Foods To Eat With Gout

Here, you'll discover which gout foods to eat with gout. In other words, which foods you can eat that won't encourage your gout and hamper your recovery. Gout foods to eat with gout are foods which are low in 'purines', chemical compounds that appear naturally in our body and some foods. A knowledge ofjust how these affect your gout will help your understanding of which gout foods to eat and which foods to avoid...

Gout is caused by the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints as a result of too much uric acid in the bloodstream. Uric acid is a byproduct of the natural breakdown of 'purines' in our bodies and some foods. Lower purines means lower uric acid means less chance of a gout attack.

So the key is the prevention of the build-up of excess uric acid in the blood. And since uric acid is formed out of purines, as a gout sufferer, you must reduce the amount of purines you consume through your food. To start with you need to be able to identify what these gout foods are. Luckily, for the most part, purine-rich foods are also high-protein foods so they are perhaps more easily identified that way.

Therefore, if you're a gout sufferer, eating even more purine-enriched foods only makes your gout worse. Here is a list of high-purine foods to avoid with gout; red meat, game, offal-type foods, gravy, poultry, shellfish, mackerel, herrings, sardines, anchovies, fish roe, beans, peas, lentils, asparagus, mushrooms, yeast. And of course you must avoid alcohol. Beer is especially bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What foods should a gout patient eat?
    I was just diagnosed with gout today, and in my search for more information, I'm coming across lists of food that I shouldn't eat. I'm looking for foods that I SHOULD eat, or are at least better to eat.

    By the way...the whole gout thing? Not fun! My foot hurts!

    • ANSWER:
      This diet will assist in eliminating any current attack or build up so that a more normal diet can slowly be reintroduced with success: Brown Rice, corn, boiled cabbage (small amounts), celery, carrots, baked sweet potatoes, onion, dates, fresh coconut, avocados, honey, raisins, sour dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream), fresh chestnuts/ almonds (not cooked), fully ripened bananas (not green or brown), apples, pears, strawberries, cherries, oranges, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, lemon, lime, other melons, soy sauce (light use for flavor on rice), fresh unsweetened fruit juices (frozen or refrigerated-NO CRANBERRY), and baking potatoes (not white potatoes). It would be best to use a lot of sour cream on your baking potatoes. Please include some of these foods into your daily diet even after your attack/build up has subsided. If you are under an attack you must eat a full variety of these foods. For instance brown rice, fresh almonds, and corn provide all the protein and amino acids of a piece of meat when eaten together but without the purines.
      Weight loss can cause an increase in uric acid production and retention.
      Be sure to keep your caloric intake up and eat enough of the healing foods to prevent any weight loss during an attack. Any weight loss will cause the attack to get worse.
      Maintaining weight by keeping caloric intake up to an amount that stops all weight loss is very important, anything less than 1500/2000 calories a day can make your attack worse

      Eat more blueberries and cherries, because they’re rich in substances that counteract purines, which cause gout, says Julian Whitaker, M.D., founder and president of the Whitaker Wellness Center in Newport Beach, California. He says that some gout patients report finding relief by eating from a handful to up to ½ pound of cherries each day. He also advises people with gout to avoid anchovies, asparagus, mushrooms and organ meats such as liver and kidney, since they’re high in purines.

    I am looking for advice of foods to eat for a person with gout.?
    My doctor informed me to stop eating meats, fried foods, seafoods and to stop drinking soda. I do not smoke, or drink coffee, nor do I drink alcoholic beverages. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      your diet will determine if you get gout.
      The following article gives you insightful info about diet for a person with gout.
      Take Care.

    Foods you can eat when you suffer from Gout?
    My husband was recently diagnosed with Gout. Since he has to be placed on a diet with this problem, I have done some research online to find out what foods he can eat. However, the lists are usually vague and don't provide accurate info. I need to know from those that suffer from this, exactly what foods can and cannot be eaten.

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing you can do for your husband is get him a uric acid test kit and monitor his serum uric acid level (SUA) closely. If you can't keep his SUA below 6 mg/dL (below 5 is better), then diet alone will not cure his gout.

      As a long time gout sufferer who tests his SUA frequently, I can advise the following about gout:

      Alcohol (especially beer): bad. Dehydration: bad. Lots of water: good. Red meat (especially organ meat): bad. Vegetables (even purine rich veg. such as spinach, beans and peas): good. Shellfish, shrimp: bad. High protein diet: bad. Healthy, whole grain and vegetable rich diet: good.

      Overweight, out of shape: bad. Normal/low body fat and regular exercise: good.

      Gout results from elevated uric acid caused by a metabolic problem. Diet and exercise can help, but unless his SUA is consistently below 6 mg/dL, his attacks will become more frequent and more severe. Track his SUA closely, and if it remains high despite your best efforts, hire a doctor to prescribe appropriate medication (usually allopurinol) to control it.

    gout cured by eating foods low in purines and without using medications, anyone?
    I was recently diagnosed with gout. My doctor mentioned using Allopurinol, but I would prefer to try eating low purines (veges, milk protiens, etc, no alcohol). first, and hopefully not use the medication I have done the research, and I know supposedly diet only controlds about 15% of uric acid , but has it helped anyone to the point that they did not need medication?
    thanks for your answers

    • ANSWER:

      Food certainly is a factor with gout. However, if you want to, you can reasearch alternative medicine fields such as homeopathy in order to get real help, quick. Some of the remedies you would need are Urtica Urens, Benzoic Acid, as well as several remedies for cleansing both the liver and the kidneys.

      My site

      is not specifically about gout but is about applying alternative medicine techniques to gynecological problems. Several of these techniques can be applied to gout too, for example, Reiki, Su Jok as well as herbal remedies.

      Don't be afraid to experiment with new healing techniques, they would't exist if they werent useful to people.

      You can search for something like

      homeopathic remedy gout

      and see what comes out.

      Wishing you all the best with your healing

      Sincerely, Dusko Savic

    Is it safe for you to eat food with some ingredient of monosodium glutamate?
    For me, I had a gout. when I eat food with some sort of MSG, it will Intense painfully. I need your suggestions of other alternative cure may be medication or medicine. please.

    • ANSWER:
      I believe you feel very thirsty after a meal of high MSG content. MSG dehydrate your body. It makes your blood becomes thick and your body lose water. When the amount of water content in your body drops, the concentration of uric acid increased, and that increases the chance of urate crystals formation.

      I'm glad that you have realized how USELESS those gout drugs is. In order to cure your gout once and for all, you have to have a paradigm shift, forget whatever they talk about uric acid before this! They always blame the high purine content food that causes the gout attacks. Yes it is! But not a directly. It is the blockage of uric acid disposal channels that causes the problems. You must understand the root of gout before you look for any alternative treatment...

    what type's of food not to eat with gout?

    • ANSWER:

    my husband has gout.NOTHING help+he can eat basicly nothing without getting swollen feet,ankles or fingers?
    He will get windy with a tummy ache.The moment this happens we start to look at what kind of "wrong" food he ate.He can't eat any green vegetables, bread, cake, ANY cool drinks,fruits,wheat, meat,mince,fish,fried food,onions,tomatoes.What causes gout.Too much Protein? In lack of magnesium or phosphates? What other minerals can help.He drinks "Iberogast" liquid drops, Salm fish oil and Milk thistle.He had kidney stones, some 14 years ago. Is it possible that stress can trigger gout? Spastic colon? It is very painful and he drinks lots of water because it can get very hot-he is a farmer

    • ANSWER:
      Has he been to the doctor? My dad had disabling gout but with a cocktail of medications its completely gone. Gout is caused by buildup of uric acid crystals in joints. Medications that decrease the formation of uric acid can relieve symptoms. Basically he must see a doctor for this treatment.

    is it bad to eat oatmeal if you have gout?
    i have gout and cant walk for a while,and friends told me that i should oatmeal and avoid food with high purines.and even though i 'only' eat oatmeal,it took me 2 months to walk again.pls help.thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Your friends don't know what gout is.

      Diets which are high in purines and high in protein have long been suspected of causing an increased risk of gout (a type of arthritis caused by high levels of uric acid in the body which form crystals in the joints, resulting in pain and inflammation).

      Having a well planned gout diet is important if you are suffering from gout. Gout is a form of rheumatic arthritis that results from the accumulation of excess uric acid in your joints. The big toe is often the first target of gout, but it can easily spread to the small joints in your toes, instep, and fingers, and the ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. You suffer sudden, excruciating pain from acute attacks of gout; the joint will swell, redden, and feel rather warm.

      There are hereditary influences in development of gout, but there are things you can do to minimise the frequency of attacks. Physical exercise and reduced alcohol consumption will do a lot towards preventing gout, and so will a good healthy diet.

      High uric acid levels associated with gout derive largely from foods rich in protein and purine, which produce uric acid as a waste product when broken down. Reducing such foods will mean less material for uric acid formation. You should adjust your dietary patterns to achieve the following:

      1. Less consumption of meat products that have high purine content, such as beef, pork and lamb, as do organs like liver, kidney, and brain, along with gravy enriched with meat extracts.
      2. Reduction (if not total elimination) of alcoholic beverages, especially beer.
      3. Reduction of mushrooms, legume foods like peas, beans and lentil, and vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach and asparagus.
      4. Avoidance of seafood that contribute to high uric acid levels like cod, anchovies, herrings and sardines, haddock, and fish eggs; also minimised consumption of mussels and scallops.

      If possible, target to have protein comprising less than half of your diet to achieve more balance. Protein is a necessary element in your body, but taking more than what’s necessary will upset your body’s nutrient balance.

      There are beneficial foods that help you lessen the discomfort and pain of an acute gout attack. Increase your consumption of fresh vegetables, either raw or lightly steamed; you can also mix them in soups or make them into juice. However, limit potatoes and corn to only once or twice a week.

      Half a kilo (one pound) of wild or black cherries, eaten as fresh fruit or drunk as juice, will help you get over a gout attack. The cherries contain anthocyanocids that dramatically reduces uric acid. Do not use commercially prepared juices as they no longer have anthocyanocids.

      While genetics can sometimes predispose your body towards developing gout, you can play an important part in reducing the chances of getting it by making appropriate lifestyle adjustments.
      Gout Treatment

      For a permanent cure, one product that is highly recommended by hundreds of health practitioners and clinics is Uricinex. Marketed by, Uricinex is an all natural supplement that stops gout pain within 72 hours for 94% of gout sufferers in clinical tests.

      For more comprehensive Gout information and Gout recipes, read Cure Gout Now - an easy to follow, comprehensively researched eBook by Lisa McDowell that shows you how to change your diet and gain control of your gout wth useful strategies that have been proven to improve health for people with gout.

      You need to eat a BALANCED diet, not 'just oatmeal'!

    what can help me towards becoming a vegan. I am starting to get excruciating gout and it is said to get worst
    painwise and damage permanently one's joints. I have heard 90% get better on a vegan diet.

    I saw one should not eat meat,. poultry, fish,. beans, dairy, and some fruits and veggies like mushrooms, asparagus, et for the high purine content.

    I just had a fasting blood sugar that was 151 so I may have diabetes or at least syndrome allopathetic- but extremely into health foods and alternative health-doctor told me not to eat any grains except I think she said millet and only sour fruits and berries...for the blood sugar problems and eat mostly meats and veggies. Between the blood sugar recommendations and the gout suggestions This leaves nothing pretty much it seems.

    I have been vegetarian every other day with about 10% animal foods, and at one time eating 50% of my diet in produce but I have slipped.

    I like meats a lot but not so much chicken and fish except shellfish but shellfish is a big nono for gout I read, I am used to using meats as an ingrediant in stir frys,
    soups, etc and I do eat cheese and once in a great while yogurt but no milk for many years except soy and nut milks. Being a food addict, changing to a vegan would be extrememly hard for me.

    What would what would help me ease into a vegan seems so impossible as eaten this way so long...grains seem so long to cook and although produce can be exciting..grains seem kind of dull. If one kept their meat and dairy to a small amount, would this still help the say eating a few ounces a day or every other day.
    how do some of you know how old I am..(you are too young to ha ve gout)..I had a uric acid count of 10.4 and was told I likely do have gout and was prescribed medicine for it actually.

    Some of you vegans are really rude and I thought not eating meats left one more peaceful. Ha..I can't believe the rudeness of two poster on here in answering. I wish I could say what I really think of your answers.
    Also I did not say I was eating vegetarian evry other day for some kind of points, but merely to inform people of what my diet currently was, jerks.

    • ANSWER:
      You should consult a traditional dietitian to help you work out an eating plan that would be suitable for you and work with a professional in alternative medicine as well.

      Some online sources that might be of help are: is another good source of info

    Is there a recipe book for people with gout?
    My husband has been diagnosed with gout and the list of foods you're not supposed to eat is quite lengthy and the list of foods you are allowed is very tiny! Help! I am also diabetic so this will be interesting. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Typically, a gout cook book will recommend that gout patients need to reduce their sugar and carbohydrates intake. According to research, sugar actually increases the amount of uric acid in the blood, which can easily cause gout to develop. In addition, sugar consumption has been linked with many disorders such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Hence, most gout cook books will advise us to avoid high sugar content food like cakes, biscuits, pastries, ice-cream or chocolate.

      Another tip from the gout cook book is to stay away from processed or pre-packaged food such as cornflakes. This is because salt is commonly used as a preservative in such cases and will produce excessive uric acid in the blood. If there’s a need for flavoring, you can try to use herbs or spices instead.

      If you wish to find out more about gout receipes or gout cook book, read abt them here:

    Diet and disease: How many of the diseases we experience in America are caused by the food we eat?
    How much are we spending on healthcare to treat diet-caused illnesses?

    From the book Eat To Live by Joel Furhmen, MD:

    .."People are completely unaware that most illnesses are self-induced and can be reversed with aggressive nutritional methods. ...The medical-pharmaceutical business has encouraged people to believe that health problems are hereditary and that we need to swallow poisons to defeat our genes. This is almost always untrue.

    "...My clinical experience over the past ten years has shown me that almost all the major illnesses that plaque Americans are reversible with aggressive nutritional changes designed to undo the damage caused by years of eating a disease-causing diet. ....These conditions...can be effectively prevented or treated through superior nutrition. As their medical problems gradually melt away, patients can be slowly weaned off the medications they have been prescribed."

    "Dietary-Caused Illnesses with High Prevalence":

    --diabetes (adult)
    --high blood pressure
    --irritable bowel syndrome
    --macular degeneration
    --sexual dysfunction
    --hypoglemic symptoms
    --kidney stones
    --musculoskelatal pain
    --colonic polyps
    --lumbar spine syndromes
    --uterine fibroids

    "Not only are common disorders such as asthma associated with increased body weight and our disease-causing diet, but in my experience these diseases are also curable with superior nutrition in the majority of cases. Asthma is an exampleof a disease considered irreversable that I watch resolve regularly. My patients routinely make complete and *predictable* recovery from these illnesses, predominantly through aggressive dietary changes. ...Diseases that are considered irreversible I see reversed on a daily basis."

    • ANSWER:
      Your info. works for me Amy. One of the major topics in our church is Health. Our Hospital is Loma Linda, Calif. We are killing our selves through our mouth. 5 food groups--Fruit, Veggies, Grains, Nuts, and beans. All washed good and all fresh. I see people totally live on this and they live to be very healthy....and old too. Do I follow this totally being an SDA. I really try. I did not grow up as a Vegetarian but my Boy and family are and they look great. I on the other hand am about 25 lbs over. It is hard to change old, bad habits but we can always keep working on it. With God nothing is impossible. Don't ever give up doing the very best you can. If you have to eat meat once a week, be sure it is dead as a door knob. Disease comes in the blood and fat. Don't eat that part. Leviticus 11 tells you the clean meats to eat if you want to follow the Bible from beginning to end and believes the Bible is for"ALL" man kind. Not just yours , mine but Ours. Pray before you go shopping and always have a meal before you go. This is the worst thing you can do is shop hungry. I go through so many Snow Balls this way. Big mistake. Remember it is so hard to learn and concentrate on God when you are sick. That is why He wants us to be healthy.Amy is right, you can reverse illnesses. I have seen that done too. Weight and bad habits is a big one for the U.S. Remember Goodies are a Goodie..not a staple.You get a goodie once a week, and that is it. If you really want to be healthier and lose abit of weight,you can do this, Your obedience to God to take care of this Temple,whom we house for the Holy Spirit, is not impossible. Think,make a list and don't let your cravings run you. No more Mickie D..those things will kill you. God help us all in this area. Love always in Christ..missleslie

    hello, how can i cope up with gout. what foods shall i avoid and what to be eaten.?

    • ANSWER:
      I have had gout since age 29 (it is rare under 30). There are many things they say to avoid and I give here a short, although not comprehensive list. Shellfish, offal, alcohol all figure, as do strawberries believe it or not!

      Personally, I avoid nothing and carry on as normal. I simply take allopurinol/zyloric as prescribed by the doctor and have done for 21 years now.

      Whilst gout cannot be cured, the above medication is preventative. If you are not on it yet, ask your medic. He should start you on a low dose to see how you fare, and initially you should be free of attacks for some years. Eventually you may experience another attack. Do not make the mistake of not reporting it to your doctor - he will increase the dosage which will prevent further attacks.

      I went 7 years on the "baby" dose of 100mg daily, until it was doubled, and have had 14 gout-free years on the same dose - and I drink like a fish! Far better to take the pills than suffer the excruciating pain of an attack.

      And for the record, gout is considered to be hereditary, and nothing to do with eating pheasant and drinking port!!

      Don't let the condition get you down - far more people than you know suffer from it. The wise ones do not "suffer" - they take the meds!! Best of luck.

    Nutrition: allowed and not for congested heart failure and gout?
    i have a have with congested heart failure and he also has gout i need to help him out the foods he is allowed to eat and not? Pls help..

    • ANSWER:
      Gout sufferer here. There's a ton of people that get gout and just are not sure what to do. So here's my information that I've learned in 10 years of fighting gout, and I seem to be getting it under control.

      Best website I’ve found so far:

      For gout attacks, indomethacine and/ or colchicine. You'll need scripts from your dr. for these.

      For the rest of your life, do these things: drink lots of water, 1 oz for every 2 lbs of body weight, each day. Once or twice a day, sip on 8 oz of water mixed with 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Helps the body be more alkaline (opposite of acidic) and get rid of uric acid.

      Take allopurinol every day. Very inexpensive and no side effects, you’ll need a script for this. Helps the body get rid of uric acid.

      Take celery seed pills. These may help the liver not to create so much uric acid. For diet, stay away from things that dehydrate the body, like beer and coffee. Don't eat organ meats, high fructose corn syrup. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, cottage cheese, sour cream, plain yogurt in smoothies mixed with orange juice and fruit. Drink fruit juices that are 100% juice, V8 Fusion is my favorite, it comes in many flavors.

      Educate yourself on foods that are high in purines, avoid these foods as the body turns purines into uric acid.

      Good luck to you!

    please tell me what i can do to cope with the gout as i suffer with it quite ofteni?
    ivr had it in my wrist my toe and also my elbow. the medicines my dr.prescribes for me im allergic to. are there any foods i should not eat? thank you for your time

    • ANSWER:
      As you probably know, it's not cureable. You just have to watch what you each and try to figure out your "triggers" for it. More info.:
      This has lists:

    is this gout? My husband need help?
    my husband is 22 years old, he is 6'0 and weight 240 pound hes a big man. he doesnt like to eat healthy food fruit and veggies.. his family has health problem with stroke, gout, diabates , high blood pressure.. my husband, hes have been having pain all of his joint, on his elbow, toes, on his hand, everywhere, this was the worst one he has, he does sometime has gout attack on his toe , then elbow but now its getting worst. and went to the doctor to take blood test, they dont see if he has gout. just inflammation. but the doctor didnt explain to us why he has it or what food to stop and how to prevent for not to getting gout. i have two toddler at home and he cant even barely help me because he s in so much pain.. he has gout on every joint he has right now since a month, any advice to stop the pain???

    im thinking about joining gym for him will that help to avoid gouts and other things that his family has?

    • ANSWER:

    Gout Question?
    My friend is worried about Gout he doesn't have it or signs hes a bit goofy anyway he was wondering if he switched to a strict vegetarian diet no diary or meat would this be helpful with his worry also he is a weightlifter and i cant convince him that he doesn't need extra protein but i convinced him to buy soy protein instead and told him to back off on the amount he is curious is the soy protein high in purines? also he read that if you eat more acidic food it will help prevent Gout is this true

    • ANSWER:
      Ummm....Kind of a strange thing to worry about if no sign of it, but doctor said to limit protein when signs are there.

    What food or recipes are good for someone with gout or is there a website he can go on been on some no good?
    My friends husband has just been diagnosed with gout and has told he can't eat an awful lot of his favourite thing meat being the main one. My friend is a bit stuck as to what to feed him on as he is a big eater can someone please help us out there Thanks so much xx

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes, a diet low in purines is prescribed. Organ meats, beer, wine, and certain types of fish contain high levels of purines.
      The serum level of uric acid is the primary risk factor for gout. The serum level is the result of both intake (diet) and output (excretion). Diet should be low fat and low protein.
      Gout diet
      No specific dietary changes are proved to reduce your risk of gout. However, it may make sense to eat foods that contain fewer purines. If you want to try a gout diet, try to:
      * Cut back on the amount of red meat and seafood you eat.
      * Avoid alcoholic beverages.
      * Eat more low-fat dairy products.
      * Eat more complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain breads.
      Choose portions that allow you to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight may decrease uric acid levels in your body. But avoid fasting or rapid weight loss, since doing so may temporarily raise uric acid levels.

    nutrition: pls help for my friend with CHF and Gout?
    what are the foods he needd to eat and not to eat? meat, fruits and vegetables? help..thank you

    • ANSWER:
      for congestive heart failure he needs to reduce salt intake.
      For gout, he needs to reduce meat, poultry, fish, and beans.

    Any effects of picked to gout?
    Eating regularly soured food such as salad with Tuna, salty olive and pickled vegetabes are they have an effect to boost gout infection deiseas?
    many thanks in advance,

    • ANSWER:
      Ok well all type of seafoods are high in purines so you should avoid them at all costs.

      Below i have a list of foods that are high purine - moderate purine - low purine : you should try to eat only low - moderate purine foods.

      ****** High-purine foods:

      o Anchovies.

      o Roe (fish eggs).

      o Fish such as herring and mackerel.

      o Sardines.

      o Scallops and mussels.

      o Game meats, like goose, duck, and partridge.

      o Organ meats: brains, heart, kidney, liver, and sweetbreads.

      o Meat extracts.

      o Mincemeat.

      o Broth, bouillon, and consomme.

      o Gravy.

      o Yeast (baker's and brewer's) taken in the form of a supplement.

      **** Medium-purine foods:

      o Fish and shellfish not on the high purine list above.

      o Poultry foods not on the high purine list above.

      o Beef, lamb, pork, and other red meats not on the high purine list above.

      o Dried beans, peas, lentils.

      o Asparagus.

      o Mushrooms.

      o Spinach.

      o Cauliflower.

      o Green peas.

      o Oats and oatmeal.

      o Wheat germ and bran.

      o Whole grain breads and cereals.

      ***** Low-purine foods and beverages:

      o Eggs (limit to 3 to 4 per week).

      o Nuts and peanut butter: limit if trying to lose weight.

      o Low-fat and fat-free cheeses and ice cream.

      o Pudding.

      o Milk: skim or 1% (limit to 24 ounces per day).

      o Cream-style soups made with low-fat milk.

      o Soups made without meat extract or broth.

      o Vegetables not on the lists above

      o Fruits and juices.

      o Breads and cereals: low fiber, white flour, or refined grain types.

      o Pasta and macaroni.

      o Rice.

      o Soda.

      o Coffee and tea.

      o Gelatin.

      o Cake and cookies in small amounts.

      o Fats and oils in small amounts.

      o Sugar, syrup, and other sweets in small amounts.

    Could this be gout? Doctor denies it but feels very similar?
    I have gout like symptoms since 3 years ago but my uric acid test is within normal range (last test was 3.7) and I'm a female in mid 30s. Doctor completely denies the possibility of gout and suspects shoes but I don't have "attacks" regularly and sometimes I can go without pain for months.

    What could it be?

    My symptoms are:

    • I only get attacks after I eat high calorie food or seafood (like shrimp)

    • I feel minor pain in my either side of big toes bottom part, that kind of feels like contraction which comes and goes (meaning, not a constant pain, like hurts every minute or two) for like 10 minute and completely goes away, may not return for weeks, months.

    • Pain is not that bad like other gout suffers describe. I can walk fine, it's just uncomfortable.

    • It only happens midnight - early morning, never during day.

    • Can happen in my knee.

    • No swelling or redness. When I don't have an attack, I can squeeze my toes and it feels fine.

    Attacks are getting milder and milder as time goes by with less frequency but I just would like to be completely gone but doctor can't tell what it is.

    Any suggestion?
    Particular food which triggers my attacks are: : Steak, Shrimp, Anchovies, Fried Food, which are high in purine.

    • ANSWER:
      It's not really gout, but it is definitely caused by the uric acid accumulation in the body. A common flaw of conventional medical practice is that the doctors only confirm you as having gout if your blood uric acid level is beyond the healthy range. But the problem is that each person body reacts differently towards the accumulation of uric acid.

      Under normal circumstances, the excess uric acid will be carried to the kidneys for disposal through urine. But if you do not drink enough water and consume too much of high protein or high purine diet, the kidneys will not be able to cope with the increased load of uric acid and your body will find some alternative ways to 'hide' the acid in the blood. Bear in mind that our blood pH must be maintained at mild alkaline in order for the bio-chemical reactions in the blood to take place.

      Thus, the blood has to either 'borrow' some alkalizing minerals (mainly calcium) from the bones to buffer the acids or to throw the acids out from the bloodstream to other parts of the body. The uric acid will first seep into interstitial fluid in the tissues and then further into the synovial fluid of the joint. If the concentration of the acid reaches the saturation point, it will crystallize and form tiny urate crystals that causes the gout reaction.

      Thus, in your case, the uric acid is accumulated in the muscles of your toe instead of within the joint, at least not for now. And since lower temperature can increase the formation of uric acid crystal, that's why you tend to experience the discomfort in the middle of the cold night and early in the morning when your feet is colder.

      Then same applies to how those foods triggered the attack. You are having gout, it is just located in a grey zone that the doctors do not know how to define it. The solution is simple and very effective, all it takes is some discipline to follow through.

      Soak your feet in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes every night before you sleep. Wear comfortable socks to keep it warm during your sleep. After a period of time, those tiny crystals will slowly melt away and dissolve into the blood for disposal. Oh ya! Drink water frequently to help flush out the acids. You will be free from gout soon. Good luck!

    Purely a Medical Question: Bowel Movements?
    This is pretty gross topic… yea >_>
    For some reason, after I eat something a couple hours later I have to use the restroom. Normal right? But what if it’s what you had just eaten, whatever that may have been.
    To personally test this, I went for two weeks without eating anything with any sort of hot spice. This past evening we had tuna salad sandwiches. I put a little bit of red pepper on mine (OK, would it hurt to say I love spicy food???) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I finished, spent a couple hours messing around and then I had to use the restroom, severely. Burning, like ground red pepper….
    Soooo... It was...digested looking but considering I had only eaten spicy food for dinner and pretty much nothing else that day....
    Am I going to die?
    Note: This also happens basically every time I eat. I also have gout (I thought only old people got it… -_-)and ulcers and am not really sure on what to do about those.
    Any help would be appreciated… :)

    • ANSWER:
      The Helibactor Pylori (H Pylori) bacteria is found in the gut of most people suffering from ulcers. H Pylori thrives in low stomach acid and in fact lowers stomach acid. Good stomach acid kills off bacteria, fungi and parasites and digests and absorbs vital nutrients. H. Pylori is easily inhibited by raising stomach acid. Initial treatments for H Pylori is a course of antibiotics. Once this bacteria is killed off, digestive enzyme supplements with proteases help repair the stomach lining. Ways to increase stomach acid include apple cider vinegar and betaine HCL with pepsin supplements. Low stomach acid is linked to arthritis and gout is a form of arthritis.

      Now after all that, there is a rare condition called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome which causes ulcers, high acid (high stomach acid is usually rare) and rapid gastric emptying also called dumping syndrome. (food digests in the stomach from 2 to 5 hours alone).

      If you have diarrhea after meals, then this is a good sign of Habba Syndrome. Rapid Gastric Emptying (Dumping Syndrome) is a possible cause. There are many GI conditions however. A few links below that go into more information.

      H Pylori >>>

      Low stomach acid >>>

      Dumping syndrome >>>

      Habba Syndrome >>>

      Digestive disorders and enzymes >>>

    GOUT diet HELP??????
    I don't have gout but I went to a follow-up with my urologist after passing a Kidney stone and my urine test came back with very high Uric acid. I was advised to cut back my protien intake and I did research and asked my doctor again who stated that a deit for Gout would be ideal. Only problem is this seems very overwhelming to me without guidance. My question is this and please be specific. I need some good reliable resources for Gout diets. Preferably, good cookbook recommendations, helpful books, menu plans, or websites? I have only found lists of foods I shouldn't eat but that doesn't help me to devise a healthy and balanced diet.

    • ANSWER:

    How can my parents live to 100?
    My dad is 65. He's 200 lbs and about 5'4". He has a little belly. He basically sits in front of the TV the whole day, and has a high blood pressure. He drinks like once every two weeks, and nothing more than beer (usually wine, though). He eats quite a bit of rice and roti (Indian flat bread), and doesn't have much spicy food (spicy meaning hot, he eats food with various spices and herbs). He eats quite a bit, and is always looking for a snack. Every 20-30 minutes, we find him with another snacks such as nuts and fruit (usually healthy stuff). He has gout (high uric acid). Everything else in his body in in normal range such as sugar, cholesterol, and other such stuff. His blood pressure gets slightly higher on occasion, and he can feel it. He knows when his blood pressure is high, and keeps checking it regularly. He hasn't had any major health problems, as long as I can remember. He's not very active, but one thing does scare me. He can sleep at any time. Like sometimes we walk in the living room, and see him sleeping, and we wake him up, and in two minutes, he's sleeping again. He always denies that he's sleeping, but he clearly is. He also snores quite heavily, but that has toned down a bit in the past few weeks. We always keeps worrying a lot, and never seems to be relaxed. HIs family has a record of high blood pressure, and his father ultimately dies of a heart attack.

    My mother is 55. She's 190 lbs and about 5'1". She's clearly overweight. Her mother recently passed away from a diabetes related complication. My mother said that she had high sugar until I was born, and then it went away. She has similar eating habits like my father. Everything with her is normal, but has a borderline sugar and triglycerides. She loves sweets, but has cut back quite a bit lately. She is optimistic but still feels helpless sometimes. She ponders in deep thoughts for a while then emerges with high spirits. She has quite an active social life with like 1 party a week (at least). She has some problems sleeping sometimes, but she makes up for it by having afternoon naps. She's a stay at home mom who keeps cooking and cleaning, so she's busy all the time, but she really hates the job.

    What are the chances of my parents living to be old, and how can I increase their chances? I want them to live long, so please be serious.

    • ANSWER:
      A good taxidermist can help you with preserving your parents for well over 100 years.

    Help I need to know what's a good diet for someone with gout?
    I'm realy just looking for some good meal ideas other than the usaul of just eat alot of cherries some good ideas on what foods to avoid and so on

    • ANSWER:
      Different foods affect people in various ways. Turkey and stuffing will give me gout, but one or the other alone is fine. Cheese will do it, too, if I eat too much over a period of time. What helps me the most is to keep well hydrated so that the acids can't build up, especially in warm weather. Once a flare up starts, I'll drink a couple tall glasses of cranberry juice a day to clear it up.

      Edited to add: Saul is right. Seafood is a big trigger. Dang it.

    Breast Enlargement Idea ~I'd like some feedback~?
    PLEASE READ, THIS IS VERY BENEFICIAL. I've spent hours upon hours reading different ways to increase breast size.
    The pills are worth hundreds of dollars, with only a slight chance of working, why would you do that? Also with breast enhancement pills, there are other ingredients in those pills the manufacture isn't making completely known, only after doing research on different pills have I found out what is in them. Some have little bits of harmful ingredients while others are completely filled. Some are made all natural, but still have that little hint of danger, and still, are all expensive.
    Breast Augmentation is something completely different. Costing a range anywhere from 00-,000. Going under the knife, leaves scars and sometimes unevenness. Would you really waste 00 on lopsided breasts? Good idea for some, not so for others. Either not having the money, or the dangers involved. They do say breast augmentation has gotten safer over the years, but still, there is ALWAYS a danger with any type of surgery.
    Between the pill and the surgery, I've considered one, then the other, then back to one. I'm unhappy with the size of my breasts, and I always have. I can easily have the money for surgery, but don't want the scars, I'm not wasting money on pills that can damage my health and have no affect on my bust.
    So, sitting and reading on what affects breast and their growth, I've read a few good things.
    -Estrogen is a hormone that comprises a group of compounds, including Astron, Estrada and Estrella. It is the main sex hormone in women and is essential to the menstrual cycle. Although estrogen exists in men as well as women, it is found in higher amounts in women, especially those capable of reproducing. Anyways, when you're pregnant your estrogen levels rise, and well, your breast are noticeably larger. After reading and confirming, estrogen is the main hormone connected with breast growth. If you want larger breasts, here's what you can do:
    Start eating different foods that have a higher level of estrogen. Apples, Cherries, Grapes, Tomatoes, and Pomegranates all have a good amount of estrogen. Apples especially. Alfalfa has high traces of phytoestrogens which is called dietary estrogens. Which means it acts like estrogen. Soy is also very high in estrogen, but a warning, soy extracts are BAD for you. If you are going to eat soy, cook your own soy, no soy extracts. Protein laden foods such as: fresh milk, fish, soy products, nuts and seafood, are also said to increase bust. Very last, flaxseed oil! Flaxseed oil is high in fatty acids and omega 3, 6+9. Very good to take for breast enhancement. And if in the end you don't see you bust grow, flaxseed oil capsules also:
    Lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease and control high blood pressure, Counter inflammation associated with gout, lupus and fibrocystic breasts, Control constipation, haemorrhoids, diverticular disorders and gallstones, Treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and rosacea, Promote healthy hair and nails, Minimise nerve damage that causes numbness and tingling as well as other disorders, Reduce cancer risk and guard against the effects of ageing, Treat menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, female infertility and endometriosis, Fight prostate problems, male infertility and impotence.
    All the food I've listed are healthy, and are not harmful to your health. Also, if you plan to change your diet, as with any diet do not do it in an extreme way. Slowly work the different foods into your already existing diet, this is best for you and your body.

    • ANSWER:
      I think that's great advice. You did a great job with the research, information and such.

    weight loss and gout (gouty arthritis) .... help please!?
    My dad has gout and he's trying to lose weight and just be healthier overall.... He started eating healthier and limiting the types of foods that can trigger gout, but he just had another gout attack. After some research I found out that fasting and low calorie diets can bring on a gout attack because it'll increase uric acid levels and that's what causes the painful gout attacks.(i also read that over exercising can trigger attacks as well) Now i've been looking online for a while and different sources keep saying how important it is to lose weight if you're overweight with gout, but I don't know how he should do it? (since low calorie diets are out of the question)

    any ideas would be appreciated! thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Allopurinol is a drug that a physician can prescribe to control Gout and it is not expensive.
      Gout is perhaps the very most painful form of Arthritis. However, it is not life threatening although it does make playing Soccer really uncomfortable which, in my opinion, is just as bad.

    what are the causes of gout?
    As known that gout is mean a high level of uric acid in the blood, what is the main factor to turn this uric acid level high in the blood? any eating habits? or type of foods? or has a linkage with another diseases such as diabetes or cholesterol or such...

    and if someone has diabetese and got gout, any type of juices? or hot drinks such as gree Tea to be in the daily diet?

    I am getting educated about health probles and other wide range of matters from asking here, and then I am being best advisor to my friends and some of my family members and myself as well,
    so I must many many Thanks to all of you indeed, you were very helpful in most of times,
    Thanks in advance friends, always appreciated your great efforts,

    • ANSWER:
      High purine foods in a diet can increase uric acid levels in the body. Therefore, the gout diet usually limits food with high purine.
      Avoid High-Purine foods
      Sweetbreads, Anchovies, Sardines, Liver, Beef kidneys, Brains, Meat extracts, Herring, Mackerel, Scallops

      Use in Moderation
      Vegetables: asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms and green peas
      Lentils, dried peas and beans
      Beef, pork, poultry, fish and seafood
      Oatmeal, wheat bran and wheat germ

      Green tea & adequate Vitamin C is benificial.

      Genetic, or underexcretion of urate could also cause hyperuricemia.

    I need a food plan for my husband with gout...Any ideas?
    He needs to change his eating habits to control the uric acid in his blood.

    • ANSWER:
      Take him off red meat! Thats a must.

      Oily fish can help or other fishes (substitute for meat). Try get him vegetarian eating healthy foods.

      Reduce the amount of protiens he takes in, and lower fats can help but it doesnt realy matter. No alcohol as well.

    My feet feel broken all the time?
    Ok, for the past few months, my right foot has felt like I broke it. The pain is bad when I first wake up, I can't walk for about 20 minutes or so. Now, both feet are doing it, but the left doesn't hurt nearly as bad. Last year, it all started with my heels, they felt like they were in pieces, I bought some insoles for heel fasciitis, and that problem eventually stopped. My mom told me it could be gout, she has some arthritis symptoms, including gout when she eats or drinks certain foods. I read about it, and something about uric acid, which made me think..I have had 2 kidney stones, and over 10 uti's in the past 8 years. And I am the biggest water drinker on the planet, always have been. I never had insurance, so just went to the er for those, never got a diagnosis, just really good pain meds:) . I do have insurance now, so I 'm wondering what kind of doctor I should see. Here is a little about me, if it helps narrow it down at all.
    I'm 23, female, had 3 kids since I was 14(no judging please, I'm married to the daddy:) so I am a little overweight, never lost it all from the kids. but wasn't when I had the first stone at 16. I'm working on that, seems like no matter what I do for however long, it doesn't take off more than a few lbs, (was told 3rd shift can do that) I have been on 3rd shift for 4 1/2 yrs..which none of these probs started til recently. I am on my feet all night. And I get about 5 hours of sleep a day, max. Arthritis runs in my family, but I am so young, not sure here. Thanks for reading!

    • ANSWER:
      You need to get a book called :

      "The Inflammation Cure" by Immunologist William Joel Meggs.

      This doctor talks about foods that promote inflammation -bad - don't eat and foods that reduce inflammation-> eat these foods.

      This diet plan helps people with obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, some heart conditions, some cancers, 'fibromyalgia' and more.

      Email me if you want.

    what can i do and what is causing me horrible chronic charlie horses in calves?
    OK well its ben about 2 weeks now, and i keep waking up every night crying out with the worst full throttle charlie horses in the back of my knees/calves. Ive heard lack of potassium can cause it, so i started having vitamin drinks and eating more foods with potassium, but no luck. Someone also told me about gout? I dont know what to do or anything, I havent changed anything to cause them, I want to know whats causing them and what i can do to stop them, they wake me right out of bed everynight, and acke all day from how tight they get.
    btw...I am 21 years old, so i am not an old person or anything

    • ANSWER:
      oh you poor sweetie.. i had these when i was 23 n pregnant.They DO hurt bad! i found i was pointing my toes when i was stretching in my sleep. was told that if i pull my toes toward me instead of pointing down, that i wouldn't get them as often. i did get myself in the habit of doing that instead and it did help. After I gave birth, they seemed to go away. good luck!

    My late husband had kidney functioning just above 50%. His kidney doctor said he would have to start dialysis?
    when it fell under 50%. If people don't need dialysis with 30% functioning, why would he need it at 49%? Also, he kept getting gout. Gout didn't run in his family and he ate none of the foods that can bring it on. He also didn't drink alcohol. (He died a year later from a heart arrhythmia.) Is gout related to kidney functioning?

    • ANSWER:
      Your kidneys sift toxins from the blood. If you have reduced Kidney function it could leave higher amounts of uric acid which causes gout. Gout can also take the form of kidney stones.

    what if I just start walking?
    What if I just start walking. If I am developing problems with my arteries, what if I just start walking and work up to five miles a day.

    Will the problems that MAY be developing just go away? Do I really need to torment myself with blood pressure medicaiton that causes other problems., like gout and coughing, and feeling horrible, and arthitis type symstoms. I have already been able to reduce the cholestrol with supplements alone.

    Once the damage is done, can it be reversed? Or am I fooling myself.

    I can't take the stress test. My blood pressue/and heart rate go to high.

    I have a hard time walking up hills..... maybe I'm just not fit.

    I have pain from time to time, but I have relux, and don't seem to have these problems when I take stomach meds, or just don't eat the food I'm allergic or sensitive to.

    Blood pressure? I'm over wieght and stressed out. It's the stress.... walking I think will work.

    • ANSWER:
      Well anything you do needs to go past the doctor but walking is always good. Go to the gym to walk first, like a YMCA, it's air conditioned, flat, and someone is there in case you keel over, just joking! Walk for 5 minutes, go slow, if you feel ok do another 5 a little faster. Slow down again then do sit down and see how you feel. If you feel great maybe do it again just a little faster. Any pain or breathlessness slow down!
      If you are really out of shape this is going to take a while to get easy. Some things that will help is comfortable cool cloths, good walking shoes, and music to distract you.
      Eventually you will be walking so fast and long you will want more of a challenge and it's time to hit the trail outside!
      One thing that helped my husband is flax seed oil caps, keep it in the frig or it goes rancid along with a lot of other nut and seed oils. Grape seed extract is also good. Again check with you doctor before you start anything.
      Good luck! Self help is the very best kind!

    My 30 yr old Down syndrome son has terrible Gout. He has had it off and on for around 4 yrs. It started in his foot/toe when he first experienced it and now he has a terrible bout of it in his knee for the first time. The pain is unbearable and the knee is warm and swollen. I feel so bad for him. He was taking Allopurinol once a day, however on a regular yearly check-up with blood tests, the doctor saw very elevated levels on his liver function check. We had to stop the Allopurinol medicine because they feel that it may be damaging his liver. I watch what he eats, but I would like to have a really good site with a good and bad food list for gout and other pertinent information. I have looked on line but most of the sites have their own pills they are trying to sell and not much other information. If you have read this whole “question” you will know what questions I’m asking for. Please try not to give the information I already have told you I have. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Please make sure it actually is gout.
      Then, take him off all foods that are high in purines.

      According to the American Medical Association, purine-containing foods include:
      Beer, other alcoholic beverages.
      Anchovies, sardines in oil, fish roes, herring.
      Yeast (careful with certain breads and rolls as well as pizza crust!)
      Organ meat (liver, kidneys, sweetbreads)
      Legumes (dried beans, peas)
      Meat extracts, consomme, gravies.
      Mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower.

      Beneficial Foods
      Foods which may be beneficial to people with gout include:
      Dark berries may contain chemicals that lower uric acid and reduce inflammation.
      Tofu which is made from soybeans may be a better choice than meats.
      Certain fatty acids found in certain fish such as salmon, flax or olive oil, or nuts may possess some anti-inflammatory benefits.

      Avoiding purine-rich foods is only one aspect of treatment however. It is important to take prescribed medications as directed, maintain a healthy/balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids/water, exercise and maintain a healthy body weight. Diets designed for quick or extreme weight loss will work against you though -- they increase uric acid levels in the blood.

      Balanced Diet
      According to the American Medical Association, a balanced diet for people with gout include foods:

      High in complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, vegetables)
      Low in protein (15% of calories and sources should be soy, lean meats, poultry)
      No more than 30% of calories from fat (10% animal fat)

      More Reading:
      Gout Diet: What Foods Should You Eat?
      People who have gout are typically advised to treat with medications, make lifestyle changes, and restrict their diet. It is well known that a person with gout should avoid purine-rich foods. What should they eat though? What foods will lower the risk of another gout attack? We have the answer about what foods to eat.

      Related Resources
      Gout Diet
      Gout: Test Your Knowledge
      The Gout Guide: Free E-Course Newsletter
      Gout is one of the most painful types of arthritis. Gout attacks can be controlled or prevented by lifestyle changes and the use of certain medications. Better understanding will enhance your ability to manage the condition. Learn more about gout with our free e-course newsletter.

    Ankylosing Spondylits, Gout, Arthritis Why Suffer ?? Give me your reaction to the following...?
    Psoriatic Arthritis /Gout/Spondylitis/Arthritis: Using the elimination diet, l became painfully aware that the nightshade family was involved in those sharp pain attacks of arthritis. Other research has shown not only gluten (celiac disease) but also the nightshade family is and responsible.
    Tomatoes can give me a dull ache within four hours and sharp pain attack sets in either my shoulder joint or big toe about 12 hours later.
    The Potato did have effect on my Ankylosing Spondylitis/Moods/ Chronic Fatique (should be avoided at all times). Especially painful for me after eating Chips or roast potato, wouldn't be surprised if the same for most Ankylosing Spondylitis sufferers. The pain always set in within twelve hours, also my moods weren't pleasant.
    When l tried chillies they left blood blisters in mouth, Red or green peppers made me ache where ever l had gout etc.
    Also it was interesting to note that Corn Flakes whilst on elimination diet also had effect on my shoulder joints but that the beauty of the Safe food diet. It's so easy to find which foods do have an effect...

    Since being on my natural diet and avoiding nightshade foods l haven’t had any attacks of Psoriatic Arthritis, my gout (inflammation of smaller joints) and Inflammatory Spondylitis (inflammation of vertebra) which l had suffered for more than 20 years also has gone. As with other forms of arthritis, cold weather can also be a catalyst for a worsening of the condition, but removing the nightshade family has worked for me (and many others). I wish l had come across Dr N. Chiders work of 50 years he would have saved me a lot of pain. I think to ignore his 87% success rate is crazy. Today with the latest info. available his success rate would been 100%.

    This is so easy to put to test. If you or know someone who suffers just tell them how easy it is to confirm for themselves. Don't eat any nightshades for a week or two (The longer the better) then have some chips ..........
    Oh yes another miracle drug like vioxx No thank you l plan to live a long time to come.

    • ANSWER:
      I really appreciate your info, and
      may give it a try. The reason I am
      open to this is I have had similar problems,
      and had a lot of success with gluten
      elimination. Ankylosing Spondylitis,
      Severe osteo arthritis, CFS, and a very
      troubling facial rash, among other
      problems. Started gluten elimination
      8June2009,, and have had much
      improvement, but gluten is in almost
      everything here.

      Nightshade huh? Well, I rarely eat
      tomato, but had started eating more
      potatoes, because so many things
      are gone from my diet. I do not know if
      things such as squash are involved,
      because I never looked at the nightshade

      As to your question, my response is
      that I think it merits examination,
      but I expect Med and Pharma
      industries will attempt to discredit it
      because it might threaten their profits
      and their hold on the populace.

      Maybe it won't work for everyone,
      but if it helps some, they could avoid
      much misery, expense and inconvenience.
      Also, if nightshades are in the food
      supplies anywhere near as much as
      gluten, total elimination must be
      scrupulously monitored, for tomato
      exists in many cooking sauces.

      Good luck


    Body building question (10 points)?
    Hey there. I am 15 years old and I do take weightlifting quite seriously. All of my life I have felt the need to be stronger than the majority of people so I have trained hard to achieve these results. I was getting really great results when I was 13 years old but since then my father has gotten gout which is a build up of uric acid in the joints which is found in high protein foods. This means that we have gone on a diet that is full of lots of carbohydrates which most of you body builders know is not the ideal food for those looking for achieving a strong and good looking body. (Pasta, bread, pizza, etc.)

    With this, I haven't been gaining as I wish to and have considered taking protein or Creatine supplements. To be honest I have complained often about our diet because I wish to eat higher protein foods but can not because the health of my father. I am in a very difficult situation. Do you think that I should take supplements? If so should I take Creatine or Whey Protein?

    If you have an alternate suggestion it is welcome and appreciated. I need help from fellow athletes more than ever now that it is summer. Thank you in advance and the best answer will receive 10 points.
    Thanks Pooky, but body builders don't necessarily want to be skinny. We want to gain lean muscle mass which vegetables can not support. Your answer is appreciated anyways.

    • ANSWER:
      Drink whey protein shakes but don't use creatine. Not a good idea to use creatine when underage. Protein shakes will help you get enough protein and they're not unhealthy.

    My Husband Have Health Problem please help?
    My husband is 19 year old, and hes worry about death because he dont know whats wrong with him. all his life he dont eat veggie or fruit. I try to forces him, everytime he eat vveggie he will throw up. and now he have high fat and high chrostrol. since this month His feet, knee, and his hand are hurting him. probably a gout.. His heartburn hurting him as hell. but theres nothing doctor could do... Please help me.. Hes too young to think about death. He feel like hes not healthy.. Help me what caN I DO to make him healthy.. he weight 220 pound 6 feet tall. hes a big man, Help me give me a good advice what can i do.. he can eat veggie but little like corn carrot spanish that s all .. all he like to eat is fat food

    • ANSWER:
      First find him a new docter. Then go to the grocery together, and find fruits and veggies that he thinks is good, but watch out for starches, cut that out,and sugers too.Bread, get whole wheat,or Rye. Egg whits are better than the whole egg,No soda,2% milk, or skimmed is best, and water. Try crystal lite as well. But him Snak foods from slim fat.As for heartburn, try OTC zantac ,cooking meats,cut out all processed foods -hot dogs-bolgna-ham,but get lean meats,chicken,turkey,fry burgers if you have too in water and place them on a plate with paper towels under them to soak up any grease,Bake chicken ,not fry.Fry is usually with the word oil or grease somewheres,so that is a no no.Corn and peas has starchs so what out for hidden starches and sugers. And don't eat anything that he can't have either, make a joint effort, and it can work.
      But make sure you are getting enough of what you need daily. And stop eating when you first feel full, don't have to clean your plates. So Good Luck.

    what happens if you don't get a hernia fixed?
    My did has a hernia. He's had it for about 12 years and so all I know is that it is big, right by his crotch, etc. It obviously means he can't have sex with my mum etc and he refuses to go to the doctor as he is a baby.
    So, what are his options? He's 62, drinks alot, eats alot of rich foods, he also has gout this week. Is he on his way out?
    What should he do, or i force him to do for his hernia?
    Help from similar aged men with the same problems would be good.
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think you will be able to force him to go and have it seen to. Perhaps he has a phobia about hospitals, but to have it for 12 years looks like he's pretty determined not to go. Unless it becomes strangulated he could live with it, but it won't get better or repair itself. It goes without saying that if he had got it sorted straight away, it would have been a smaller operation than it would be now because it would have got bigger over time. It should still be a relatively routine operation though and usually only takes around 45 minutes plus recovery time.

      I had same operation 3 weeks ago and was home 3 and a half hours after going into the theatre to have it done. I had the staples taken out a week later and although I'm still off work, that is due to my doctor's orders because of my line of work.

    my dad is really bothering me, please answer?
    My dad never really grew up from when he was a kid, in high school he was the 'class clown' and i guess it was okay back then, but now he is still that same old stupid kid. He is never really a father to me, nor a friend, he just sits there on the sofa talking trough the whole movie drinking his beer and eating junk food. He is dangerously overweight and refuses to accept it. this bothers me because i would still like to have a father when i am in college. He has a number of illnesses that would go away if he would loose weight, or just get slightly better, for example, his gout. i think that is how it is spelled at least, but things that irritate it such as bacon, he eats almost every day, and not just some, he eats a whole package. its like he doesnt care if he gets to see me graduate from college, get married, have kids... and all that he is supposed to look forward to. I know i am jumping around here, but please keep reading.

    So aside from that, he swears in every single sentence. and even when it is not needed... he is so racist it is unbelievable. He cant call african americans by any other name than the n word. whe he sees japanese people, or asians he has nothing but negative statements. Dont even get me started on Russians... its horrible and i hate it so much!

    When i was younger my father would punish me for the slightest thing, such as accidentally knocking over a vase. he would go get his 'leather belt' and smack me all over very hard, i would get bruises all over my body for weeks. I was very stubborn then, and still am, but every time he would hit me, i would just get even more angry, when he would say 'STOP CRYING RIGHT NOW OR I WILL HIT YOU AGAIN!' i would scream even louder. now he just curses at me and calls me a spoiled b****.

    He is rarely home, because he works in a chemical plant in saudi arabia, we had to move to bahrain to be 'closer to him' after they had just told me that we were never leaving the states (we had moved several times before) i was crying every night for a year before i could function properly. Now i am enjoying it here, but every time he comes home i have to just stay in my room, at a friends house, or go running to avoid any contact with him. If i talk to him, then things just get awkward and we both end up walking away...

    once again im sorry that this was so confusing, i dont know how to put everything in words, i have never been too good with words, but please try your best to answer. my simplified question is: how can i make things better, (PLEASE DONT SUGGEST TALKING ABOUT IT TO HIM, I TRIED ONCE MADE THINGS WORSE) or how can i just deal with it???
    im 13 by the way

    • ANSWER:
      understand that every person is who he or she wants to be just like u are who u are if u dont like the situation move out ...I know what ur going through tho my dad has gout too its hard to cope with can drink beer eat meat etc...and my dad and I never got along the best thing I ever did was move out when I was 17 was really really hard because well ur 17 lol but once I did and I was on my own working hard my father finally looked at me as an equal and I could stand up too him and what at the time I felt was arrogance Im 24 and my dad finally realized if he didnt start to take care of himself he would die and he wouldnt get too see all the fun things life has to offer he changed and now we have so much better of a relationship ...because when ur there all the time they dont have time to miss u right when ur gone it makes them think good luck and for now the only thing I can suggest is take it day by day ...or u could always ask him out for coffee and confront him one on one in a public place.....he cant yell and act ubsurd if ur in public right?

    Serious life determining family question. Help!?
    Lately, my Dad had a series of a gout. After about 4 days of having it, he failed a test at his job so he has to study for about 2 weeks again on the topic. He picked me up today after school after my debate class ended. Instead of walking home, he came to pick me up. After I came home, I started to read a little bit of anime/manga on the internet for about an hour. He got mad at me because he came to pick me up but I was doing wasn't studying. After going back into his room, my mom came from Houston with my grandparents. After my grandparents left to their houses, my mom came inside and prepared dinner. At dinner, I was eating my food and I asked my Dad about making myself a bank account prior to me asking him a week ago. (He agreed to do it) My parents and I started talking about stuff and I asked my Dad if we could go to the bank tomorrow. He then angrily replied about his situation and how he's sick right now. I then got self-centered and sulky. He then got even more angry when he saw me. He started talking about his situation and said do you think I can go at a situation like this? I replied no it's ok and put up my plate. He then stood up and started to hit my head that my glasses came off and started to punch me. He then started saying how I was a good-for-nothing person and told me to never ask for a ride again. As I started to cry, I ran out the house with athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals. I sat at a place near a road someplace from my house. After about 1~2hours of thinking and walking on the road, I came back home. (My dad went out to look for me) I came back telling my Mom that I wanted to go to a "shelter" where youths can go. (My mom then explained the situation to me about his stress/struggles etc.) As I heard my Dad park in front of the house, I ran upstairs. When I ran upstairs, my mom told me to either move out or my dad was going to move out. I told her I wanted to move out but my mom said to both move out. I started to pack my things when I heard my dad leave the house with his car. I don't know if I should go to the shelter and start over or just run away/suicide.
    If you could help me in this situation, that would be REALLY kind of you. I'm struggling right now because I don't know what to do. Please help me with ideas or ways I could fix this situation.

    I'm 15years old, Korean, in an average family.

    Thanks for reading the long passage. Have a nice day.

    • ANSWER:
      I am so sorry you're having such a hard time, sweetie. My father beat me and my sisters brutally when I was living at home. I spent my entire childhood terrified of him, and he did permanent structural damage to all three of us that causes us pain to this day... so I think I might understand how you feel. You are not alone -- many of us have been there. But that was long ago and there was nothing anyone could do to help me and my sisters. These days there is much that can be done to help you if you really need help.

      Please do not kill yourself!! Life is like a roller coaster for all of us... it goes up to good times and down to bad times, then back up and down over and over. When we are in our bad times, that means good times are ahead of us. Hang on! There are many wonderful, beautiful times ahead of you in life where you will be very happy. Don't throw your life away; there is nothing wrong with you.

      Please do not go to a shelter. There are bad people out there on the street in every town who could hurt you. You need a safe place to go.

      Neither one of your parents should have acted like they did. Shame on them both.

      If your father normally hits you like that, you need to tell your school counsellor and you need to get help. If abuse can be proven, Child Protective Services can take you out of your home and put you in a foster home where you will have food, shelter, clothing, and hopefully a lot of love. You do not have to live with abuse or be on the street, either one. There are other choices.

      If this is the only time your father has acted like this, then it is because he is in terrible pain and he's not thinking straight because of the pain. In that case, stay out of his way as much as you can and do everything you can to keep peace in your family, and this problem should be over soon. And don't let his cruel words hurt you because he doesn't mean them. Neither does your mother if she is under a lot of stress, and it sounds like she is. Sometimes we all do and say things we shouldn't.

      Here is a web site set up to help teens in trouble anywhere in the country, and they have a phone number for you to call.

      I will be thinking about you and praying for you. I hope you will let us know how this works out for you and I hope everything works out well. With any luck this was just a once-in-a-lifetime mistake that won't ever happen again.

    Purines v fructose?
    I suffer from gout and accociated arthritis and have been trying to find a dietry cure but I'm getting mixed messages. Apples for instance are high in fructose which can cause a spike of uric acid in the blood which is a cause of gout. then I find that apples are recommended to lower the purines in the blood. This anomaly occurs with many food stuffs so is it better to eat high fructose food or low purine food

    • ANSWER:
      Purines are notoriously odd and there is much conflicting advice about them. This may help and they have some low-purine cook-books:

      I find low purine diets are the most effective but miss all the food you are not supposed to have so I dance between low purine and Celebrex

    Why is this gout flaring up in various areas?
    My dad has always had gout. It usually occures in his foot and wll last a few days. Then it moved to his hand. Last week it occured in his elbow (a new spot) and hurt very badly. Once the pain started to retreat, it moved to his hand the next day, a day or two after dealing with that it moved back to his foot, All of this occuring in about a week which is very unusual. He has a very hard time eating or sleeping. But he has been drinking cranberry juice. Since it's occured he hasn't consumed seafood, hardly any red meat, alcohol and so on. He knows the list of foods to avoid but this is very strange. He has a prescription for his gout but it doesn't help.

    Any advise is appreciated! Thank u!

    • ANSWER:

    I am 30 with the following : asthma, gout , IBS & high cholesterol with truncal obesity. Familial History.?
    I take the following daily
    Morning: two puffs of seroflo 250
    Previously I used to take montek 10 at 7 pm daily.
    at night now I take
    Tonact EZ
    Half Mirtaz 7.5
    colospa retard
    zyloric 100
    folinal 5
    occasional isabgol husks two to three spoons
    riconia or becozyme c forte.
    creon 1000.

    what more ca i do to prevent later heart disease, food intake is sometimes uncontrolled. I am addiced to cokes including diet ones. I lift light dumbles for five minutes daily, occassionall walk for 20 mins. Cyle for 10 mins up & 10 mins down to my work. Love to eat a lot of chicken. Drink a lot of Real and tropicana Juices. So what may be the prognosis for me?
    Lastly, is there anything I can add to my medication--- I cannot take aspirin because my stomach then burns. I suffer from Reflux too.

    • ANSWER:
      first off don't listen to the assholes above me! granted there are some things about your diet that you mention are "uncontrolled" but you realized that and that is the important thing.

      further more i think you have a syndrome know as cushing's. this is most likely due to the steroid use for your asthma, and possibly something to do with your harmone levels. the doctors that have you on these medications should at the very least order a 24 hr urine free cortisol (ufc) test. to make sure your cortisol out put is within normal ranges. if they haven't go to these doctors and don't leave the office until they do! this is serious! doctors think they can just throw medications at patients and then send them on their way. wrong! medications can have serious long term side effects that you maybe experiencing!

    Am I pregnant or Not? ?
    I had a miscarriage on December 10th 2007 (last year) I was only about a month along, because the "clot" was a little less than half an inch long. Then, On September 1st 2008 (a month and a half ago) I lost antoher one. I didn't know I was pregnant either of the times, because my husband and I have been trying for 2 years, and nothing ever seemed to happen. I should ahve knew though, with this last one, because, I had strong symptoms, like getting queezy, food cravings, food dislikes (food that I love to eat, didn't appeal to me anymore and even the thought of them made me want to puke), heavy and sore feeling breasts, extremely tired, ect. Well, on the Frist, when I lost it, It was so painful, and I reconized that pain, from back in December. Back pain and cramps so bad, that almost brought tears to my eyes. I literally could NOT move, it was so painful (both times). Well, a few hours after that, I found a "clot" in the shape of a fetus a little over an inch long. I bled so much, I was changing my pad every 2 hours...I noticed a "cord" (thin line of blood) stickin gout from the middle of it, and I pulled on the cord, and it pulled the "clot" with it. Iknew right then, that it wasn't a clot, but instead, it was a baby. Anyhow, Today is now October 21st, and I noticed some pregnancy symptoms again, and 3 weeks ago, I ovulated, and we tried again. Well, I got over my "period" a week ago, but it only lasted for 2 days, and normally, I go for 5 days, no more and no less. Is it poossible to be pregnant again, so soon? After just a month and a half after losing a baby? I want to be sure this time. and It's too soon to test, because if I am, I'm 3 weeks...Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Ive heard some women are actually more fertile straight after a miscarriage, Im so sorry for your losses. I hope all turns out ok, you will need to take a pregnancy test or blood test to confirm it though, but it is very possible to fall pregnant straight away


    My foot is killing me and I don't know why?
    Ok, I have a problem in my foot. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning in terrible pain in my foot. It almost feels like a sprain, or something is wrong in the tendon, or that it needs to be "popped" because it feels as if there is pressure on it. I am unable to put any kind of weight on it, and am forced to walk in an air cast.

    I have been to a sports medicine podiatrist multiple times, and he is unable to provide me with any idea. it is not gout, nor is it any type of bone spur.

    Sometimes there is swelling, and a purple color, but not this time.

    I also thought it was diet related, and there was a certain trigger food / alcohol like with gout, but I have been eating a pretty strict paleo diet for the last 3 months, and have not deviated from that, where as before when it would happen, I was eating pretty poorly.

    it also has a tendency to change from foot to foot. for example the first few times this happened, it was in the right foot, but this week it has been in the left.

    it is rare when this happens, maybe once a year, and it will vary in the length of time it sticks around. sometimes it's only for a few hours, then gone, other times, it can last for about 2 weeks.

    Also I have never had any serious foot / ankle injury or trauma before.

    Any ideas would be a great help.

    • ANSWER:
      There's a variety of injuries that occur at night from sleeping habits - maybe this is one of them. Toes, ankles, elbows, feet, wrists, back and neck can all develop tendon or ligament problems overnight from sleeping in a position that stretches things the wrong way or too far.

      Mysterious foot problems can occur from having the blankets pulled so tightly that it can hyper-flex your toes and foot when you sleep on your back - this tends to affect the tendons on the bottom of the foot and the big toe. When sleeping on the stomach, the ankle has to be turned at an extreme angle, flexed at an extreme angle, or some combination, which can stress tendons in the ankle, big toe, or top of the foot. They actually sell wrist, elbow, and ankle/foot braces to wear at night for this problem.

    My mom needs to lose weight. I don't know how to help her?
    My mother is 64 years old, about 250. She has diabetes, arthritis, a pacemaker and sarcoidosis (a lug disease) she is on blood thinners (can't eat too much green stuff) and is lactose intolerance. The arthritis she has (gout) makes her limit her protein intake and acidic foods like strawberries, tomatos, and other citric foods. With all this crap going on how do i help her lose weight? Oh and she had a knee replaced, she can walk about a block. I don't need stupid responses, just some help
    Thanks that's really what i needed. I DID say she's a diabetic didn't i? She doesn't eat cookies. I need something low impact for someone with bad lungs and a compromised heart

    • ANSWER:

    Menu for a Diabetic with high blood pressure!?
    I am trying to find a meal plan for my dad who is a diabetic with high blood pressure. He did see a dietitian but she only told him what foods he should and shouldn't have, but he needs a set breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Oh yeah his cholesterol was also a little high and he also suffers from gout. I know it sound like his diet must be atrocious but he really doesn't eat big meals or a lot of crap. I think that its not what he eats but what he doesn't eat and his eating habits (skipping meals etc,) But hey I'm no doctor!

    • ANSWER:
      One breakfast recommended for diabetics is whole grain rye with lox. The lox are salmon, which has the added benefit of helping to keep your blood pressure under control. Just make sure you choose a low salt variety of lox.

    My Father Is Overweight?
    My dad is officially overweight. His belly jiggles with every step, and his arms are about as thick as my legs. He also has gout and high blood pressure. He works for a food company, and he's ALWAYS eating in restaurants with his boss.

    From what I've discovered, he's a compulsive "chain-eater". He's also distressingly LAZY. He's hooked to the internet about 10/7, but he says he need's it cuz it's "important."

    What can I do to make him get off of his lazy BUTT and make him healthier?

    • ANSWER:
      Just don't eat the same food as he is eating or spend as much time on the internet of you will look the same way. Tell your dad that if should go for a daily 40 minute walk every day regardless of the weather. He should also quit eating out completely. There is nothing healthy to eat in a resturant unless you are very good at picking food items. If he already has gout and high blood pressure, then he should know better. There is nothing you can say. My mom died of high blood pressure. I make sure I ate least eat healthy now.

    pool party theme 2nd birthday- your thoughts on this?
    I am planning a beach/pool party for my sons 2nd bday. so I am sending gout beach balls with the invite written on the beach ball but they have to inflate it to read it.

    so my question is. should I also send a paper invite along with it?. and saying please blow up the ball and also just have some of the detail on the paper invite.

    and is it weird or wrong to ask everyone to wear beach attire? just to go along with the theme
    I don't mean just swim suites or bikinis. they can wear just bright colored cloth and tanks or whatever but I don't wanna explain so much or be so specific about the clothing. whats your thoughts??

    the reason i am asking beach attire. cause i know most of the ppl wont get in the pool. a lot of them are still kinda young. and the parents wont go in with out their kids. i just know how they are. but I still want that theme in our backyard.

    also i thought instead of having tables. I could lay a couple of blankets and towels on the ground to eat pizza so it gives i t more of a beach party theme my husbands say ppl should just stand around and eat or maybe get one table

    Of course the food would go on the table. and I thought maybe keep one table they fits 10 so they have the choice of table or ground?

    what are your thoughts on these ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a feeling that you enjoy theme parties more than most people :) The beach ball invitation is a cute idea, but be sure to include directions on a piece of paper that state that an important message (the invitation) is on the ball. A little note to dress "beachy" would be acceptable, but do not go into any great detail. Your adult guests have learned to dress themselves by now.

      No, your guests will not be thrilled at the prospect of eating on the ground, regardless of the theme. For the sake of hospitality, get some tables and chairs. They're already agreeing to attend a party for a toddler, the least you can do is try to make it enjoyable.

    My Case - Help Required?
    Emotional Nature:

    Very much emotional in nature, I couldn’t attain any intellectual attainments / Aspirations becozof this Anxiety problem. Always worried in nature. Few friends. Sharing Good relation. Now getting away from them and also from relatives.I want to keep my wife and baby happy. This Anxiety is preventing everyones happiness. Always in thinking mode. Prone to accidents becoz of that.

    Food : Like Chocolates, Spicy, Tangy Items.Chinese food. Doesn’t like salty / Oily food.

    Anxiuos Personality .

    Very Much sensitive to cold now a days for the past 3-4 years. Couldn’t bear winter. Palms and Sole are always cold like a Hypothermic person. Blood circulation is very poor. Shiver if I go out for a walk in cold climate or take bath in cold water, even if it’s during summer. So, fear of taking part in water games also becoz of Shivering problem. Fear of going to cold places. But can withstand A/C cold.

    Taking warm water bath.

    Sleep is not refreshing. no peaceful sleep. Constant wandering of thoughts about Health and Business Plus Income Tax. Dream about searching for my Car or Bike on the road or parking lot with tension. Thinking it must have been lost. Inability to sleep after 4.00 P.M

    Headache always . Above the eye and on the neck. Also on the top right side.

    Loss of Sexual Desire. ED. On an Average Monthly Once.That also with Some Ayurvedic Medicines.

    Business is up and Down. Couldn’t digest the down time.I was having tension about the future till 2000. Was working for a company. Not great. Self esteem was low. I was good when I hv started the business. During the lean phase I feel my self esteem has gone for a task. Very bad now.

    Have One twin brother. Tall and stout. Fraternal Twins. He is in the USA as the Recruitment Director. He is hvg BP and Diabetes and Gout Problem. Often get tooth problem also. He has twoChildren, male.

    Father was a diabetic and Hypertensive. Anxious Personality. Never shown that to anyone. I came to know when Doctors were talking when he was at his last stage. I have personally seen his Health Deterioration. High Sugar. Used to eat lots of milk sweets.Cardiac Problem.He died in the year 1992 at the age of 52 due to Myo cardial Infraction and Multiple Organ Failure due to diabetes. That has affected my Mind very much. I used to feel that I also have everything. That got manifested. Always thinking about diseases.

    Mother is 60 years now. Got Operated for Ulcer Twice. Utrus was removed 14 years back. She is having Glucoma, BP, Diabetes and Arthiritis. Recently diagonized for Diabetes.

    Grand Mother (fathers Side) Expired last year at the age of 94. BP and diabetic patient for more than 60 years.

    Routine & Food Habit:

    Go to bed at 11.45 P.M. Sleep at 12.00 A.M. Gets up sharp at 2.20 A.M daily then sleep immediately or awake for some times. Sleep and again getup at 4.00 A.M. After that no peaceful sleep. Constant wandering of thoughts about Health and Business Plus Tax. Money is going go in taxes fully. Then I need to sell the house to pay for that. Body heart, eyes and Kidney, Liver is affected. I’ll die soon. I am going to go bankrupt like thoughts. Mind is always fearful and loaded with Thoughts.

    Go for walk at 6.30A.M for 40-45 Min. Don’t go some times , thinking fearful thoughts. Thinking about eye floater, Health etc., Coffee @ 7.30 A.m
    Then taking bath @ 8.30 A.M. Pooja @ 9.00 A.M

    Breakfast – Idlis ( 5 Nos ) or Dosa- 3 Nos or Cereal / Oats 1 Cup with Milk or Upma – 200-250 Grms @ 9.15-930 A.M
    Work from 9.45 A.M-7.30 P.M. Then Night also. Continuous sittiing posture
    Cucumber- 1 plate @ 11.30 A.M
    Lunch- 4 Chapatis with VegDishes and 1 Cup rice with Curd @ 1.40 P.M
    Some snacks in between. It may contain fried items but not very often
    Coffee- 1 Cup @ 5.15 P.M
    Dinner-3 Chapatis and 1 Cup rice @ 8.45 P.M
    Apple or Grapes or seasonal fruits @ 10.00 P.M

    Used to eat out items like Noodles ( very rare ) , Roti / sabji


    Hypertensive. I was found to be having high B.P in the year 1990. All the parameters were normal except B.P. Anxiety Problem. Fear of Everything. Neck pain. Buildup slowly since morning.

    Operated for Left side Inguinal Hernia in the year 1992.

    Suffered with Jaundice Twice.


    -Diabetic Since 2002 (Known). At that time of Diagnosis Sugar level was 300. GTL. It must hv setted long before. That time itself i was having peripheral pain.

    Pains and Swelling

    -Uneven Sensation during walking. Some times I get prickling sensation on the sole. And pain on the peripheral side esp on left and right hand / legs lower extreme below knee and on it also some times. Little pain on the Joints also. -Ankle part swells after travel / stand for more than 2 hrs. Started 2 years back after delhi trip. Even it’s a trip to Mumbai/pune city then also you can visualize the change in Ankle size. That’s creating lots of Mental tension.Left angle and bone area is larger cicumfrence than ri

    • ANSWER:
      brother it seems you have a pretty normal health..the cause of your problems is tension...these days people are on a look out of outer comfort ..thats fine , nothing wrong with that but we forget that without inner peace and comfort outer will have no meaning

      I can gather that you have a sensitive nature and are prone to stress easily.
      There is only one way to solve your probs for good- that is taking control of your life. We often think that how can life be in our control; after all cretain things arent in our control?? but we are wrong as we have the power to dominate/ control our mind and life but unfortunately its mostly other way around for most of us. So for that control the best thing for you would be yoga. Learn ashtanga yoga from an expert.Just dont learn pranayam and asana but learn and follow the whole system with yam and niyam. You will be amazed to see the huge difference it will make to all areas of your life and not just mind or health.For diabetes manduk asana and creatin pranayams are very good .Ofcourse your instructor will tell you about others too and dos and donts.For good health and saving your self from aggravated conditions you must do it as all big diseases begin from stress and lack of general health only

      about your foot problem - consult the doctor.If you have too much tension to lead a normal life- see a psychiatrist as it can be bcos of some general mind problem.
      begin with a mantra from today

    Constipation-gas odor.. Help!?
    When I was younger I use to hold in my bowel movements. I'm in my 30s now and I can't seem to get things going again. I have tried almost everything, Health Force cleanses, herbal laxative, eating healthy, probiotics, magnesium, enemas, you name it. Recently I have been mixing homemade yogurt with a T. Psyllium for the last three weeks. I have been getting some movement but I have so much gas I think I'm going to explode! It has gotten to the point where nothing really responds and it seems I have no control over pushing anything out like the colon is numb inside. Also, because of all of this I am experiencing the gas not coming from rectum it comes directly out of pours. 15-20 minutes after I feel gas in my lower left abdomen I can smell a STRONG odor of eggs coming from me for days at a time. When I was somewhat gassy or constipated when I was younger I never had gas come out of my pours like this. Any explanation for this? I had blood tests done recently and everything looked ok except for high carnitine levels and raised cholesterol. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done as well. I am not sure if it is related but I also have severe gout symptoms in my feet and ankles on a weekly basis. The Dr. said to take IB Profen and no high purine foods which I don't consume. I also get acne/boils that sometimes smell like rotten eggs all over my back and chest. Does anybody have any ideas? I haven't got much help by going to the doctor. Thanks!
    I quit drinking a couple years ago and I definitely know alcohol doesn't help the problem. lol
    I gotta say though, I think I had better bowel movements even when I was drinking.
    Yogurt and high fiber seems to be giving me some relief. I don't recall mentioning my "cure" with using yogurt and fiber. More of a process of conditioning my digestive track. I'm thinking dysbiosis and possible yeast overgrowth causing the problem. That might explain the acne/boils on chest. (yeast?) I think the gas is from introducing fiber to my diet and possibly the bacteria going to work. I have been to a GI dr. and since tests came back negative for major problems he said just keep yourself regular with Myralax, which didn't work at all. Not much help. I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has had similar symptoms and have had success with treating it. Like I said it seems that my system is not responding to most laxatives. A couple weeks ago I tried Epsom salt and it didn't respond at all. When I use to use it a year ago it created diarrhea. It almost seems impossible to create diarrhea if I had to. My goal for now is just to get my system going.

    • ANSWER:
      yogurt as with any dairy can cause constipation so why would you be using that as a cure?

      the smell is from the backed up matter in your bowels obviously.

      "high carnitine levels and raised cholesterol"

      cut back on the meat?

      use things that will cause your body to evacuate said stuff, the obvious being fiber... and maybe some acai?

      what works for me is the fact that i regularly consume caffeine (speeds metabolism and relaxes inner sphincter muscle!) and alcohol (mainly in beer form)

      gout on your feet? how much do you weigh and are you diabetic?