit of red + puss on the side near the nail. what should i do? theirs no pain while im walking or pressing down on the nail its just difficult to get up off the floor with my left foot.

    i just ran cold water on that toe.. and it feels better.. is their something else you guys recommend? other then "go see a doc"
    i shower everyday and i take care of the nails on my toe.
    walking in shoes dont hurt
    their is a whitish color on the top side of my nail but its not huge.. pretty small then the lower part is kind of red and big

    • ANSWER:
      you -have- to go to a doctor immediately. the infection can affect the nail. and it can be permanent. so if you don't want to have a deformed nail or if you don't want to lose it, you have to seek medical help. from personal experience any infection with puss especially near a nail isn't something you should treat yourself.

    swelling on big toe, no idea what it is.?
    on my big toe there is a swelling which hurts when i apply pressure to it, at first i thought my nail was digging into the side of my toe, but i found that there is white liquidy stuff coming out of the gap between my toenail and the swelling, it doesnt feel like a blister. can u help?

    • ANSWER:

    Advice with ingrown toe nail on my big toe?
    My toe hurts... I trim the nail down as far as I can, it it still feels like its getting ingrown... the inner side of my big tow is swollen and a little purple... what can i do??? I dont want to go to a doctor if i can avoid it.

    • ANSWER:
      File on the top of your toe with an emery board, the top part, not the free edge, until it gets soft. Do this until there is a complete growth cycle of the nail (usually about a year) do it about every six weeks, as new growth comes.

      This will weaken the nail on the edges, and the nail will grow out of the skin permanently. It will be tender for the first day or two.

      I did this many years ago, and have never had an ingrown toenail since. I wonderful doctor told me to do it, and believe me, it is alot less painful and disfiguring than removal.

    What's wrong with my big toe?
    A few days ago my left big toe started swelling up and turning red all along the left side next to the nail, and now it's quite swollen and puffy, but not oozing anything, I tried soaking it in salt water, but that did jack sh*t, does anyone know what on earth this is? and if they do, what can I do to help it get better?

    • ANSWER:
      Ingrown Toenail
      when i had an ingrown toenail the same symptoms happened to me.
      go to the doctors they will refer you to a chiropodist and if the ingrown toenail is really bad like mine was lol you will have to have an operation.
      the operation is quick and pain free.

      Good Luck
      p.s keep soaking it in salt water (warm) it really does help it will control the infection !!

    My toe is swollen and I don't know what to do?
    I was checking to make sure that I hadn't had any ingrown toenails in my big toe and I was checking on both sdies, poking around alot and if i pressed on the side of my toe it hurt so I thought that the nail in the very corner of the toe was ingrown. I tried to get it but I couldn't. Later that night or the next day the top of my big toe is red and swollen. It's stiff and when I touch it, it feels hard. My toe is still swollen and has been for the past two-three days and I notice that it only gets better when Im sleeping and wake up in the morning its barley swollen. Warm water irritates it and I don't want to walk on it. Can someone please help?

    • ANSWER:
      go to a doctor

    Could my foot/big toe be broken?
    About 2-3 months ago my horse stepped on my foot. Smashed the upper left side of my foot.. including the big toe. It swelled and hurt bad for about a week. After the incident my big toe has always been a little sore but nothing horrible..
    Well, my best friend got married this weekend and I had to strap on some high heels and I danced my butt off!. As soon as I took the shoes off my foot swelled up like a balloon and is extremely painful. I can wiggle my toes.. a little but it's pretty painful. The pain is worse at night then it is during the day. I have a doctors appointment.. but I figured I'd try to get some answers now...I'm impatient and it hurts bad! Anyway. I'm never wearing high heels again

    • ANSWER:
      there can be a fracture ,

    How do you tell if your big toe is broken without having an x-ray?
    my toe has been swollen since saturday and it hurts but i can still wear shoes but i have to walk on the side of my foot. sometimes if feels tingly...what do i do? is it broken??

    • ANSWER:
      From what you say, it could be.
      If you had an xray on it they wouldn't do anything for it anyway. Just try to keep off it for a few weeks and put ice on it for the swelling.
      If it happend Saturday maybe you should be putting heat on it to increase the blood flow and helping the healing.
      Keep wearing shoes to protect it.
      Most important is to keep off it and keep it elevated like up on the couch or recliner foot.

    problem with big toe?
    my big toe really hurts I thought it was and ingrowing nail so I cut of the ends all the way to the bottom. but the side of my big toe is now all swollen and it stings so bad if I touch it! when I squeez it stings but puss come out. what do I do I tried putting it In salt water I worked for a little bit but still hurts. what can I do! I'm scared the dr might do a operation on it. wut can I do to heal it?? HELP ME!!! PLZ

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like an ingrown toe nail Epsom salt soaks will aid it's healing. Feel better soon!

    do i have an infected toe nail?
    the side of my big toe is swollen and hurts really bad. i poked on the inner part that connects to my toenail and puss came out? is it infected? what could has caused it and how do i make it go away?

    • ANSWER:
      you have a hang nail.. I'd try to get what puss i can out of it... then soak it in hot water. put neosporin on it and a bandgae

    I have very bad pain on the left side of my big toe at the top of my nail, whats causing it?
    I have pain in the tip of my toe just next to where my nail ends, it does not hurt until pressure is applied or when i bang it, there is no swelling, red marks or puss.

    At first i thought it could be a in-growing toenail but it does not look like it as i can move the flesh around my toenail without a problem, and i purposely let my nail grow in the pain spot longer to minimize the chances of an ingrowing toenail, the tip of the nail is not embedded in anything.

    I just don't know what to do, please help me.

    • ANSWER:

    Blister on my left foot on the right side above my big toe.... ?
    ..well its not realy a blister any more its about the size of a 5 pence pice and quite lonng (its were a flip flop strap thing would sit and were all my other shoes sit ) umm its kind off a littel bit swollen i guess and the skin that was covering it has now gone it red and really really sore ( i would gess it about 3 maybe 4 layers of skin down its getting quite painfull to walk because i put most of my weight onnthat sie of my foot (i dont know why i just find i weird walking any other way) so has anybody got any suggestions about what i should do becuase i dont realy want to have to take a day off college !!

    im in the UK thanks a bunch xx

    • ANSWER:
      Neosporin or any similar first aid ointment. First it's antibacterial so will prevent infection from setting in, and second it contains an analgesic which will numb the area and help with the soreness.
      When you're walking/wearing shoes, make sure the sore is covered and padded. Nonstick gauze would be your best bet. Make a pad of that, completely cover the area of the blister, and use medical tape to keep it on your foot. That will cushion the are and protect it from pressing or rubbing against your shoes. That plus the numbness from the neosporin should make walking pain-free or at least only mildly uncomfortable.
      If it's still hard to walk, try taking some Advil or Tylenol.
      If it gets more swollen, red, and sore, it might be getting infected; if it starts oozing or a discharge appears go to the doctor. If there's no improvement in 3 days go to the doctor.

    my foot has been hurting for about 2 or 3 wks now. its on the side by my big toe.?
    the first day i noticed it, it was swelled. since then its not. but if i'm running it hurts. or doing some kind of activity it feels like its burning inside?? help.

    • ANSWER: