Blisters Swelling Toes

Popping herpes blisters occur when herpes blisters erupt. Herpes blisters are caused by the HSV or herpes simplex virus. This virus is of two categories - HSV-1 and HSV-2. Type 1 causes mouth sores and on the lip area. Genital herpes is caused by the type 2 virus. It is very important that you treat herpes as soon as outbreaks occur to avoid scarring, pain, and even certain complications.

Once you get the virus, it will not leave your body but it will remain dormant until it is triggered once more. You must be aware that herpes is very contagious and you can transmit the infection through mucous, saliva, and skin. Even a herpes blister can be transmitted easily and it can infect many individuals.

Herpes blisters are primarily due to the type 1 virus. Cold sores are also caused by such virus. The infection can happen at any age range and very young kids are more prone to it. Previous herpes sufferers can already tell if an outbreak will occur because they are already familiar with the signs like numbness, tingling sensations, and itching. First time infected individuals are not familiar with such signs or symptoms and so it would a great help if they know some useful information regarding this contagious condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

    i have extremely painful blisters in between my toes, any advice on how to treat them?
    this is the second time in as many months that i've suffered from painful blisters in between my toes. they make my toe swell up and are difficult to bandage as they're in such an awkward place. any advice on how to treat and prevent them? my shoes are not the problem as i have resorted to a hideous pair of lace ups but to no avail!

    • ANSWER:
      Change to a different brand of socks. Some socks keep moisture near the foot, allowing blisters to form. Find socks that wick moisture away, and also have flat seams, so there is no rubbing. Don't pop the blisters. It's better to leave them, rather than create an open sore for infection. Let your feet air out after work or school, and they should go away. If they do burst open, put a dab of antibiotic cream on them and you should be good to go.

    has anyone gotten blisters on toes while pregnant?!?
    im 33 weeks pregnant and we went to LA to visit, we walked for about 1.5 hrs on a slow pace. when we got home i took off my shoes and feet fell fine, about an hr later i noticed blisters on the cracks of my toes and near my toe nails. its been 2 days and feet are still semi swollen with blisters and itchy, is this normal?

    • ANSWER:

    swelling with foot blisters?
    yesterday afternoon i got two huge blisters, one on each foot. i drained both of them with a clean needle. as the day went on they got better. over an hour ago i woke up because my left foot hurt so much. its actually swollen on the top half around the blister and the swelling extends into the toes. the other foot feels much better and hasnt swollen at all. should i cart myself off to teh emergency room or something? i even tried icing it and i cant get bcak to sleep at all.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you've gotten an infection of the surrounding area, called cellulitis. Have that foor checked out

    Could working out on the treadmill be causing my toes to swell and get blisters on them?
    This is very weird but I have been working out for a little over three weeks, and I now have a blister forming on the bottom of my toe (the toe right next to the big toe). It is a little sore too. My other toes seems to be a little swollen underneath as well. I wear Nike Shocks to work-out in. I have alternated with socks (and they are kind of thicken anklet socks) and I tried tights yesterday (I wore them under my work-out pants).

    Could it be that the insole in my shoes are worn out? I believe it's from friction, but what can I do to alleviate that? I usually stay on the treadmill for 60 minutes, but I alternate the speed between 3.5 and 4.1. I never run though. Could I be walking too hard?

    • ANSWER:
      You're right its the friction between your feet and shoes. The type of socks can help with this.

      try soft cotton socks, the kind that soft towels are made of not the rayon or polyester type (like tights)

      check your shoes, It should be a comfortable not too tight and not too loose.

      Also, check with the gym instructors there if you are landing your feet correctly when you run, it is possible that you put a lot of weight on your toes instead of the balls of your feet.

    I have blisters in between my toes from cleats?
    i play alot of soccer and i have these hard small looking blisters on the side of my toes they dont hurt or itch but when my toes are tight from cleats its very uncomfortable and kind of painful any idea on what this is?
    I have no idea what they are but they are very hard and are in between my toes. Its kinda swollen on the outside and theres a hard dot like thing on the middle

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know, but there are pads for blisters at your market. Dr Sholls makes a small round pad with a hole in the middle you place over the blister and then wear your shoes. I hope this helped.

    Blisters on Toes?
    I have small blisters on my two toes and one of my pinky's. i know the cause of them i just was curious that if they become red and itchy at night, does that mean they are infected?

    Also what can i do to make them reduce in swelling?

    How long for them to usually disappear, generally?

    • ANSWER:
      Tiny rashes are often the sign of an allergic reaction. Your body is warning you that something you are doing is irritating it. The itching is the 2nd part of the allergic reaction.
      If you already know that's not the cause, then wear socks so you don't scratch the blisters and cause a sore while you sleep.

    My toes have been swelling, and look black whats wrong???
    My toes have been hurting, swelling, and looking black. Also, i've gotten some blisters on them. they hurt too. i've had this before but it went away. this ones not going away so fast, the tops of my foot is swelling too. I'm really scared about it.
    No I'm not a runnner.

    Infact, i sit on my butt all day on th computer.

    I cant always feel my toes no.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you a runner? You might have shoes that impair circulation to your toes. Another problem could be frostbite. Have you ever had frostbite on your toes. Are your toes numb? You should go to a podiatrist to find out what is wrong.

    I hate my feet. My toes are always blistered, swollen and sore?
    I get fitted shoes, but it still happens? A few of my toes are down to the weeping flesh now. Its disgusting! Is there something wrong? Why's this happening?


    • ANSWER:

    Why does my duck have pseriosis and blisters?
    He has pseriosis on his chest that he keeps scratching and his there's giant blisters on his toes. His feet are super swollen like in-between on the webbing. Do you know what's wrong?
    I don't need smart-ass please :) and obviously I can't afford a vet or I would've taken him there in the first place dontcha think?

    • ANSWER:
      No i do not know what is wrong, and with respect, do you?

      Take your duck to a vet who knows about poultry. They will be able to diagnose, and treat his problems accordingly.

      Good Luck

    Popping blisters on my toes?
    I got two big blisters on each of my last-pinky toes from wearing uncomfortable flats that kept rubbing the side of my toes. The blisters cover like half of my toes and make them look all big and swollen.

    I want to pop them but i'm not sure if this is a good thing or not?

    Once i pop them with a needle, what should i do to prevent it from getting infected?


    • ANSWER:
      Well, the operative word is not "pop", but to deflate. You can use a needle for that, but you need to sterilize it first. You can do that by holding it in a flame until the needle glows, and letting it cool- or soaking it in rubbing alcohol for a minute. Then poke the side of the blister where it meets flat skin. The blister should deflate itself when you remove the needle tip. After that, all you need to do is apply a bandage, although you can put a dab of triple antibiotic ointment on the bandaid first if you like. On the bandage, not the toe- please. Keeps your fingers off the spot that way. Then you need to dump those shoes, or blisters will not be the end of your trouble. Shoes too tight in the toe cap, which create blisters, are also too narrow for the rest of the piggies. That sets you up for ingrown toenails. In future, before you buy shoes, make sure you have at least 1/2 inch of space at the top, and you can spread and wiggle all those piggies. If not, you need to go up a size or so. For now, deflate the blisters, but leave the skin intact. Keep them bandaged until the skin over the blister dries and peels off by itself. Then infection isn't a problem.

    Two huge blisters on my little toes?
    I wore leather shoes all day.
    Now the skin has blistered on the sides of the little toes. The toes are also red and swollen. They've been discolored all day.
    The right is the worst, it's like huge. The left is getting there too...
    They hurt so bad!!
    is there anyway to stop the pain??
    It also has a redder colored ring around the blister.

    • ANSWER:

    i have blisters on my feet and toes but have to wear closed-toe shoes for work, how to stem discomfort?
    its some weird allergy,it was all over me this morning and i took some benadryl, now the rash/blisters are just affecting my feet, but i have to walk 5 hours a night at work and they feel so swollen, help?

    • ANSWER:
      Buy shoes that are a half size too big and " Wide". be sure to tie the laces secure. this allows room for your feet to breathe and your toes to move around.

    blisters between my dogs toes?
    so i have a lab, about 3 years old, big dog..90 pounds,very happy just started taking walks with my wife about 4 times/week. we have 2 other dogs and just had a problem with one allergic to flea medicine so they didn't get it for a couple months and now they have fleas but i just gave them medicine again. not sure why but my lab has sores between his toes, just at the end of where his nails start, could that be from the walking? walking too much on the cement bc he isn't used to it, he just started babying his front paw so i checked them all, the back ones seem to be worse than the front, he still runs and plays but i cant stand to see my pup hurt even a little.any meds out there to help the blisters between his toes, they aren't big but are red and little swelling.
    overnight the blisters seem to heal themselves pretty well, now i check my pups feet everyday lol hes such a good dog,just lays there and lets me.i see i need clean between his toes more often lol.

    • ANSWER:
      These blisters could be because of the walking but I will discuss that in a second. The other thing I am thinking of is Pododermatitics which can be caused by Viral or bacterial infection, allergies from contact with grasses or even a food allergy.
      It could also be interdigital pyoderma. They develop cysts between the toes that become infected. It can be cleared with antibiotics. It could also be a skin infection. However, this case sounds like getting blisters from the walking. When a dog, especially a heavy dog, starts walking for the first time in a while, the feet are not used to it, the feet get sore and hence the blister on the outer layer of skin, when he keeps using the paw, the bumps (blisters)just get aggravated and get worse unless treated.
      To stop his blisters, your dog has to lose some weight. The average weight of a Labrador is 30kgs , so to lose weight, may I recommend the 'Hills' diet for your dog. You can buy this type of food from the vet. While going to the vet to get the dog's new diet food, make an appointment for your dog to get his blisters healed. In the mean time until your dog goes to the vet, wash his blisters in warm water and put some Paw Paw cream on his blisters and bandage his feet which have the blisters on them, this is just until he goes to the vet. When he gets to the vet, if it is just some blisters, the vet will probably drain them and give him antibiotics. When he gets home from the vet, give it one-two weeks for the blisters to fully heal and then start the walks again, bit by bit, feed him his new diet straightaway, when he gets home from the vets.
      I hope I helped.
      Good luck.

    How to prevent blisters from shoes?
    I recently bought new Nikes, but their a little too narrow, and my pinky toe gets red/swollen and blisters start developing. I tried the doing the old method, and putting water in the shoe (in a zip-lock) and freezing it. It helped a bit but its still narrow.

    Do you guys have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I buy something called "moleskin". It goes on like a band-aid, OR, you could put a band-aid on it, OR, put the moleskin wherever it rubs. Moleskin is really soft! And it has an adhesive side

    How to get rid of my "Blisters"?
    I am not sure if I have blisters. I recently got them 7 days ago and I bought medicine for it (Tea Tree Oil). It seems that they are healing but I still want to know if I should go to a doctor. I am not sure if they are blisters, cold blisters, or red fever blisters. My toes are red and they look swollen. Please help me out!

    • ANSWER:

    I got a blister on the bottom of my foot about the size of a quarter can it cause my toes to swell?
    I was looking at my blister (that's been there for 3 days) and i noticed my toes are swollen and kind of numb, and I can barely move them. Can this be caused by an infection or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe. Is the blister filled with pus? Or it might just be that your feet are sore from some strenuous activity. You might need to see the doctor if this doesn't get better.

    My skin is swelling very badly and it is thickening and it itches too. help?
    I need help on diagnosing what it is because it occurs on my toes as well and fingers. My toes have blisters or ooze in it. Could it be fungal? I am trying to dry it up. Please help me. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, if you have a high cholesterol and you eat alot of sodium, occasionally, that happens.

      my grandmother has the same problem at the moment.

    My dog has blisters coming out between its toes.?
    She seems to be in pain and her foot is swollen she has a vet appointment tomorrow but any help would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Probably interdigital cysts.

      The vet will tell you what needs to be done.

    My toes on the left foot have recently become itchy. Can it happen because of stress?
    The toes are red, swollen a little bit, and have very little, almost invisible blisters near the nails. I am currently very stressed and think whether it could be because of it. Has anyone experienced something like this before?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah i used to get something similar on my fingers when i was at Uni doing my finals because of stress. Doc just asked me if i had changed any washing powder or soap etc, but i'm sure it was down to stress. I got some organic graphite cream from the chemist that helped.

    foot blisters?
    what kind of infections will make the bottom of a foot bubble up from a blister and swell the toes that its under?

    • ANSWER:
      You could be borderline diabetic or are a diabetic. They are called diabetic foot ulcers. Do not pop the blister. If it gets infected you will probably have to be hospitalized and it requires weeks of antibiotics. This just happened to my sister (she was hospitalized).

      A home remedy that helped speed her healing was to use Turmeric on your food. You will find it in the grocery store with all the other spices. Don't use too much or it will overpower your food.

      I would let a doctor look at this to be safe. An open foot blister can easily become infected and go into the bone. Please be careful.

    what could be wrong if you start out with a blister between your toes and end with swollen feet?

    • ANSWER:
      You could be having a fungal infection between your toes (Tenia Pedis -most common) which later on get infected by some bacteria (staphylococci -most common). You need an urgent consultation with a doctor. Diagnosis can be made only upon examination

    swelling on little toe - been there for over a month?
    On my little toe I had what I thought was a blister, possibly just from shoes I wore one day. But over the next week it wasn't acting like a blister, my toe was very swollen, then the skin started to go purple. So I figured it was a bruise. So I switch to comfy shoes and figure it will just go through the colour changes that a bruise goes through as it heals.

    That was 5 weeks ago. My toe still has a swollen patch (located right on the top, not on the side or nail, also the swelling is isolated, the rest of my toe is normal and not swollen)
    It is still the same, still a deep purple colour. It's not painful, I can bend my toe and it doesn't hurt. It just won't go away. It's not healing, but it's not getting worse either. I'm not really sure what it is/what caused it/how to get rid of it.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi rain, unlike some I read your question. As you have no pain it is not a broken toe as suggested, however a visit to the doc or chiropodist might be in order. Are you sure its not a blood blister?

    Swollen toes and fingers. Chillblanes? Help!?
    Some of my toes and fingers are swollen- one or two round joints. I cant see any blisters, just red patches and sometimes itchy. Are these chillblanes, and if so how can I treat them (without a doctor or pharmacy)? Been swollen for a few days.


    • ANSWER:

    Why are my pinky toes swollen?
    So i was looking at my feet about four days ago and i relized my left pinky toes was really swollen. There was no pain and i couldn't figure out what was causing it to swell. A few days later i felt like i had blisters on all the bottoms of my toes but none of them were swollen or showed signs of blistering. Now though my right pinky is swollen! I'm wondering what the heck is going on! I researched it and i found something that sounded similar it's called chilblains. I'm not completely sure though. Also on my right pinky it looks like there's a tiny bit mark from a spider or something but if it's a spider why would all my other toes on both feet be reacting too. Any answers? Sorry if this is confusing! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      did you get a bug bite? or a sting? maybe you did when you where sleeping a bug bit you, but to know for sure look at your toe and look for a little tiny red dot in the middle of all the redness. try soaking it in some hot epson salt water. if it gets to bad go see a doctor. hey.....maybe you have pink toe! like pink eye but on your toe lol. good luck. :) also put neosporin cream on it.

    Im 35 weeks pregnant and my feet are really swollen 24/7, little white blister like bumps on toes.?
    My feet are so swollen I can barely wiggle my toes and i cant fit any shoes but house shoes. My blood pressure has been normal and and the doc was too worried about it when I went in Monday. When I took my shoes off today I noticed little white blister like bumps on my toes. Does anybody else know what this is and is it normal?

    • ANSWER:
      Planter warts maybe?

    Why is there swelling under my toenail?
    for about a month now, on my third left toe, there has been a swelling of the skin growing under the tip of the end of the toenail. right now it looks more like a callous. it hurts when i touch it directly, but not when i wear a shoe. im sure its not a blister and i never injured my toe. what could it be? is there any basic ways i might be able to get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      I think your having an ingrown toenail. See if the nail is growing inward.

    My foot is swollen, hot, red, and has huge blisters on the one toe. Blisters are spreading. It is soooo itchy
    I had the same problem last year and was told it was a fungal infection, but the cream didn't help. Then was told it was an allergic reaction to something, but pills and cream didn't help. Then was told it was a bacterial infection and given pills and a steriod cream. Didn't help. Was put on prednisone, but even that didn't help. It finally went away on its own, but is back with a vengeance this year.

    • ANSWER:
      try some athelets feet cream if it burns n worsens then go see ur family doctor. sounds like foot demititis .easily cured

    Is Anti-itch Hydrocortisone cream good to use for athletes foot?
    I have severe itching and in between my toes, they are extremely swollen with blisters so I needed to go to Rite Aid and buy some foot cream and I found some Anti-Itch and rash cream. The brand is the Rite Aid Brand and its called HYDROCORITSONE CREAM. What does the word Hydrocoritsone mean? Would this be a perfect type of cream to use for itching between my toes and sore toes?

    • ANSWER:
      No, you need athlete's foot cream, or generic form is Clotrimazole cream.
      It really works, but the hydrocortisone isn't gonna help much...

    My toe is swollen, red, looks like blisters and hurts like mad!?
    My big toe on BOTH of my feet are killing me. Anytime i touch it or anything it kills. They are red, swollen and below the toenail it looks like a blister type thing (more to the side of my toe). What is it? My one toe seems to be hurting less and it is less swollen, but the other one hurts really bad. I have not gone to the doctor, and i really don't want to.. Anyone knnow what's wrong? :/
    I do not think it is an ingrown tonail.
    The pain /redness/ blisters are more to the side of my toe, like under the toenail.

    • ANSWER:
      It's possible that you have ingrown toenails, although it'd be an odd coincidence if that's the case on both toes...
      Your symptoms do sound mainly like an ingrown toenail, though. Go to for a picture of an ingrown toenail to see if that's your case. Try soaking your toe in warm water 2-3 times a day...that should help. It will heal itself mainly, however.

    Ichty toes, its not athletsts foot?
    i have itchy toe im sure its nt athlets foot but it gets itchy in side the toes and sometimes the nail just swells up and causes blisters on my toes

    • ANSWER:
      If it's not tinea pedis, it's probably some kind of fungal infection and would be treated with the same topical medications. Not all treatments are available over the counter, for the pill treatments you have to get a prescription.

    Why do my toes curl over and bulge?
    I have been doing ballet since I was 3, and 4 years ago I started on point. My big toes bulge where they bend and curl over a bit. I subconsciously curl them over when I'm sitting. Anyway, whenever I go on point the bulge hurts. They swell up and I now have blood blisters on both of them. I find this weird cause they are on the side of my toe rather than the tip. Does anyone else get this?

    • ANSWER:
      i think i understand what you are saying are you saying that you curl your toes in your point shoes bc if you do you need to stop that now! Just thinking about that makes me cringe. Take about a month of classes constantly thinking about not curling your toes and maybe google some therapy exercises on how to fix curled toes and that may fix the problem if this is totally irrelevant to what your saying then im sorry i dont understand what your explaining.

    What happened, I got scratched by metal and now it's blistering.?
    I was in wood shop and I opened a metal cabinet and it scratched the top of my pinky toe. It happened two days ago and it was fine and then today it blistered. My hole toe is swollen. I had my tetanus shot.

    • ANSWER:

    How come my skin is like that?
    My skin is swelling very badly and it is thickening and it itches too. help?
    I need help on diagnosing what it is because it occurs on my toes as well and fingers. My toes have blisters or ooze in it. Could it be fungal? I am trying to dry it up. Please help me. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi. It sounds to me like you have vescicular eczema(pompholyx). I had the same thing all over my hands. This condition takes along time to go away sadly. The first thing i would suggest is use callamine spray on the blisters to dry them up. Once they are dry do not get them wet. Water only makes this condition worse. It will take a week or 2 for the blisters to scab over completely and repair themselves with new skin growth. But eventually the condition will probably comeback. Like mine did. I finally got rid of it when i changed my diet. Fruits, Vegetables, some grains, and lean meats are what I now eat. No prosseced foods or sugars. This is ultimately the only way to clear this condition up for good. I would also suggest a liver cleanse. Keep in mind that the new diet will take some time to affect this condition (for it is the worst type of eczema there is) but it is all very worth it in the end.
      I hope this can help you out. Also try and get plenty of rest.

    wore new sandles yesterday-was rubbing between 2 toes. Blister broke and area now is infected and swollen.?
    Soaked foot in hot water and applied peroxide and neosporin. What else can I do (besides go to the dr)?

    • ANSWER:
      just clean it at least once a day with mild soap and water and take ibuprofen for swelling otherwise you're doing good for first aid and take those crappy shoes back where they came from

    Red, Swollen, Tender Toes!?
    It's winter and i've been wearing a lot of dark, thick socks so I thought that had something to do with my toes getting all messed up. I am really ready to go see a Dr. now because they are getting worse! So here's the deal. My toes, especially on one foot (but both are showing the same signs) are turning SUPER red, they're swollen to the point they don't even look like toes anymore but like fat, red stubs on the ends of my feet. It's gross to look at. I don't have any cuts or blistering - just heat and redness. Also, in socks during the day they get irritated. Itchy sometimes and it hurts to flex them because of the severe swelling. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAS HAPPENED TO MY FEET! FYI: I have, in the past, experienced "blue toes/feet" where my blood wouldn't circulate very well. I have never worried about it until now - could I just simply have poor circulation? I am pretty active so what's the deal!

    • ANSWER:
      Get hospital treatment as early as possible. URGENT. Gangrene suspected.
      Gangrene happens when a body part loses its blood supply. This may happen from injury, an infection, or other causes. You have a higher risk for gangrene if you have:
      * A serious injury
      * Blood vessel disease (such as arteriosclerosis, also called hardening of the arteries, in your arms or legs)
      * Diabetes
      * Suppressed immune system (for example, from HIV or chemotherapy)
      * Surgery

    Two large blisters on my toe filled with blood and now unable to walk?
    About two weeks ago i got a small blister on the top of my small toe, this took a while to heal as i had to wear the same shoes over and over for work, and consequently the same area was rubbed again and again. It had not fully healed before i wore another pair of shoes, and i got a large blister on the side of that toe and this old one was rubbed again. However, the blister on the side of my foot has half filled with blood and my entire toe has swollen - making the side of my foot ache and it nearly impossible to walk with shoes on. I was just wondering if anybody knows why this ordinary blister has filled with blood, and what i could do in order to speed up the healing process. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Hands and toes?
    I have three very small white blisters. Two of them are on my fingers and one on my toe. One is actually in the middle of my hand. I got bit on friday by a spider and got cellulitis. I am taking high doses on antibiotic which has cleared everything up. These small blisters just started on my hands and toes. I actually popped one and it seems to be getting better. The one that is forming on my middle finger is quite swollen. They do not itch at all. They just form and cause my fingers or toes to swell. Do you think this has something to do with the first bite? Is this somekind of mite? What is this?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know what's causing them, but DO NOT pop any more. Popping them can lead to serious infections. They might be a reaction to either the bite or the medication you're on, you should call your doctor about it.

    Why do my toes turn blue?
    This began approx. 4 years ago. In the beginning (left foot, 2nd toe) there was swelling, pain, redness, and hot to the touch. Doctors didn't do any tests, just wrote me out of work occasionally if it got to bad. It would come and go. This progressed (both feet, multiple toes) until I couldn't walk one day. Finally went to a neurologist, and awaiting tests from him, two toes turned blue and on the bottom appeared dark, almost black dots. They "grew" around to the top of my toes. After a few days the spots turned to blisters or sores. The hospital drained a few liters of my blood and replaced it with saline. Tons of test were ran at this point, all negative. I was in the hospital for a week. Nothing was determined, but thinning my blood seemed to work, so I was released. Two years later (now) my toes still turn very blue, just no pain. But I am tired of going to doctors who don't know so they just give up.
    Also, don't know if its related.... about 6 months ago, a pain, almost like a burning sensation appeared on my hip. No injuries. Felt almost like a sunburn. This area is about 2 inches wide. Now, I have no feeling on my skin there. There is no discoloration. Just numbness.
    SO, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried iron supplements? Sometimes low iron levels can have weird effects on your body.

      Try having your blood tested to see if you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need in your diet. Maybe see a nutritionist.

      If all the tests you've run have "come back negative" I doubt it's an infection.

    Do your toes ever go blue/purple and swell?
    What causes it, and sometimes they get blisters from it and sometimes they turn really dark purple and look dead!

    • ANSWER:
      my toes go bluish purple sometimes when it is really cold, especially at night.
      i never experienced swelling.

      probably caused by extreme cold weather and restrictive clothing.

    Swollen and numb toes after dancing?
    hi everyone.
    so here's the thing. I went dancing in high heels yesterday night and i most likely overdid it and ignored the pain my feet were in even though they have formed blistered already. I just kept dancing and after a while i couldnt feel anything anymore.
    i thought the numbness and swelling would go away after the night, but it didnt.
    Some toes are swollen and kinda numb and have a strange feeling to them. I can still move them tho and i have no pain.
    does anybody have an idea whats wrong? Should i go to a doctor about this?

    • ANSWER:
      Your toes are probably ok and just need another day to heal. If you're really concerned, a doctor visit couldn't hurt, though.

      Remember to think about what you're going to be doing, when deciding what to wear.

    help i have chilblains and i thought i had atheletes foot or fungus?
    How do i treat it because it comes back everytime when it is healed? It appears on my fingers and toes and when it is cold. It's swollen and red and really itchy. My toes had developed blisters and i treat it with AHA lotion on and it helps shed the dead skin away. My toes look red still but it healed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Try to keep the areas warm to prevent recurrence.
      The cause of chilblains isn't known. But tests in some people with chilblains may reveal abnormal proteins that tend to sludge in cold temperatures.
      In chilblains, it's important to slowly rewarm the skin after cold exposure. Treatment may also include:
      * Corticosteroid creams to relieve itching and swelling
      * Medications to improve circulation
      * Keeping any sores clean and protected with sterile dressings
      An episode of chilblains usually clears up within seven to 14 days. To prevent chilblains, avoid or limit your exposure to cold, such as by dressing warmly and covering your head and all exposed skin when you go outside in cold weather.
      Best wishes to you. Keep warm!

    How do I heal a blister that's been on my toe for a month?
    I've had a blister on my toe since new years. After a week the swelling and pain stopped but now the area has turned black. It somewhat looks like a mini bruise on my toe, but it does not hurt or feel like anything.

    Should I be worried or not?

    • ANSWER:
      It is hard to say. It maybe that you are continually injuring it and it never gets a chance to heal.

      Depending on where the blister/bruise is you might want to consider wearing toe socks. Injinji makes very good toe socks. Toe socks will prevent the toes from rubbing together and allow the damage to heal. But if you are worried, go see a doctor

    I have a blister on my toes that is infected and now there is a red line, should i go to doctor?
    Ok i know this is going to be strange but, I was soldering a lamp shade that was broke, when some of the hot solder fell exactly between my pinky toe and the one next to it. I know safety first. I hate shoes. I got it out quickly, but the damage had already been done. Instantly I had a blister that went in a U shape in between both toes. It was excrutiating. But once the initial burning pain was over it was bearable. For 3 days it felt like no big deal. I didnt pop it or even really mess with it at all, because it didnt hurt. Then it must have popped while i was sleeping, cause when i woke up it was all crusty and oozy with this greenish pussy stuff. So i cleaned it up and wrapped it up. The next morning same thing but worse. The skin from my blister on my pinky came off with the oozy stuff when i washed it, then this horrible pain set in. And the smell was disgusting. I soaked it in warm water for about 20 min. Thats when I noticed the red line traveling up my foot. Now the line has spread out and my foot is swelling rapidly. I know this is bad, but is it "don't have insurance, and cant afford ER visit" bad?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to go to the doctor. Most likely you have an infection and need antibiotics. Call around to clinics in your area and see if you can find somewhere that will see you for a reduced fee or with a payment plan, but you need to get to a doctor now.

    What's up with my toes?
    About half of my toes have become inflamed and swollen at the base of the nail. They don't bleed or look like blisters or anything, just red and puffy and painful to the touch. This started about half a year ago, and then it was just one or two toes. It doesn't really seem dangerous, i mean there's no flaking or smell or bleeding or anything, only swelling between the base of the toenails and the first knuckle. What's going on with my feet? And is it serious enough to spend the money to go to the doctor?

    • ANSWER:

    Blisters, what to do?
    hi, I did the Belfast Marathon there yesterday and despite taking all the precautions I thought necessary I have a load of blisters in the most painful of places (between toes, balls of feet, side of feet etc.)

    Now, I did burst them earlier but they've filled back up again!

    And I did bathe my feets in salty water (which hurt but I was told it'd do me some good?!)

    It's just more pain for me, my feet have swollen and my toes are bruised and all... :-(

    So, the question; what do I do about these blisters? Keep popping and draining every so often, or leave them, or what?


    • ANSWER:
      I'd say leave them. Try to stay off your feet as much as possible.
      Soak your feet in warm water. And keep your feet clean so you won't get an infection

      :o )

    My toes are starting to turn black. Why?
    Uhm my toes have been swollen for a little while and i thought it was just like a blisters. They have stayed for a while and are turn black now. I dont know why this is happening i havent been doing anything differently and i was wondering whats happening. Thanks
    Kinda urgent

    • ANSWER:
      Two things:

      Maybe, Gang green, infection, frost bite[?]

      or lack of circulation[try wearing house shoes] people who wear boots alot get it.

    swelling on big toe, no idea what it is.?
    on my big toe there is a swelling which hurts when i apply pressure to it, at first i thought my nail was digging into the side of my toe, but i found that there is white liquidy stuff coming out of the gap between my toenail and the swelling, it doesnt feel like a blister. can u help?

    • ANSWER:

    Question about blood blisters, kind of long but important..?
    About 4 days ago my daughter stubbed her big toe on her uncles porch, then her brother dropped something heavy on the same toe, then for an entire day she kept bumping into things with the same toe... the next day she had a blood blister on the bottom of her big toe and it was starting to swell, worried that she may have broken her toe i took her to the Emergency room and had them check out the toe... good news is she didn't break the toe. i asked about the blood blister and the doc told me she could open it to let it drain if i wanted but that it was not needed, i told the doc that i wanted to do what was best for my daughter and she told me leaving it alone would not hurt her and that it would heal and go away.

    Since my daughter is 7 and the doc said she would be ok either way i let her decide... she chose not to have it opened because she was afraid it would hurt more.

    So for the past few days i have kept her off her feet and applied ice often and gave her Ibuprofen as directed by the doc for helping with pain and swelling... but the blood blister has quadrupled in size and she has gotten to the point that she was in constant pain and couldn't move her toe...

    So my husband and i laid her down and positioned her where she couldn't see her foot at all, then we sterilized a small needle with fire and rubbing alcohol and cleaned her toe with rubbing alcohol and numbed it with ice and punctured the blood blister and let the blood and clear fluid inside start to seep out then we doused her toe with rubbing alcohol put triple antibiotic ointment over the toe and bandaged the toe... i am still medicating her for pain properly but is there anything i can do that will make her more comfortable?

    she says her toe still hurts but that it is not hurting as badly as it did... and she said the Ibuprofen is helping the discomfort... but i want to ensure maximum healing so i would appreciate some tips...

    • ANSWER:
      Let her sit or lie down with her foot elevated.

    I had a blister under my toe and i popped it and now its swollen!?
    I had a blister and it was irritating me so i decided to pop it (bad mistake) now its swollen and it itches a lot. It was a clear bubble and clear stuff came out of it. What could it be and what can i do so the swelling can go down?

    • ANSWER:
      Soak it in Hydrogen peroxide (its going to sting at first) this will dry it out and get rid of the infection. Eventually it will just be dry skin around the broken blister.

    How can i get rid of blister fast?
    I was warming up for tkd at the house and i got a blister type bump on side of toe.. and it will be hard to do tkd with it and i got tkd in 45 min.. is this a blister or just a swelling from it being sore? Also is there a way i can get rid of it fast?

    • ANSWER:
      Applying medical grade Tea Tree oil to it will usually make it disappear overnight as long as it has not been broken open.