Causes Of Swollen Painful Fingers

Swelling of the feet is a condition where the muscles in the feet have an excessive accumulation of fluid. This accumulation can lead to a rapid increase in weight over a short period. A slight swelling of the feet usually occurs during the warmer months. Slight swelling is more likely to occur if a person has been or walking. Consult a physician if you have persistent swelling, swelling accompanied by shortness of breath and weight gain or swelling that damages the skin or if you have specific medical conditions or concerns.

There are 3 areas that can be attributed to symptoms of swollen ankles and swollen feet. Morbidity, daily activities or injuries, and sprained ankle. If you suffer from any of the conditions and causes of swollen ankles and feet swollen in the article, you should include compression stockings or non-binding socks in list of clothing items to purchase.

The daily activities related to swollen ankles and swollen legs from long-term hearing in the long term, airplane flights or car passes menstruation Obesity Overweight Pregnancy

Suffering from swollen ankles and swollen feet causes swollen ankles and feet can occur from heart disease, kidney or liver, resulting in an accumulation of excess fluid is called peripheral edema. Edema can result from swollen ankles and feet swollen to the lower area of the entire leg. If you still have swollen ankles, legs or feet and have not been diagnosed yet, consult your doctor.

Swollen ankles can also be caused by vascular obstruction and the formation of blood clots, deep vein thrombosis and venous problems such as varicose veins. Ankle arthritis can also cause swelling of the ankles and feet swollen.

Frequently Asked Questions

    what can cause swollen painful joints?
    please tell me some things that can cause swollen VERY painful knee's, fingers, and neck for a period of a few weeks at a time.. almost to the point of being immobile ?
    arthritis is one I know, mainly rheumatoid arthritis but is there anything else?
    this is in a person over 50

    • ANSWER:
      There are different kinds of arthritis that can cause this, not just RA. Gout? Lupus? Sorry I can't be more help. I hope this person is under a good doctor's care.

    Three swollen fingers (not painful), no apparent reason?
    First, I have no allergies, though I have had a finger or two swell for a few days before. I always wondered what exactly was the cause of this, as it seemed completely spontaneous and it would resolve itself.

    The first and second fingers on my right hand have been swollen for a few days. Warm to the touch, but not painful. Not particularly itchy, though I do itch them occasionally from the discomfort. Not purple or any other color-- just a little more pink than usual. Resting it doesn't help the swelling, nor does ice, though it is soothing. Now the tip of my pinky on the same hand is swelling as well. My ring finger is perfectly fine, as is my left hand. Aside from the three swollen fingers mentioned I have no other symptoms.

    NO idea what made this set in, though at first I thought it might be some irritation from gun oil. I've looked around, and I don't think it's a broken blood vessel, because I hear that turns a finger purple or blue or black. And I don't think it's cellulitis, because I read that the swelling is painful and that there is drainage. As a note, I just took my temperature and it is normal, and I don't feel any swollen lymph nodes.

    Has anyone had random swelling like this happen to them? Any and all ideas and comments are welcome. I'm really curious as to what this could be.

    • ANSWER:
      might be due to the water retention. its better to and see the doctor and a complete blood test to diagnose.

    Swollen, itchy, painful to the touch fingers and palms?
    44 y/o male in pretty good health, at least I think so. Lately my fingers have become swollen, but not all of them. I've had my middle fingers do this and now it is both of my pinky fingers - at the same time. My palms are also itchy and swollen and painful to the touch. Itch is painful, it feels almost like a bee sting. It is primarily the first digits on my fingers. Sometimes my palms are totally itchy and have some sort of a knot inside that is both painful and relief(ful) to rub or scratch. Sometimes it is just a small patch on my palms and other times it's a larger area, but never the entire palm. My finger joints on the afflicted fingers is stiff and a little painful to bend, but I think that might be caused by the swelling. Also area around my finger nails is sometimes painful to the touch, especially this time, both pinky fingers are hurting. Help, please. Any suggestions??? I've been over every thing that I've eaten each time this has happened and I can't think of anything that would have caused this. I also do not use much of anything on my hands such as soap or moisturizers, but my hands are very clean, rinse them regularly in warm water.

    • ANSWER:
      dermatitis. or an allergic reaction maybe. see a dermatologist.

    both of my middle fingers are swollen and also the back of my hands?
    painful swollen of both my my middle fingers,and is causing the back of my hands to swell up

    • ANSWER:

    What could be causing my fingers & wrists to be swollen and stiff in the mornings?
    Some mornings, not all, I wake up with my hands in loose fists. My fingers and wrists are swollen, stiff and a little painful. I find it helps a little to ice my hands or run very cold water over them for a while. Then for the rest of the day my hands remain stiff and swollen, not so much discomfort that I can't tolerate it. Does anyone have any suggestion or comments?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like arthritis, you should be running warm water not cold

    swollen fingers and toes also heels are painful no reason. help?
    this started about 1 month ago when one of my fingers started swelling up. now there are 5 of then swollen pulls 2 of my toes. then the backs of my heels swelled up and it hurts when i walk. what could be the cause of this?

    could this be a circulation problem as my hands and feet are always very cold and red?

    its happened before but not this bad and it was the same time of year when it starts to get cold

    im 15 and male
    i think it is chilblains as i remember putting my hands and feet into the bath after playing football when it was freezing and they were killing me i think that could be the cause.

    • ANSWER:
      Do they itch as well?

    Can IBS cause vaginal swelling and painful intercourse?
    I believe I might have mild IBS - I will go to a doctor if my problems persist. But can IBS cause vaginal swelling- to the point where it's difficult to fit two fingers inside- a feeling of the outer vaginal being bruised, and painful intercourse?

    • ANSWER:

      IBS and vaginal problems can both be caused by thrush though.

    what could be the cause of my index finger to be swollen and painful? I am a 43 year old male?

    I have had this condition for the past two years and the knuckle is so swollen it looks like a sausage. I have had exploratory surgery and Dr was unable to discover anything, except that part of my knuckle bone was "chalky" as it had died. I do not remember hurting this knuckle before it became so swollen. I do recall that I was stung by a bee on my hand the summer this happened; however, the Dr. does not believe this is a realted issue; however, thought I would provide the information to see if anyone has a similar issue. The darn finger just throbs and looks terrible. I am so tired of the pain and lack of insight into what this could be - how can we treat it without knowing what it is. I really appreciate you folks sharing your insight.

    • ANSWER:
      While you are having your blood checked for uric acid (which indicates gout) have it checked for rheumatoid factor (indicates rheumatoid arthritis). RA has the following symptoms: The joint can be: Warm to touch, reddened, swollen, deformed, stiff, painful. Hope that helps some.

    Two weeks ago i had rough sex with my boyfriend,the next morning i woke up with a left swollen and painful labia which was swollen deep inside and burning.At first i thought the swelling was caused because of friction and it will get better in a couple of days but instead it lasted a week the only good thing was that it the pain was going away.

    After the pain had completely gone i had sex again and i was wet but this time i had no swollen labia but under it there is a lump about the tip of the fore finger and it's burning like hell.What is causing this?Please help,if you have nothing to say please don't bother this is serious.
    FYI,I was wet both times but we kept going at it for an hour the first time and the wetness ran it's course

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps you just ran yourself dry and the dick-to-vagina friction was too much to handle.

      I have very rough sex quite a lot, yet I have never felt a burning sensation, so I highly recommend a visit to the doctor. You could have some sort of infection, allergy or disease.

    Swollen right fingers?
    For the last 2 months, I have had swelling on my right hands fingers, except the thumb. Sometimes the swelling heals or spreads to a different finger. The most painful finger is the baby finger but the pain is not unbareable. My right hand permanently feels weak and sometimes develops random white spots mainly on the index and ring finger. I have recently visited the hospital to which they couldn't tell me what was wrong but strapped my smallest finger and ring finger together and left the other 2 fingers which are most swelled up, I asked what was wrong but they never said anything except rest the small one for 3 weeks. Has anyone has anything similar? Also the swelling on my right fingers are double the size of my left fingers.. I also work at night in the cold and do lifitng/warehouse duties and have wondered if this could be the cause, but why only one hand..
    Thanks for your response terri. I have to say that I don't eat a lot of salty foods and the strange thing is I've had these swollen fingers for almost 2 months now, they seem to heel but then the swelling returns randomly. I was told its not a fracture by the hospital who took me for an xray. Im starting to wonder if its some infection.

    • ANSWER:

    Every time I cut myself on one of my fingers, I end up with a terrible itching and burning mound of blisters?
    on the injured finger and sometimes one of the adjoining fingers. The finger swells, is painful and ultimately the blisters pop (without any secretion) and my finger is left to dry out and peel. Any ideas of what could cause this?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like dyshidrosis (sp). I have had it for some time now. If that is what it is, consider yourself lucky. My fingers have been like that for over a year with no let up. Good luck. Here are some sites that may help you better understand and try to figure out the cause(s). If you want any other info, email me and I will try to help you find it.

    What causes pain in my fingers whenever they are exposed to sudden coldness?
    I work at Domino's making pizza, and the toppings for the pizzas are usually kept very cold, sometimes almost frozen. Whenever I stick my hand in the really cold or frozen toppings, the sudden cold causes extreme pain in my whole fingers and finger joints, to the point where I can't even use them anymore and I have to stop until the pain resides. Normally, the cold doesn't affect my fingers like that, if it's gradual coldness like in cold weather or if I go into the walk-in freezer at work, and stand in there until my fingers get cold, I don't feel any pain from that. However, I do get a problem with my fingers if I go from being in cold weather until my fingers become really cold, into normal temperatures/warm temperature and my fingers defrost, my fingers start to burn a little and feel swollen and painful, even though they aren't visibly swollen, and it hurts to try to use any sort of utensils ( I mostly had this problem in school during the cold weather, when my fingers would become cold from standing outside waiting for class, until I finally entered the warm/room temperature classroom, I had problems using a pencil. ) I've always had that problem, though, but the pain from sudden coldness is new and feels different and worse. None of the other employees who make pizzas and stick their hands in the same cold topping experience this pain.
    The pain feels like someone is stabbing/splitting my finger bones and joints. After my fingers warm back up after the sudden cold pain, I do not experience the same swollen heat pain as when my fingers defrost from gradual coldness.. My fingers just return to normal, and I do not experience any additional pains or symptoms.

    • ANSWER:
      There are doctors to answer questions like this. It could be many things, arthritis, rheumatism, Reynards disease, the list is endless.

    Swollen Painful Right Hand..What Could this Be?
    Three days ago I woke up feeling pain in my right index finger. I kind of ignored it and it would just hurt sometimes when I did something in some positions like holding the mouse, typing on the keyboard and etc. Yesterday I woke up and realized my index finger is kind of swollen but not a lot. Like you could barely tell it was swollen. Now today my whole hands hurts like deep inside I feel this painful sharp pain and I think my finger is still a bit swollen. I don’t feel the pain all the time only when I get my hands into some positions. My right hand feels kind of weak and the muscles feel dry. What this could be? I have anxiety but I don’t think that is causing the pain. I’m scared I might have MS. Any ideas what this could be? not sure if its discolored right now but yesterday it seemed darker compared to my other hand. the pain is not always there but every like few minutes i feel this pain in my fingers and wrist and sometimes it moves up to my whole arm..i also get this sensation when you like write really fast for few minutes and your hands become numbed and tired i feel that in my wrist and that also moves up sometimes to my arms. My hand is more swollen compared to yesterday. My hand also feels very weak and stiffed and useless. My mom keeps telling me its just some sort of strain cause by sitting on the computer or sleeping on it or something. Im not sure though its kind of making me worried. I also get these random sharp pain similar to my right hand in my other hand and also legs but im pretty sure thats my anxiety doing this to me because im worrying so much about my hand that i feel the pain everywhere else on my body.

    • ANSWER:
      alright here are some ideas
      1. maybe you use it too much. like type to much. that can cause pain.
      2. it could be maybe you have high blood pressure or diabetes that is causing the swolleness and pain.
      3. it could be ms but i really doubt it. I TRULY BELIEVE ITS FROM TYPING OR BEING OTHE COMPUTER TO MUCH.

    how do i get rid of callus fingers?
    My finger are pretty blistered on the tips,from playing bass guitar all night long.I had not played in a while so my hands have gotten too soft.A piece of flesh ripped off the tip of my index finger its pretty painful to use.My entire finger is swollen now and its also causing my wrist to feel achy.
    Is there a way to prevent or soothe this?

    • ANSWER:
      use a pic next time

    can too much exercise cause swelling of my fingers?
    As im trying to loose weight and get fitter, ive been doing a lot of exercise, such as rowing machine, pilates and cardio, and i do strengh training exercises every night. My fingers, especially my thumb have recently been swelling a bit and sometimes i cannot bend them fully and it can be a little painful, it doesnt happen every day though but still regulary. I am thinking of seeing a doctor but wonder if anyone knows if it could be caused from my exercising. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely. The hands can swell from any number of causes ... bruising from gripping the handles of tools or exercise equipment, dietary changes, allergic reactions, medications and supplements ... When I started exercising, I found that my rings would alternately become very loose or too tight to remove, depending on the time of day.
      It turned out I was allergic to my own sweat!
      Unless the swelling becomes extreme, a wash in warm water after exercising may help.
      If not, then by all means see a doctor. But try washing first.

    what could cause a finger to swell up a lot over night?
    my sister woke up with a swollen finger and it is very painful and hot and hurts her a lot. know any way to get rid of it and what has caused it?

    • ANSWER:
      Painful and hot sounds like infection. However if the finger has experienced a trauma (like being crushed in a door) it is most likely broken with ruptured blood vessels. Otherwise, there is an infection that could begin to spread to the rest of the body if not treated. Either way, it sounds like you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Could you post more information? Describe the pain, a little about what she thinks happened, if she has a fever? From what you posted, it sounds like she needs a doctor though.

    Swollen fingers,sore aching joints?
    I am 37, female , 3 wks ago my two fingers on my right hand and two on my left hand started to swell and become difficult to use, then i found it difficult to bear any weight on my heels, my knees and hips are painful when i walk. My right arm & shoulder are painful, my ankles are also slightly swollen and sore, collar bone area has painful lump, also my neck is really sore, cant turn my head properly. Have been to gp, blood tests, bone profile, all normal, referral to see rheumatology / muscoskeletal,appointment not until end of Aug, pain killers, anti inflamatorys not working. All symptoms are still present and feel worse every day, this is really affecting my daily life as i cant grip on to anything, i find it difficult even to dress. I feel like ive been in a car crash or something. Although i cant think of anything ive done to cause all this. I have never suffered with anything like this before.Anybody any thoughts on what this could be.

    • ANSWER:
      Evidently something has gone wrong. To be honest there's not much more at this juncture that can be done...if all your blood work has come back normal then your just going to have to wait to see the Rheumatologist...explain your symptoms are worse and see if an earlier appointment can be given

      Go back to your GP regarding better pain management in the meantime.

    Has anyone heard of carpal tunnel syndrome causing your fingers to swell?
    and be real painful

    • ANSWER:
      yes CTS can swell fingers and wrist if hand overused of a day and depending on severity of CTS
      i've just recently had release surgery on my right hand and my fingers and wrists would regularly swell before surgery. try icepacking your hand for about 10mins raised up on an arm rest of a chair of an evening and this should help - you need to keep hand above heart to prevent swelling

      hope this helps

    Painless but swollen finger, no known reason?
    This is a bit of a long shot, but I hope someone might have an idea!

    For the last 2-3 days, my middle finger has been extremely swollen, it looks massive compared the middle finger on my other hand. All my other fingers are fine. It isn't painful at all, nor itchy, nor hot to touch, nor red/bruised, etc. There is no broken skin and I can't think of anything I did that might have done to have injured it. The nail and cuticle both appear totally normal. I'm having trouble moving it, but only due to the swelling.
    I often get fluid retention in my hands, and at first I figured that was what it was, as it felt similar. However, that usually passes quickly, never causes this much swelling, and never happens just in 1 finger. I've tried applying ice and heat, but neither relieved the swelling.

    I know the obvious answer here is "go to the doctor", however I literally have to my name, and it seems like such a minor issue anyway, just puzzling!

    Any ideas? For what it's worth, I'm 23.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the dollar store and buy some ibuphrofen-it is an anti-inflamitory if taken at the 800 mg level-which is usually 4 pills. do this twice today(at least 10 hours apart and eat w/ the pills) and whatever it is it should help the swelling-if it continues over a couple more daysyou may need to do something else. You can also buy epsom salts at the dollar store and soak your hand in a bowl of hot h20 and epsom salts-it will clean, and soak out any harmful bacteria that might not be seen and it is good for soothing strains. These two products have saved my life a number of times when I have been poor and in need.

    What can cause swollen joints, fatigue, vertigo..?
    About four months ago I started having a bunch of strange things happening to me. One of me finger swelled really bad for a couple of weeks. Then slowly more fingers started swelling, the swelling always lasting weeks...soon both hands were swollen and the first joint hurt but the second joints were the swollen ones. This comes and goes along with a mild non painful rash and what seems to be sub dermal blisters. The second thing that started to happen was my ability to focus in school and work started to worsen. I've been sleeping a lot and out of energy and started having dizziness and vertigo especially when driving in others cars.In the last couple of weeks I have had weakness in my right knee and sometimes when I walk my foot drags for a step. Also there is some pain in the elbows. This came on suddenly and yesterday I had a break out suddenly of what looked like acne on my cheeks but this morning it was gone. I went to the doctor and they did standard blood tests and arthritis tests. All was negative but my sugar came back in the diabetes range two out of the four times I had it done. So they said to eat low sugar and find a specialist. I was just looking for opinions of what people thought about this..I'm 24 and female. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    37 weeks pregnant, my hands and feet are swollen and painful, not pre-eclampsia?
    I know it's not bc yesterday they said to come in since my blood pressure was high accompaneid by headaches and floaters and black spots in my vision. so they tested my urine, there was not a single trace of protein in it or sugar or dehydration. But I woke up 2day and my hands are swollen and hurt, esp. the palms and fingers, and my feet are too, but my ahnds even worse. Is it just part of late pregnancy? Or is there anything I can eat or drink that will make it go down?
    also, even though I'm not dehydrated, could it be caused by inadequate water intake?

    • ANSWER:
      i think it is normal.. I swelled up really bad the last month of my pregancy! drink as much water as you can, it heps a bit! hang in there.. it will be over soon !! lol

    Swollen painful middle knuckle?
    About 2 months ago, I started excavating a 200 year old well which had been filled in with large boulders, among other things. After about 2 days of lifting these rocks from the hole, my middle knuckle on my right hand began to hurt and I lost some range of movement. I went back and did some more excavation last week and the symptoms have now gotten worse. I can't lift a cup of coffee because the lateral pressure on my middle finger is excruciating. If I bump the finger on something it sends pain back through my hand. The knuckle is swollen and without health insurance, I at least need to know what is wrong. I did nothing to cause a break or fracture just heavy lifting. In the morning I run hot water over it and massage it which helps but only for a short while. It seems to subside somewhat throughout the day as I use it. But then in the morning it's back to square one. It even wakes me up if I bump it in my sleep. My profession involves lifting but this is hampering my ability to do that. HELP PLEASE! :(

    • ANSWER:

    Why is my finger getting swollen?
    2 days ago, one afternoon, my middle finger on my left hand started feeling a little painful wen i touch the edge of my nail. today it has become more swollen and bigger, and painful wen i press down on it. it is only swollen at the fingertip area.

    i'm not sure what caused this, it just came out of nowhere.

    • ANSWER:
      I use to get these a lot and when I squeezed it puss came out. So you probably have a skin infection around your nail. I ask this too do you bite your fingernails b/c that is what I do and I get that problem quite frequently. It is known to come out of nowhere, it will eventually go away after a few days. It helps to try and squeeze the area out and get the infection out

    swollen axillery lymph nodes?
    I saw the doctor about 4 months ago before I moved (I dont have a new doctor here yet) for a swollen lymph node under my arm that was painful. She said that because it was painful that it probably was harmless and would go away, I think swollen nodes caused by cancer arent painful. Anyway, now the same node is larger and there are several around it swollen. You can see a lump beside my breast just from looking, its that swollen, and the whole area is really sore. Its not all the way under my arm, but more to side of my breast. Now, for about 2 weeks the nodes in my neck and groin have been swollen and (yes this is gross) I cant stop sweating! The sweating is only under my arms. Lasty, when I went to put lotion on my hands yesterday I felt pain and noticed a bump swollen in my finger, it looks purpl -are these things related or just coincidence that they are happening at the same time and if I should just make an appointment with a new doctor which will take a month, or go to the ER?

    • ANSWER:
      I would definitely see a doctor, and go to the ER if it's the fastest way.

      That's a very short amount of time for the nodes to start to swell, and because it's all over your body, it's HIGHLY unlikely it's cancer, but it's definitely something else. The doctor will be able to help you out, for sure. It will be worth knowing what it is to put your mind at ease.

    Red, hot, swollen finger?
    I woke up this morning to the pain of a red, hot, swollen finger. There is no visible bite mark, no incisions, no bleeding. Nothing. Only a swollen, red, hot, painful knot right above my index knuckle. I put ice on it to calm the swelling but that only worked mildly. What could have caused this?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you bumped your finger on something hard. If the finger doesn't itch it's most likely not an infection. Ice won't help in this situation.This is a swelling due to trauma to the joint most likely. Get some anti-inflammatory from your local Drug Store - like Aspirin, or Ibuprofen. If the knot above your finger starts to itch then it is most likely a bug bite that has gotten infected - just get some neosporin for that.

    broken wrist,plaster cast now off,what pain relief is best for swelling hand,wrist,fingers?
    broke wrist 6 weeks ago,plaster cast came off,wrist and hand and fingers very stiff to move,bad swelling in wrist,hand and fingers.also pain in fingers at night with pins needles,carpal tunnel maybe started,pinched nerves,or maybe reason because started to use exercise wrist,or maybe swelling causing all these problems?,anyway it is really slow for the swelling to go down,painful to move wrist,i am currently using ibroprufen 600mg powders 3 times a day with 1000mg paracetamol if needed,also morning and night special herbs in liquid form add to 3 lites of hot water and soak wrist for 10-20 mins.
    Anyone with any experience of similar problems and advice much appreciated!.

    • ANSWER:

    my husband has gout.NOTHING help+he can eat basicly nothing without getting swollen feet,ankles or fingers?
    He will get windy with a tummy ache.The moment this happens we start to look at what kind of "wrong" food he ate.He can't eat any green vegetables, bread, cake, ANY cool drinks,fruits,wheat, meat,mince,fish,fried food,onions,tomatoes.What causes gout.Too much Protein? In lack of magnesium or phosphates? What other minerals can help.He drinks "Iberogast" liquid drops, Salm fish oil and Milk thistle.He had kidney stones, some 14 years ago. Is it possible that stress can trigger gout? Spastic colon? It is very painful and he drinks lots of water because it can get very hot-he is a farmer

    • ANSWER:
      Has he been to the doctor? My dad had disabling gout but with a cocktail of medications its completely gone. Gout is caused by buildup of uric acid crystals in joints. Medications that decrease the formation of uric acid can relieve symptoms. Basically he must see a doctor for this treatment.

    What is this weed that's causing my son pain?
    I live in FL and this weed is small (about the size of a finger. There are hairs on the stem and leaves growing from opposite sides of the stem. When touched, it causes a painful sensation followed by red dots within seconds. To others, it causes swelling. How could one alleviate the pain?
    My three year old son thanks you for your answer. (His Dr. isn't available)

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know what the weed is, but most irritations can be cured with a bowl of cold water.

    skin allergy treatment?
    i am a surf fisherman, i absolutely love the sport; however i am allergic to one one the components of my sport. i have had this problem for many years now and i have came to the conclusion that i am either allergic to the fish or the bait. the bait that i use are sand crabs, and the fish that i fish for are bard surf perch.

    i am 99% sure that is coming into contact with the sand crabs that causes the reaction. they do not bite pinch or poke me, it is just touching them that irritates my skin. it causes my fingers and hands to swell up and turn red. they stay swollen and red for up to a week, and then a thick layer of skin will peal off my hands over the period of a week or two.

    my doctor says that the swelling causes the skin to lose circulation and die. and new skin forms underneath it. i have tried numerous antihistamines and have been prescribed steroid creams for my hands. the steroid creams help the new skin and cause it to not be such a painful process, but i know the real fix for this problem is to stop the swelling.

    i would appreciate any advice as i have gone fishing both yesterday and the day before and my hands and fingers are swollen and red.

    • ANSWER:

    I have stiff, slightly painful finger joints only on my right hand, anything to worry about?
    I'm only 22 but about a month ago I experienced stiff, swollen and slightly painful joints only on my right hand, predominantely in my little finger which i am able to click by bending my knuckle quite easily... at the time i put it down to the fact that i'd smacked my hand a week earlier. It took awhile but eventually the pain and swelling went away. However, over the last couple of days the same swelling, stiffness and pain has come back which has been more noticeable in the morning. Do you think there's anything to worry about? and do you have any suggestions as to whats causing this?


    • ANSWER:
      How are you sleeping? could you have possibly laid on top of it while you were asleep, hence greater pain in the morning.

    Extremely swollen and painful clitoris after foreplay?
    Last night I was engaged in foreplay with my guy. We didn't have sex. But he fingered me alot. This morning, I woke up, and my clitoris is extremely swollen. It's hard for me to go to the bathroom also. It hurts so badly that I can't sit or walk properly. Even having underwear on hurts it. I put ice on it earlier but it didn't do anything. I need to know what caused this and also how to get rid of it fast. I have a my dancing showcase this coming week and I'm afraid it will hurt too much to move. I am in so much pain.

    • ANSWER:
      The ice will help with the swelling. Take some tylenol. Keep the bf away from your body. Teach him about gentle touch.

    what would cause hands to itch all the time and very painful?
    my hands itch all the time day an nite they swell some times it feels like the itch is deep in my hands i have had this nine months i have used all kinds of dr prescribed medications .my hands also are very very painful. at times i cant close my fingers i work every day and im in so much pain from itching and sometimess swollen. i scratch them so hard they break open and bleed.

    • ANSWER:
      Mine are like that, my skin is very dry whch causes my hands to each and they to bleed if i continue to itch them i have learned to put lotion on them i recommend that also. Just keep lotion on them i use aveeno lotion, it is good to use... Good Luck

    Got a lump on ring finger on right hand under skin,it not breaking skin though it is painful to touch.?
    I can feel lump its about size of a pea causing tip of finger to swell and appear red,also get pins and needles in it especially when cold,

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds a lot like a ganglionic cyst -- not really dangerous, but really irritating! See your doctor.

    Swollen thumb unknown cause?
    Ok about 2 weeks ago on that wednesday, i came home took a nap and when i fell asleep i noticed it was on my right arm and i woke up and my arm was sleep and my fingers were tingly. It continued on for some days, but it had stopped in my hands. A couple more days the feeling spread to my thumb, pointer finger and middle finger. Days go past and now its just in my thumb and it feels like my thumb is swollen but its not painful. It just feels weird like an after effect of me jamming it or something. Could this be the cause of a nerve damaged in my arm? thats the only thing i can think of that could be the cause.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe a blood clot? Does the vein feel like it's pulsing or ... fluttering? (sorry, I couldn't think of a better word to describe it). If it's nerve damage then it will feel like it's burning and tingling.

      Nerve Damage:

      either way.. you should go to the doctor.

    What might cause swelling & pain by replacement crown after painful shot - 1 month later?
    6 yrs ago I had a root canal & crown on a molar. It never gave me a problem, but the dentist said there was decay under the crown & it needed to be replaced. The injected anesthetic hurt, and it never has before. The temporary crown felt fine. The discomfort at the injection site continued. He placed the crown & it felt too high. He ground it down & sent it back to be recoated. Another comfy temporary, & replacement by crown, which hurt & needed more grinding. Then the filling broke out of the tooth above (probably from the high crown). This crown felt too tight. He checked, floss fit, he said it's OK. He filled the tooth above. I have been back 3 times for more grinding, my jaw is swollen, there is a very sensitive(shock) spot at the bottom of the valley between my jaw & cheek. Just touching my tooth with my tongue or finger hurts. I have no fever, but he put me on amoxycillin (2.5 days now) & there's no improvement. It has been a month, & all I can eat is mush. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    swollen palm of hand?
    The palm side of my right hand from the wrist moving up to the middle side of hand is painful and swollen.
    It is opposite the thumb side. No swelling on the thumb side. My fingers and the back of hand are normal. I've had it for quite awhile now and it won't go away.
    It hurts when I use my hand or touch it. Can anyone tell me what it might be and what caused it?

    • ANSWER:

    Is there no end to the symptoms of Reactive Arthritis.?
    I was diagnosed as having seronegative reactive arthritis last July. The initial flare caused me to be bedridden for three months and a spell in hospital. My specialist told me that most patients are recovered within 3-6 months. It caused swelling in most of my joints and a lot of pain. Along with a whole bucket full of other symptoms, mouth ulcers,conjunctivitis along with a nasty rash.Initially I had my knee's drained and was given steroid injections into some of my joints. I am currently taking Paracetamol & dihydracodiene for the pain, doesn't help much. Lansrapole, celexocib, methotrexate and folic acid, I have been taking these for nearly 10 months now and dont seem to be improving much. I still have swollen fingers,wrists, knees,ankles, I have terrible back, shoulder,elbow,ankle, knee pain, it has also left me with three deformed fingers. Just these last few weeks it has presented itself in the right side of my face and is very painful to try and eat, its usually just soup these days., My specialist says all he can do is to see how i am in 4 months time and go from there. I am in constant pain, sometimes I can't even manage to get out of bed. Has anyone else had this and recovered from it. Im only 37 with four active kids who have had to help me dress,bathe etc. For the last ten months it has taken over thier lives aswell. I've had to leave my job and this disease has completely threw my world into turmoil. Is there any hope, does anyone know of any home remedies I could try that may help. The only thing I have found makes me feel 'normal' again is when I go into hospital and they give me steroids on an I V, my Dr won't let me continue with this as its harmul to my liver/kidneys. Any words of advice would be gratefully recieved.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I have R.A. and lately have had alot more pain, and other symptoms I never had before; sharp pains in the face and neck... and neuropathy. Sometimes I can't stand to have anything touch my skin or wear shoes. I can certainly relate. Sounds like you may need help with your children. The state can send you a care-giver a few hrs. a day and they pay, so your kids can have time to be kids, and you can get better care. My mom takes dylodid for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and it works pretty well; its time released and less intense than morphine. I know diet plays a large part in R.A. Supposedly no night shade foods (potatoes, tomatoes, or peppers), add whole grains, no table sugar, decrease fats, less meats (I'm now a vegetarian), vitamins, No store bought desserts! Preservatives are bad, and prayer is always good! The Lord removed alot of things in my life (cigarettes etc), I know we must have diseases and such, but with children, maybe you can lessen the symptoms and improve your time with them, as well as your life in general. God bless you.

    My finger is swollen at the joint because of an impact with a basketball, what could it be due to?
    I was playing basketball and the ball hit my fingers and sort of bent them backwards upon impact. It was quite painful but I didn't think much of it until I realised the joint connecting my proximal phalanges (the segment closest to my knuckles) to the middle phalange was swollen. I can still bend that finger but movement feels more restricted than the other fingers and there is a weird, "tight" feeling when I bend it at that joint.

    My friends told me it's not very serious, but I would just like to ask what could possibly be the cause of it and whether it is very serious. Truthfully, I do not intend to see a doctor because I don't find it a big deal, it is bruised and slightly swollen but it doesn't hurt that much.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello there...sounds like a painful deal. It sounds like you have sprained a ligament. In a finger joint, there is two ligaments supporting the hinge of the joint, one on the left and another on the right of the joint. Sometimes, when there is a strong force e.g. basketball, netball, impact on hard surface, one can sprain the joint at either ligaments or sometimes both, causing immense swelling. And with swelling, comes pains, tightness, tenderness, increased temperature etc. It shouldnt be a problem if the pain is bearable, but you can deal with the swelling by using ice wrapped in towel and compressing on the swollen area. Elevating the joint to above heart level will also help. Do take note that ligaments take quite some time to heal (min 3 - 6 months) due to their poor blood and nutrition supply, and is highly prone to re-injury, please take good care of your finger joint for now and rest, not for exertion. If the pain persist more than 3 months you are recommended to see the doctor

    Dizzy, swelling, leg cramps, lower back ache?
    Lately I've been feeling really weird. Every night I have horrible leg cramps (even though I take potassium), and all during the day I am so dizzy that I can hardly stand up straight. During the day my fingers get swollen and painful, sometimes the pain is mild, but other times it can get much worse. My lower back is also so sore I can't relax my back when I sleep, or when I stand. The lower back pain started a few months ago with the finger swelling, but the dizziness and cramps are new this week. Just to rule it out, I took a pregnancy test that came back negative. I don't have insurance and would like to avoid the doctor, but the dizziness and back pain are really affecting my life. Anyone have any idea as of what might be causing this??? Thanks!
    Just in case age matters, I'm 21.

    • ANSWER:
      My goodness, you could be having so many things going on. Arthritis = pain, swelling back and fingers
      ear infection, vertigo, anemic, low blood pressure, low blood sugar = dizziness (and alot of other things as well)
      low potassium, anemia = leg cramps

      You should see a doctor! There are so many things that you could possibly have. It's best to get checked out.

      Hope you feel better!

    Non-painful, moveable lumps on left collar bone?
    For about a month or so now I have noticed 2-3 small (marble size) moveable lumps on my left collar bone. They do not hurt, they are hard but they roll around under my fingers when i press down on them, they are about the size of a marble. I went to the emergency room for an unrelated issue about a week ago and i had the PA (physicians assistant) feel what i was feeling and she told me they were more than likely cysts because if it was a lymph node they would be more 'squishy' so to speak. I'm not sure if i 100% agree with her but.....i was hoping someone could give me some insight on what this may be.
    i smoke, and i do have genital herpes but i do not think the herpes would cause swollen glands in my neck. other than this i am generally healthy. could this be a sign of HIV? i do not have any other symptoms of HIV but i read that swollen glands in your neck is one of the first signs of HIV...
    Please help, im freakin out!!! please serious answers only...thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Lymph nodes are not "squishy" - so you are right to question
      the knowledge of that ER PA.
      It is normal to have reactive/residual supraclavicular lymph nodes
      from an undiagnosed subclinical infection in the chest area.
      Usually we never can pinpoint the infection that caused these.
      This is not likely to be a sign of HIV, but you can have that checked
      to ease your mind.
      The important thing to do is monitor those nodes.
      1cm (marble sized) is normal. 2cm is a bit too large.
      If you can tell they are increasing in size of the weeks/months ahead
      you might then need a biopsy.
      Lymphomas are not very common but worth watching for.

    Why do my fingers and hands massively swell with hives when I come inside from being out in the cold?
    Whenever I come inside after having been out in the cold, my fingers (sometimes my hands/lower arms, too) will swell up with GIANT hives. I won't be able to bend them or stop itching them for at least the next hour if not longer. Its VERY painful and VERY annoying. Also, my hands will get super hot. And only some of my fingers swell. Those ones get hot. The fingers that didn't swell remain normal temperature and size. I take Benedryl - which helps sometimes. But I wanna know if there's a way to PREVENT the hives from coming in the first place? Or even why they come? Is it really cause of intense temperature change?

    • ANSWER:
      You are describing something similar to hives called angioedema. Along with hives, I used to get angioedema in my feet and hands caused by pressure. In your case the trigger appears to be temperature change. Can you keep your hands warm enough with hand warmers or gloves so that the temperature change doesn't happen? If you are going to go to the doctor, get someone to take pictures of your hands the next time you get exposed. It is very hard to describe just how bad your hands or feet can swell up because they aren't swollen at the doctor's.

      The important thing to find and it is very difficult to find is what is setting your body up to have them in the first place. You are going to have to be a detective and work through different things. It might take awhile since it might be a two part problem. The first part is that you are eating or drinking something that is setting your body up to have the condition and the second part is the temperature change that is the immediate trigger.

      I found out what was my problem after 10 years by accident. I went on an Atkins diet to lose weight and noticed after a few weeks that my hives had stopped and I could quit taking my meds. It took some experimenting with all of the foods that I had stopped to finally figure out that I was gluten intolerant and could not eat anything with wheat, rye or barley in it.

      So the first thing that I would recommend is to get tested for both celiac disease and dermititis herpetiformis which are both autoimmune conditions triggered by exposure to gluten. AFTER you get tested, go on a gluten free diet even if the results are negative to determine if you have non-celiac gluten intolerance which can cause the same problems. If the tests are positive, then a gluten free diet should take care of your problem.

      If gluten isn't your problem, then another possibility is the nightshade food group. These include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and a few other things. It is hard to avoid these foods but can be done. Try a nightshade free diet for several months and see if that helps.

      Another possibility is a diet low in histamines or histamine releasing foods. You would have to do some online research into that.

      Anyway, trial and error may help you. Start a food and drink diary along with when you get symptoms and see if that helps you as you try any of these approaches. Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through answers.

    My middle finger of my writing hand is swollen and I have an exam on monday!?
    It's been swollen throughout and looksa little like a sausage now, especially further down. It swelled up about 20hrs ago and doesn't show signs of improvement and is slightly painful when I use the muscles in that finger. It was caused when I fell down the stairs, lol and now it makes it harder to write and I'm worried that it will affect my performance on the exam and It's hard for me to revise and do exam questions untill then. Also the finger is abnormally leaning away from my index finger and towards the other one

    Should I see a doctor, what should I do and not do and is it likely to go down by monday.

    • ANSWER:
      Your basically screwed. And I doubt that it will completely heal in 4 days. I had a swollen pinky from basketball and the swellness lasted weeks. The best thing is to hope that the teacher will sympathize for you

    What food items or behaviours or states of mind...make arthritis worse?
    I have the beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis in my hands (and possibly hips.) (My hips are very sore upon waking on the side I'm lying on- so this could just be a pressure soreness.) My Mum had the same condition in her hands. Swollen joints, inflammation, deforming the joints. Not painful unless I squeeze the joint. Worst in my little fingers and pointing fingers. I wonder what causes arthritis and/or what foods agrevate it? I have started "Healtheries" Arthrex Bones and Joints dietary supplement containing Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Devil's claw and celery seed. I also take cod liver oil as my skin and hair have become very dry. I am only 49 and just want to do whatever to prevent this condition from becoming a disibility. Has anyone had experience of things that work which I could try. I don't want a whole lot of adverts for products but if possible simple foods to eat and not eat or other dietary advice.

    • ANSWER:
      Red meat is bad, so are acidic foods, I've heard that tomatoes are bad too but I've never had trouble with them. Basically, eat healthy foods and you'll be allright.
      Try Flaxseed Oil, Glucosamine, Green Lipped Mussel Extract and Devils Claw, I'm not advertising, just saying what works for me.
      And also, it' very rare to get R.A. in your hips so it is probably just soreness.

    Herpes Whitlow Virus?
    I have taken antibiotic for the Herpes Whitlow Virus, but still have swollen fingers, which are very painful.

    Now I know that this virus hibernates in the nerve cells of the fingers, what i need to know is any damage this virus may cause in the nerves, once the virus is gone, does the body repair the damage nerve cells or is can the damage cells even be repaired?

    • ANSWER:
      Herpes whitlow is just the same as having oral herpes- what we commonly call cold sores.

      Outbreaks may be a bit of a nuisance, but the herpes virus does not harm you or cause damage.

      As with cold sores, it is nothing to worry about.

      If they have given you antibiotics, you must have a secondary infection. Antibiotics do not treat herpes whitlow, you would need to take antivirals such as valtrex.

    Fell on wrist, now fingers/hand kinda of tingly?
    I fell on my wrist playing soccer, and now it is fairly painful when i make a fist and when I turn my wrist it causes pain all the way into my elbow. Also my pinky, ring finger, and the palm of my hand are kind of tingling slightly. It is only slightly swollen and I can move it, tho bending my fingers is a little difficult...feels very stiff and hurts.

    Do you think I injured the nerve or just a result of swelling from the fall? How long should I let it go before going to the doc?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should go to the doctor now and get it checked out. Good luck.

    Pain and bleeding during sex. Swollen cervix? What's wrong?!!?
    About a week ago I started to bleed a little during intercourse. After it would bleed very lightly but then stop. This happened about five times. Then the last time my boyfriend and I were having sex it was very painful to even put his penis inside me, so we stopped. That was two days ago and we haven't tried having sex since. But today I started bleeding without even having intercourse and I'm not due for my period for another two week.

    A few more details:

    Also, it seems as if my cervix is swollen. I can feel it in my vagina within a fingers distance and it didn't used to be like that. It seems to be protruding.

    My boyfriends penis is at least an inch or two longer than what I've ever had before and sometimes I feel it hitting my cervix if he's on top.

    We have had sex several times before without me bleeding.

    I'm 20 years old and my boyfriend is my third partner. He was tested for any STDs 4 months ago, I was tested in the summer and my only partner after that I used condoms with every single time. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 months.

    I am going to make an appointment in the next day or two at planned parenthood, but I would just like to know if anyone knows the most possible causes of this.
    Also, I am on birth control

    • ANSWER:
      the bleeding happens if your partner is being to rough...the swolleness can come from your partner going inside you if your not wet enough this can couse pain...stop having sex for a while and give your body time to heal

    Pain and bleeding during intercourse. Swollen cervix. What's wrong?!?
    About a week ago I started to bleed a little during intercourse. After it would bleed very lightly but then stop. This happened about five times. Then the last time my boyfriend and I were having sex it was very painful to even put his penis inside me, so we stopped. That was two days ago and we haven't tried having sex since. But today I started bleeding without even having intercourse and I'm not due for my period for another two week.

    A few more details:

    Also, it seems as if my cervix is swollen. I can feel it in my vagina within a fingers distance and it didn't used to be like that. It seems to be protruding.

    My boyfriends penis is at least an inch or two longer than what I've ever had before and sometimes I feel it hitting my cervix if he's on top.

    We have had sex several times before without me bleeding.

    I'm 20 years old and my boyfriend is my third partner. He was tested for any STDs 4 months ago, I was tested in the summer and my only partner after that I used condoms with every single time. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 months.

    I am going to make an appointment in the next day or two at planned parenthood, but I would just like to know if anyone knows the most possible causes of this.

    • ANSWER:
      you can ask yourself all the if's & what's there is.However it will not change the fact you won't know the truth until you see your Dr.

      There is no sense worring about something if you can't do anything about it.It's in the past.You can't change anything.

      Just say your prayers and take your mind off of it (try) .You'll know soon enough...

    Mysterious lump, which causes tenderness and a bruise when it appears.?
    For little over a year now I've noticed what appears to be a very small lump, which travels around my body, appearing at random either on a part of my hand/fingers or arm or lower leg, which causes tenderness and minor redness and swelling to the area, and after it's gone leaves behind a painful bruise. For some strange reason I've got it in my head that its following the path of a vein & I don't want to waste the time of my GP with something that could be nothing, but it has started to happen more often recently so wouldn't mind some help please. I am a healthy 30 yr old who doesn't smoke and rarely drinks, so I'm stumped, but obviously worried. Does anyone know what it could be please?

    • ANSWER:
      When it comes to your health, don't take any chances. You will not be wasting your doctor's time, and you could be saving your life! Go to the doctor. No one on here is qualified to give you a diagnosis without having seen the issue. Please go to your doctor, better safe than sorry!

    Pain under fingernails when any pressure is applied? VERY PAINFUL PLEASE HELP!?
    Recently my ring ring finger on my left hand, and my index finger on my left hand have been really hurting. When I apply and pressure to my fingernails, the pain is agonising. I'm left handed so this problem is becoming really annoying as I can't write, cut or hold anything with my dominant hand because of my fingers. I can also feel my pulse in my ring finger. It feels like my fingers are swollen but they aren't. There is no discolouration or anything like that. I'm pretty sure it isn't fungus (I'm very hygienic).

    Could these things have caused this pain at all?
    - I've never had very good circulation.
    - The weather in England at the moment is freezing.

    Also, I have not injured my fingers.

    • ANSWER:
      You should see a doctor.

    HELP please... My eczema is so painful!!!?
    Hi, I have severe eczema on my hands and I cannot get in to see my dermatologist. I have the strongest steroids known to man and I am completely unresponsive to all of them (i.e. betamethasone, clobetasol, etc.). It's to the point where it's not even itchy any more, just painful, stinging, sore, throbbing, burning, and BLEEDING. I look down at my hands and just from bending my fingers I have bubbles of blood pooling everywhere. Right now I put Eucerin Plus on my hands (slathered them in it) and then put rubber gloves on, just because I cannot bear to wash my hands again. Whenever I get something on my hands that requires washing, I just wash the outside of the gloves instead. Is that okay to do? Will it somehow "trap" the eczema in there and make it worse or suffocate my skin when it should be airing out?
    Also, can food allergies cause eczema? I've recently found that certain foods make my lips purple and swollen, and I think that coincides with when the eczema flares up! Thnx!

    • ANSWER:
      wow, you poor thing. i thought my eczema was bad. i've never had the bleeding. i wish i new of something to help. are they sure it's eczema? you have a point with the food allergies. try keeping a diary of everything you eat. maybe that will help you figure out if there is any correlation. as far as the gloves, i think as long as you take them off to sleep so your hands can air it should be fine. i hope you find relief soon.