Itchy Swelling Toes Symptoms

The human body sometimes becomes mysterious in its ways of showing what is wrong with it. Often a problem can manifest many symptoms and it's up to you to understand what the symptoms are pointing at, in order to cure yourself of the ailment. One such symptom is swollen toes. To diagnose the underlying disease you may be suffering from, it's better to comprehend the various swollen toes causes.

Swollen Toes Causes

Let's take a brief look at some of swollen toes causes 00004000 . Aside from the below mentioned swollen toes causes, diseases like gout, diabetes, arthritis etc. can also be the underlying factor behind red swollen toes and could be causes of swollen ankles.

* Lymphedema: It is a disease in which lymphatic fluid is retained locally in the various body parts and hence, causes swelling. It can induce general as well as local swelling in several body parts including toes. Lymphedema treatment is possible through pump therapy, compression and surgery.
* Venous Insufficiency: When blood does not reach properly from the leg veins to the heart, it results in the accumulation of blood in the defective veins. It causes cramping and throbbing pain in the legs and also, causes swollen ankles and feet.
* Cellulitis: Cellulitis is the inflammation of the skin tissues and is caused by many different conditions, ranging from fever to an injury. Cellulitis of the legs results in soreness, redness around the affected area, swelling and even scabs and blisters.
* Infection: Skin infections or blood infections or even bacterial infections causes the toes to swell up. Skin infections like atopic dermatitis can be one of the causes of itchy swollen toes.
* Blunt Trauma: An injury like banging into the wall or any other hard surface is one of the common swollen feet causes. Runners and joggers alike, experience swollen toes from running hard. After heavy running exercises, they often complain of throbbing pain in limbs, followed by swollen toes and swelling in the ball of foot. Ice baths for the foot is the best and simplest cure for this.
* Tight Footwear: Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight as tight footwear could be culprit behind your red swollen toes. Notice whether you are experiencing pain in the toes particularly after you wear tight footwear.
* Allergic Reaction: Allergic reaction to medications or insect bites usually affects the sensitive part of the body like the lips, fingers or toes etc. Hence, it is wise to be aware of the what could trigger allergic reaction in you and avoid it completely.
* Infected Cut: An infected cut or scrape on the toes can lead to swelling of the toes and fingers. The swelling subsides when the injury is healed or septic cut is taken care of with help of medicines.
* Thorn or Splinter: A thorn or a splinter in the toes can go undetected but duly cause pain and swelling in the foot. To ascertain that this is not the case with you, check the palm of your ankle or toes to eliminate this possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

    is one of the symptoms of diabetes swollen red tender toes and itchy dry skin?
    I want to know if this is a symptom,so I know if its important or not.

    • ANSWER:
      The symptoms u mentioned does not apply for Diabetes.
      Diabetes is a disease that the body does not produce or properly use insulin *hormone that needed to convert sugar.
      Symptoms would be:
      Frequent urination
      Excessive thirst
      Extreme hunger
      Unusual weight loss
      Increased fatigue
      Blurry vision

    After a pedicure, my toes have become swollen, red, and very itchy. What kind of infection is it...?
    and please provide a list of symptoms for the disease.

    • ANSWER:
      If it happened right after the pedicure than it's probably an allergic reaction as stated above. Try taking Benadry by mouth and apply hydrocortisone cream on the toes. If it took a couple of days it may be a fungal infection in which case you should try Lamisil cream. But with the swelling it sounds like an allergic reaction.

    What kind of sickness do you think I might have?
    Ok well of lately, I've been feeling sick and I'm not sure of going to the doctor. I will describe my symptoms.
    - Itchy / swollen/ red toes. ( Had them checked, it's not a virus.
    - Waking up nauseous or feeling generally unwell.
    - Waking up in the middle of the night being exessively hot.
    - Dry mouth and lips
    - Feeling light headed and off balance.

    Other things you may need to know of.

    - I'm NOT sexually activre in any form.
    - I stay indoors a lot. Going out really isn't my thing.
    - I tend to get sick easily.
    - I have diabetesand heart problems in my family line.

    If someone can help me diagonse my problems, please let me know.

    • ANSWER:

    Please tell me what's wrong with me! Bizarre health symptoms?
    I've been suffering from a range of odd symptoms for a while now. From the beginning of Feb. 2009 till now. I'm desperately seeking relief from these symptoms.

    A little about me: I'm 22, 5'0, 155 pounds

    I have: OCD (on 50mg of Zoloft) and PCOS (on 100 mg of metformin)

    - Hands: Red, swollen, itchy, painful with stiff fingers (Sometimes
    I notice my hands are stiff in the morning even without the rest
    of the other symptoms)
    - Scalp: Itchy, slightly red, large bumps all over my head. Hives
    - Lips: Swelling of the lip, usually uneven so that only part of my
    lip is swollen
    - Feet: usually really itchy around the hair follicles on my big toes
    but occasionally elsewhere on my feet. They also get warm and
    slightly red.

    Other possibly relevant information: According to my BMI i'm overweight but you wouldn't think it looking at me. I've got a lot of muscle mass and most of my fat is concentrated in my stomach (i think this is because of the PCOS and my insulin resistance). However, for the past 4 years I've hardly been eating healthy since I've been a college student living away from home which hasn't helped my weight. I'm at the heaviest point i've ever been in my life and am desperately trying to lose weight.

    I've seen a doctor at my school's student health facility and they've run a bunch of blood tests on me, all of which came out normal (triglycerides, thyroids, HDL, LDLs, things like that). They've assumed its an allergic reaction to something but I really doubt it because the onset of my symptoms are really random and sporadic. There is no discernible pattern of things i've touched or eaten.

    Please help me! I've researched lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme Disease and a bunch of other things, none of which seem to fit me exactly. I'm not even sure if my symptoms are all related, but I really need to find some relief. This is taking over my life! The symptoms went from occurring every once in a while (in feb.) to every couple of days now.

    Please help, I beg you.
    I forgot to add, the first time this happened, I was in Vietnam on vacation. I had been there for about a month at that point.

    Plus, i used to be on 250 mg of zoloft but I am trying to get off the medicine. I'm down to my last 50 mg a day.

    Thanks for all the responses so far!

    • ANSWER:
      Ouch! This definitely sounds like an allergy. I would suspect many foods and medicine at first, because it is possible that one could develop an allergy later in life. I myself have become mysteriously and mildly allergic to dairy, after 24 years of drinking milk without issue.

      First off, you might want to see what happened in February that changed everything. New prescription? Switch to a different brand of healthy food (yogurt, milk, cheeses, peanut butter, eggs, etc)? Did you switch laundry detergent? Is there a new kind of plant you are being exposed to (sounds like poison ivy maybe)? Is there a smoker in your home or are you smoking? Any of these items could be the culprit.

      Good luck, and try calamine lotion, it might help.

    Can you get gout when your a 16 year old female?
    My 2nd toe is itchy, red, and swollen. Same symptoms as gout, butttt gout is for older people i thought.

    • ANSWER:
      Though gout is most common in men over 40 and women after menopause, anybody can get gout.

      Gout, in some cases, is due to genetic problems, so people with a family history of gout are often more at risk.

      However, gout is often misdiagnosed as the symptoms of some other diseases (e.g. pseudogout and septic arthritis) are similar. The only way to be certain is to have proper testing of the joint performed by a rheumatologist.

    Purple toes??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
    So i had chill blains last winter (chill blains is something u get from the cold, which makes ur toes kinda swollen, puffy, itchy, red, purple and blue)

    but i think i got over them.

    so now i look at my toes... and tehre purple!!! there not itching, there not hurting, just purple. they feel completely normal.

    so i went to the doctors today, and she said theres nothing wrong, and ull probably just have silly purple toes XD she said to contact her if my skin was breaking, and i asked her if this was a symptom to anything serious but she said there was nothing she could to do provent that something.

    so do you know if purple toes is a symptom to anything serious???

    And she doesnt think its poor circulation, because she said if it was, my toes would be cold, and when she felt them they were warm.

    Might know what this happened?

    Thanks for answering (:
    Also... i took a blood test to make sure it wasnt anything serious... my result came back as a "slightly positive AA" ... whats slightly positive mean? is it bad? she told me not to be concerned... but i wanna know what it means. thnx

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should go to another doctor. My girlfriend toes were like that, they were warm too, but purple'ish. And it was a lack of circulation. She had to take pills for a while and was okay then.

      Purple toes are not normal...obviously there is something wrong with them, otherwise they wouldn't be purple despite what she said.

      EDIT: I'm not sure what "aa" means, but I just remembered something!!! My girlfriend was also anemic.(Lack of Iron) She told me that was the main reason why she had purple toes from what she remembered. You can get that tested too quite easily. Her pills I stated before were apparently iron pills (take with food otherwise you will get stomach aches) but yeh you might want to get tested for this.

    What Could Be Wrong with My Toes?
    I am a seventeen-year-old girl. For the past maybe three years I have been having a recurring problem with my toes. Everyone few days to months (usually two or three at the most), they start to become itchy, slightly swollen, a bit discoloured (pink-red and a little but of a dark-ish grey cover that is mostly on my big toes), and they become very sensitive to pain. Even lightly scratching one of my toes can be quite painful. The symptoms usually start on my right foot and then spread to my left foot. Recently, when the symptoms start to appear, they even spread to the area on my foot above my toes in little splotches. My toes and the areas where it started to appear partway up my foot have left the spots affected discoloured pink-red, and pink-red with a grey-ish cover on my two big toes. It also leaves dead skin on some of the spots. The symptoms on my toes only appear on top and on the bottom of my toes, not in between them.

    If it matters, a bit less than a year ago I once experienced spams in my toes, feet, and legs, starting in my right foot, then my right calf, and then spread to my left foot then left calf. I had just been walking with my mom and the spams starting coming and going for no reason. I had not suffered any leg injuries or anything. I went to the emergency room to get it checked out but the doctor said he couldn't find any reason, and to just come back if it happened again. It hasn't happened since but I don't know if it could be connected to some other problem.
    I avoid scratching, and I never go barefoot in locker rooms or anything. The only place I go barefoot is in my house. My dad and brother never report problems, but my mom sometimes says she gets athlete's foot, though I think she's probably confusing it with something else. She always thinks something like a cut or some other thing on her toe, or an occasionally itchy nose as some other problem that to other people is obviously not it. The symptoms also occur when I haven't gone anywhere other than my house without shoes on for weeks.

    I don't play any sports, but I do attend a fitness class five times weekly. I haven't gotten any injuries, though.
    I really doubt I would be getting athlete's foot every few days to two or three months for three years.

    • ANSWER:

    What do you make of these symptoms?
    My joints are swollen and hurting, especially my knees but my hands, fingers, ankles, toes, wrists, and elbows are also effected. I also have a rash all over my arms, legs, stomach, and chest. It is a flat, blotchy red rash that feels hot to the touch but is not itchy. What in the world is wrong with me? Please don't say see a doctor because I plan on doing that as soon as they open. I am just looking for som insights while I wait.

    • ANSWER:
      I hope by the time you read this you will have seen a Dr. Sounds awful poor you. Have you taken a prescribed medication or eaten something that has reacted with your body in this way? If not you could have a number of different things. Three things spring into my mind. Firstly it could be a case of glandular fever, but I never heard this relating to the joints swelling up. Secondly it could be a type rheumatoid arthritis (ra) or lupus can also cause these type of symptoms.
      It is very difficult to say without seeing you. It may also be nothing too. While you're waiting why not give NHS direct a call. They are very helpful and can point you in the right direction.
      Hope this helps.
      D73 (Nurse)

    what is this symptoms of.?
    ok my foot was really itchy it caused some swelling first on the top of my foot but, it went away and then at the bottom of my foot and around my toe. people tell me it could be athletes foot but it has none of the other symptoms such as scaling or flakey skin or any kind of skin abnormality that occurs w/ athletes maybe it could be early signs? but im not sure. i also came accross some thing called neuropathy but, from what im reading it says it occurs in diabetics. but im not diabetic....ive also checked out gout but nothing corrolates w/ this athlete's foot? or is there any other infection that could cause this. again the symptoms are itching, swelling, and pain

    • ANSWER:

    What is this rash and swollen fingers and toes?
    So... I'm going to go to the doctor as soon as possible but I'd like to see if anyone has any idea of what might be wrong with me.

    For the past 3 nights I've had patchy red rashes on my knees and elbows that have been really itchy. The rash fades during the day, but comes back at night. The rash on my elbow has now developed 2 raised bumps.

    Also, this morning when I woke up, my fingers and toes were really swollen. As the day progressed they returned to normal size, but now I feel them beginning to swell again.

    I don't have any food allergies and I'm not on any new medications. It is finals week so I am stressed, but I have been this stressed many times before with no physical symptoms- so I don't believe it is stress.

    Also I've been very tired even with a lot of sleep... but I don't know if that is related or not.

    • ANSWER:

    Itchy burning fingers?
    It's a long story so here it goes...

    I had my daughter 11 years ago and when about 6 months pregnant started to swell horribly bad. The doctors always said it was just being pregnant but it continued every night for about 2 years after she was born.

    My GP starting testing and attempting to treat the symptoms with water pills and anti-imflammatories although it never really helped. The systems started as swelling in the hands and feet most of the time on fingers and toes. It itched and burned at the same time. There was never really any rashes or other symptoms, just severe itching. The swelling was most noticable around 4 - 5 pm and by the next morning I would not even be able to tell that I hurt the day before. It was usually only a few places. Sometime it affected my wrists and knees and very seldomly my shoulders or hips. I would occasionally start itching in an odd place such as outer thigh or back of my calve which I would itch so much I would bruise and bleed. Sometimes I would sleep standing at the sink so I could run my hands under cold water since that was all that would soothe them.

    I was eventually sent to a rheumatologist which I did not have the money for so I could not get the Xrays and testing that they wanted to do. My GP vowed to continue to try to help since I really couldn't afford a specialist and did some blood work which all came back normal to include and ANA test which was negative and something about an Ro factor or antibody... all negative.

    The swelling completely quit for about a year but then came back for another year and a half and has been gone until recently. I am not starting to feel that burning feeling in my hands that itches uncontrollably. There are no marks, no bumps, nothing at all..just swelling an where I have itched it is red. You can normally see a red circle on my skin with a white circle in the middle.Nothing poppable though.

    Recently I saw my doctor for some marks on my skin that looked like small clustered blood vessells and was told they were spider angiomas. He did a complete blood work up to inlcude to rheumatolocical tests which were all negative or in good standings.

    Any ideas??

    • ANSWER:
      Very well could be lupus, pregnancies can bring this on and it would also explain the going into remission of it. Otherwise I would check for some problems with the lungs because bad fingers many times indicate problems with lungs.

    What could be wrong with my joints?
    For the past erm like i'd say 5 days my fingers and toe joints have been getting worse and worse.
    These are my symptoms:

    Pain in the joints,
    very swollen fingers and toes,
    my fingers are going purple,
    i cant bend completely or straighten completely my fingers,
    and i'm starting to get lumps on them, i thought they were blisters at the start but there not
    also they are all very itchy

    • ANSWER:

    Twice this week, I have had two allergic reactions. From what, I have no clue.?
    Twice this week, I have had two allergic reactions. From what, I have no clue.
    My symptoms are:
    1. My nose, tongue, and lips tingle, turn red, and swell.
    2. My fingertips and toes feel hot and tight, and turn red.
    3. Dizziness
    4. My hearing starts to go away.
    5. Diarrhea
    6. Red Itchy swollen hives everywhere
    7. Hard to breathe
    I usually know when the allergic reaction is going to hit due to the tingling around my nose. I immediatly take a benadryl pill.

    I've gone to see an allergy doctor. I was prescribed an Epipen to carry with me, but have not had to use it.
    This is pretty scary to me and my family.
    I'm just not sure as to what else should I do?

    • ANSWER:

    Am I having an allergic reaction to spider bites, or what?
    almost a week ago, i noticed this slightly painful blister-like swelling on my toe... it hurt and itched a bit... now, several days later, it's gotten quite a bit larger, and i have another on a toe right next to it. now, my first bump is purple. it's slightly painful, but it's more itchy than painful now. there's no puss or anything, and i don't think the spider was extremely poisonous (recluse or black widow) because i'm not having any other symptoms and my toes aren't rotting ;]
    anyway, besides that, the tips of three of my toes are getting this tingly feeling, like they're falling asleep, and it's painful besides that. am i having an allergic reaction to a spider bite (or a few spider bites)? what else could it be?
    *pus, oops, lol

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a spider bite, maybe not. keep track of it to make sure it wont get worse and ask a doctor!

    What could this be??????????????
    The Thursday before last, I was sick with stuffy nose, fever, etc. I went to the doctor and got tested for strep and regular flu and both came out negative. I got back on my perscription Nasonex and Singulair for my severe seasonal allergies, then went back to school on Friday. That weekend I became sick again, this time with some nausea. I didn't go to school on Monday, and the doctor said to come back on Wed. if my fever still hadn't gone away. Well we had flooding Tues and Wed so school was cancelled, but my symptoms pretty much went away except for my nausea which was pretty constant so I didn't go to the doctor. I went back to school Thursday and Friday, but on Friday, my nausea was worse and I couldn't eat breakfast or lunch and had bad gas caught in my stomach and bad nausea all day. When I got home I threw once (a lot) even though I hadn't eaten, and had really bad gas. I couldn't eat much or I would feel sick and I had total loss of appetite. Then last night I got a fever that rapidly climbed to 101.5 then when I woke up this morning, was only 99.1. However, I still get nauseous after I eat, and I really don't want to eat at all, and I'm not hungry at all despite barely having eaten anything all fingers and toes are also swollen and itchy. I'm only 14...I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but what could this be?

    • ANSWER:
      viral illness -very low fever. treat your symptoms, drink lotsa water, and rest. start washing your hands better & get a flu shot.

    Is this a bug bite and how should I treat it?
    I went out this past weekend and usually my toes are a bit numb the next day from wearing heels. However, the numbness lasted longer than usual. Only one of my toes was hurting the next day. It was pink, itchy, and swollen. Now, about 5 days after the symptoms started, it is still slightly itchy and the shade of red is deeper. I can't really find a source of bite marks, but I am assuming its a bug bite due to it being itchy and only effecting one area. Also, the toe is red and stops at the mid knuckle, it almost looks like i dipped my toe in dye or something lol. Bah! what should I do :(

    • ANSWER:
      If your toes were numb when you hurt the toe maybe your problem now is due to you bumping it when you went out and not feeling the bump. (Because your toes were numb) I say this because you say the shade of red is deeper, only a deep injury will explain that. Healing also can cause itchiness.

    Bit by some bug and it hurts! Please read my symptoms and help!?
    I am new to the Southwest, and was out watering my lawn this morning and something (I think it was an ant because there are seriously thousands of them, which is so disgusting) that bit or stung my middle toe, and it hurts to bad! It's now red, swollen, and the pain is moving to the two toes next to it, Hopefully it will stop there, but it's not itchy and there is (I think) only one bite even though I it feels like it all over my toe. I don't think it was a fire ant because there was only the one that got me (thank goodness!) Please help! I try to put it on ice and that hurts, too!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like an ant. Rub some aloe on it and then leave it alone until the swelling goes down. Once the swelling goes down, just put a band-aid with Neosporin on it for a couple days. Any friction (like scratching) will only make it worse!

      If the bite worsens or appears to be infected within the next couple of days, I would go see a doctor.

      Good luck!

    Can insect allergies cause cold-like symptoms?
    A few days ago, my toe was bitten by an unidentified insect. Since I didn't actually feel the bite itself, I'm assuming it was just an ant. As I usually do, my foot completely swelled up around the bite for about three days, making it painful to walk on and rather itchy. I applied topical Benadryl to the bite and the swollen area around it and by now, the swelling is almost completely gone. However, I have developed a sore throat, cough, and a runny nose, and I feel fatigued throughout the day. Do I have a cold or is this probably another allergic reaction to the bite in addition to the swelling?

    • ANSWER:
      yes insect allergies can commonly cause cold-like symptoms. that's because an allergy happens when you body reacts bad to a small amount of an unwelcome ingredient, so your body try to make this ingredient to go out of it, in this period of time you can get fever and all the symptoms you say. it's like your body fights against a small infection.

    Bug Bite or Thrombosis?
    Ok, Well here are the symptoms of my left foot; Swelling, Aching, Yellow skin around right side of foot, red in middle of foot, purple down left side of foot from bottom and half way towards the middle now spread to Ankles. Its not itchy, Its burning sensation and aches. Its swelled so badly that I push my skin then it indents like retaining water, although it doesn't undent for like a few seconds like 30. Its got dry skin over it now, I felt something bite me 2days ago and now this has happened. It began with a bruise circle on the right side of my foot, slightly purple then it spreaded to above my toes now the entire left side is purple. I cant put any weight on it because it kills, I've took inflamtry pills and anti-biotics for past 2days and put a ice-pack on it per 60minutes through the day. Its began to leave stretchmarks because its swelled up so badly, The skins rock hard basically. I had the same thing but it was opposite, More of a hot and itchy sensation with red swelling on my right foot and I had Thrombosis scan although it came back clear on my left leg. Apparently it was a red-ant bite, I just had a bad reaction. So I think the thing that bit me was a spider or dustmite Can this be possible to a bad reaction? I looked it up and apparently its similar to a venemous bite from a insect. Im going to the hospital in about 15hours, I dont wana waste my time up there again. I spent near on 5hours up there last time. I sit down alot due to my work I do currently is computer based, Such as website design etc. Anyone able to give me a decent diagnosis or websites etc will be much appriciated. Thanks in advance. If you need further details ask & I'll post them in the detail bit. Thank-you.
    Hey, Thanks for help both. Im still looking for answer although Optimist has been very helpful with the response. I live in England, I had my feet on the carpet floor. I've recently moved the PC into my bedroom, It was dust as hell in the corner where I have it now and yeah its dark. I hadn't even see the corners surface till I finally cleared it out, I was debating on a small Spider or Dustmite. Not sure about black widow although it has to be some sort of venemous insect yet I can think of any in my bedroom apart from a Spider or Dustmite. :(

    • ANSWER:
      I think that you are right. It seems like this was some kind of necrotizing venom as your tissues seem to be breaking down. The swelling is edema. When your body responds to necrotic tissues the blood vessels in the area swell and become permeable to proteins and immune cells that need to get out of the blood and into the interstitial tissues for repair. Albumin follows the proteins into the interstitium and causes the edema (swelling). The discoloration is also part of the repair process though it is the result of the breakdown of iron containing molecules (much like what you see in a brooze). In all, the symptoms that you are presenting are a sign of your body trying to repair necrotic tissue.

      You can only speculate on the culprit as you didn't see it. Where were you when you felt the bite? This can tell you a lot. If you were in a dark place with wood such as a garage it may have been a black widow. Of course this also depends on where you live. To have a reaction such as the one you are having the bite had to be from something with potent venom. I would search the internet to find a doctor who has some expertise in insect bites instead of wasting time with doctors who just guess. It may be too late for an anti-venom, so you may just have to rely on your immune system to repair this tissue damage. In the mean time, take plenty of Vitamin C as this helps with the lying down of collagen in the repair process.

    Can u tell me everythin u know about athletes foot cuz i think i have it but im not sure!!!?
    omg ok well i think i have athletes foot but it seems to be getting worse...i use a spray on thingy for it, scrub my feet everyday, dry them off and everything. im scared and rele worried. here r my symptoms:

    1. On my LEFT foot, on the left side of my big toe is all cracked skin and its like dry and theres these white/yellowish bumps and there r bumps that r like covering the rite side of the toe next to my big toe. and kinda some like cracked and PEELING skin on the toe next to THAT toe....

    2. it is VERY itchy

    3. the top of my foot is swollen

    4. its kinda red like....u scratched ur skin and it bled, it kinda looks like that in between my toes too.....

    5. now on the op of my foot it looks like little hairs have grown (white ones!) but its just cracked dry lookin skin....I THINK....(that just happened recently)

    6. the whole foot is itchy and the swollen part on top hurts!

    what can i do!? PLZ HELP ME!! IM SCARED...


    • ANSWER:
      You need to get to the doctors asap, as this is definitely not athletes foot (I have that condition), Whatever it is, you need antibiotics I think, or anti fungal cream to get rid before it gets to bad, are you a diabetic? If so! definitely get to the doctors.

    Trip to the beach. no visual sign of wound or break in the skin. my toe is swollen and inflamed. help?
    my friends and i went to the beach last friday afternoon. i had been to the beach once before and never had any pains walking barefoot except the usual brief pain after stepping on broken shells.
    i was sittin on my beach towel. nothing in front of us but sand and shells.
    i walked off and felt a sharp pain in my left toe; next to my big toe.
    i didn't think anything of it and kept walking on the beach.
    the next day, there was a kind of pale redness in my skin around my toe.
    today (sunday) my toe swelled up and is irritated; it feels like dry itchy skin.

    turns out, near our spot on the beach, there was a dead jellyfish not 30ft from us. could it be i grazed it without even knowing? i've never been stung by a jellyfish before. do my symptoms sound similar?
    what could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the ER. They are the only ones who can diagnosed you properly.

    Puffy, Swollen, and Freaked?
    This used to happen when i was little (once a year or so..)
    Now about 3 x a week my hands will get extremely itchy! and puff out so much that i cannot bend them! Its now starting on my toes too!
    I have thought it was hives (because during some of the same times i would get this on my thighs and it defiantly looked like hives.)
    So just to clarify my symptoms are: puffy, itchy and red hands and toes. It goes away after about 3-4 hours but is extremely uncomfortable.
    I dont have allergy's, and have not changed laundry soap, hair soap, or anything else that i can think of for it to be an allergic reaction.
    Just want to know if anyone else has had this and if i should go to the doc! (Would like to not due to no insurance, but i need to know)

    • ANSWER:
      This can be caused by one of three things. Allergic reaction, circulation issue, or stress. If there is anything you could be allergic to even if you never were before as they can come on at anytime try to narrow down what causes the timing of the swelling. Since the Benadryl does help this could be the cause. Also feel your pulse in different areas where the puffiness is and see if you feel a good thorough heartbeat as this can tell you if there is proper bloodflow or if it could be compromised to that area. If you can rule out both of these and you are under alot of stress yes this can cause this to occur and in alot of cases the palms of the hands will be darker red and splotchy too so see is that is also the case with your hands and if so you should talk with your physician as even stress you may not be aware of can be hard on your body and makes your inner organs have to work harder so it should be addressed. If you have changed soaps, shampoos, detergents, then consider this too but if not then this could very well be caused by stress

    Third toe on right foot swollen?
    So the third toe on my right foot is swollen. And then no other symptoms. Its not painful... no hot to the touch. Maybe just a little bit itchy?

    Anyone know what could be wrong??

    • ANSWER:

    Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?
    About a week and a half ago my hands and feet were starting to itch a little bit, which I attributed to swelling or just random pregnancy symptoms. It starting getting worse and my entire body started itching, especially at night. I complained to my doctor a few days ago expecting her to say it was another lovely pregnancy symptom and to deal with it or take benadryl or something. Her initial thought was intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and she had me go that day to get the required blood tests done (which take a week to get back, agony!). I researched online about this disorder and every website keeps stating that women are commonly most itchy on the souls of their feet and palms of their hands. Well that's where my itch started, but now I would say I really get itchy from the knee down on my legs, the tops of my feet and toes, my arms closest to my hands and the backs of my hands and fingers. None of the itchy places are accompanied by a rash and I already use sensitive skin lotion, soap, laundry detergent, etc. so it does seem possible that I have the cholestasis. I was wondering if anyone else has had it or has it and if it's possible to have it, but to not mostly be itchy on your palms and souls..rather everywhere else? This week of waiting for the blood test results is turning out to be torture so I was hoping for someone to confirm or deny my suspicions. Thank you! Also, I am 36 weeks pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Amanda

      I was lucky enough to have cholestasis with my last pregnancy it was picked up at 25 weeks when nothing i did would reduce the itching it started on my feet but mostly it was my arms and legs and of course once you start scratching you feel itchy everywhere haha. I am not an expert on it so I cant say for sure but id say you sound like you may have it if that is the case you will be induced at 37 weeks for babies well being.

      Congrats on bub and good luck:)

    Do I have a rash or allergic reaction?
    Im getting itchy bumps all over my body, they swell up similar to mosquito bites. I get them especially around my joints but also in other areas.
    knee, elbow, fingers, back of hand (one on the back of my hand turned red then has now turned red with a circle in the middle), Back (upper and lower), thumb(has swollen), big toe, below armpit, ears, stomach, hip, and now scrotum,
    They itch very bad, some areas seem to lessen in severity when taking Benedryll, others do not.
    I'm not showing any other symptoms like fever, sore throat or anything,
    So does anyone know what this is? or what i should do to help make it go away.

    The day before this happened I was at Warped Tour (big event) maybe I contracted something from there?
    my joints are in pain possible from swelling, my feet hurt to walk on and just sitting down

    • ANSWER:
      You should go to the doctor. Only they can know what it is by looking at the rash. It is probably an allergic reation if it gets better with benadryl. Think, did you eat anything different, use any different cosmetics, buy new clothes- you could be allergic to dyes in new clothes.

    What do I do with this allergic reaction?
    I know that I have to go to the doctors but you know how that is without friggin money, so I have to go by there times tables when I have to get a clinical check up, but enough about that

    I had developed a somewhat allergic reaction from using lotrimin foot spray. My conditions have gotten worsen when I used it because of my dry skin and went to an urgent care. Upon getting checked, they gave me a prescription saying that I had a reaction. I don't know up to what level of severity this could be but here is the description of my feet.

    Signs: It looks reddishish, my skin in the interdigits are getting white and is spreading under my big toe. It is moist and it looks like something your skin would turn into if you had a band-aid on for too long (you know what I'm saying?). There are small blisters and little spots that resemble like bubbles (tiny ones) on the coast of my big toe and going towards the ankle. There are spots that where I bled. Some of the blisters are excreting this type of pus (yellow color). And another type of blister.

    Symptoms: I can't move my toes, it is so swelled up (nor bend them on my own), it feels like it is burning and very itchy. I have trouble putting them in cold water. I can't walk or stand for too long because it hurts.

    I'm going to an urgent care tomorrow but I wanted to ask to see if anyone has ever gotten this type of reaction and to please let me know what happened and what you guys did, if anything on your own that made it better. I keep getting blisters and they pop and it hurts. I would appreciate if any of you guys can let me know. This has been going on for 3 days and it feels like it is getting worse even with the prescriptions they gave me. I can't wear my shoes because the squeeze hurts. I don't want at worse for them to amputate my toes, has that ever happened before to someone in my condition?

    • ANSWER:

    Do you think I could have diabetes?
    Well, I'm 17 year old female. And lately I've had problems with my eye's and feeling dry and sticky, if that makes sense. Then for the past two days my feet have been so swollen I can hardly move my toes. My skin is dry and itchy, constantly. And my weight goes up and down without my even doing anything. My mom and I were trying to figure out what it could be. It's not my thyroid, I thought it might have been because I also lose a lot of hair. It wasn't till today, that we both realized that I do have quite a few family members with diabetes. I was just wondering if these symptoms would relate to anyone who has diabetes? I know you can't tell from over the internet, but I don't want to go to the doctor just because I have dry eyes, and swollen feet. lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Diabetes does not present like this.
      But dry eyes, dry, itchy skin, weight problems and swollen feet really do warrant a trip to the dr. If you can't move your toes, something is wrong. You may have a hormonal imbalance or an autoimmune disease. Have you had your TSH ( thyroid stimulating hormone ) checked? You say it isn't your thyroid, but did you do a blood test. Go to the dr. and make sure you tell all of your family medical history - including the diabetes.

    i have a staph infection now for over a week.?
    i have a staph infection now for over a week. The symptoms have gotten progressively worse even with antibiotics. I was on one type of antibiotic, 500 mgs, but then went to the emergency room and was given 800 mg sulfa. Initially, the infection was spreading in red rivulets up my foot which have mostly receded or disappeared. I briefly had pustules between my toes but they broke and drained a few days ago. One red line remains but does not appear to be spreading. There is an open wound between my toes where the pustules were, whiteness surrounding it, and the skin is peeling off. I went to doctor (again) and was prescribed an antibiotic ointment to help with healing. If I remain off my feet for more than a few hours, the redness and swelling disappears, but any amount of walking or being upright causes blood to pool in my feet. It continues to be red and itchy. I am close to finishing my antibiotic and fear that I may have to have intravenous antibiotics administered. I keep it clean, apply the ointment, take the antibiotics. I'm also taking Vitamin C, Echinacea and garlic supplements. I'm keeping my feet elevated. Nothing seems to be working. The wound continues to look worse. My doctors won't listen! Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a different doctor, try the hospital. A staph infection is very contagious!! There are two main categories of treatment for staph infections, surgical and antibiotic treatment. In most patients that require surgical treatment, antibiotic treatment is also required. Pus drainage is the main surgical treatment; however, surgical removal of sources of infection (for example, intravenous lines, artificial grafts, heart valves, or pacemakers) may be required. Other sites of infection such as joint infections (especially in children), osteomyelitis, or postoperative abscesses may require surgery. Any tissue site that continues to shed staph may require surgical intervention.

    Is it related to my heart?
    For the past couple of months I think, I have been having this odd sort of... It's hard to explain... It feels as though my heart is skipping a beat, or stuttering or something. It's not a particularly nice feeling, it always makes my body feel a bit anxious when it does it. I am only 15 years old, so I can't imagine it being anything too major, but I just thought that somebody might have an idea?

    I'm not sure if it's related or not, but I also get very light headed, sometimes even nauseous, after standing up too long or doing physical labor of some sort. It certainly doesn't happen all the time, mostly I am fine. When it does happen though, the only way to soothe it is by sitting down or squatting.

    Another thing: (again I am unsure of its relevance) just in the past month or so I have been having a reaction to the cold. My hands (wrists particularly), toes, and legs will become incredibly itchy and red. My hands and feet swell up. I have always had very cold hands and feet, but I am told this is just to do with my circulation.
    Are any of those symptoms anything to be concerned about? I'm almost certain I'm just being paranoid, but I thought I would check anyway :)


    • ANSWER:
      You are young and it is quite normal to have missed beats (in medical terms it is known as atrial ectopics). Don't panic too much when you get them and just live your life as normal. I used to get them when i was your age and it lasted for 10 years or so (on and off).
      The light headedness is not related. Some people (especially young ones) can get similar symptoms and it's nothing to worry about. This happens because the blood pressure drops quickly when you stand up suddenly or if you stand up for a long time which deprives your brain (only temporarily) from blood. Try getting up gradually and you'll notice the difference.
      Some people's reaction to cold can vary. Because you are suffering because of it, make sure you wear gloves and keep warm to avoid the symptoms ;-)

    ill, its getting worse?
    okay so i woke up yesterday with a rash all over my body from head to toe, which was red with thousands of tiny raised spots. they are itchy, and in some areas there seems to be clusters... it isn't massive boils, just tiny little red spots as if it is prickly heat or something. along with that, i had a sore head, felt kinda sick, swollen glands, and it is very sore when swallowing and had quite a fever... i woke up today and the symptoms are still persisting. also, my period came a week earlier, that might have nothing to do with it but hey i might aswell just throw that in. the worst itch is the top of my foot going onto my toes, and my neck - absolutely red raw!! its really uncomfortable and its a saturday so the doctors is shut... i cleaned my room out, hoovered, washed, changed bed sheets, turned matress over, thinking it might be an allergy to dust mites... what do i and what do you think it is :( ?

    • ANSWER:
      You can rule out allergies, prickly heat, or dust mites or anything like that. Your swollen glands indicate infection, probably the chicken pox, which is caused by a virus, so there's not much you can do for it, except grin and bear it and stay away other people, because it's super infectious. However, I'd strongly advise a trip to the doc.

    What kind of bug bite is this... could it carry disease?
    For the past few weeks, I've been finding these gross bites on my arms and legs. They only come one at a time, and take 7-10 days to fade (though none of them are gone completely). They swell bigger than any mosquito bite I've ever seen, a hard, raised area about 6-7 cm in diameter. I had one on the back of my hand, and the red, swollen area crept up 2 of my fingers. It feels hot to the touch, and is very itchy. I now have one on my second toe, and it hurts to walk because it's so swollen that bending the joint is painful.

    People have suggested spider bites, which it very well may be. However, I've been finding roaches in my apartment lately, including one in my bed this morning (disgusting!). My home is pretty clean, and I live in a decent building in Manhattan, but roaches are just everywhere!

    My concern is that these are roach bites, or some other bug that could carry disease. Should I just keep treating the symptoms (hydrocortisone cream), or should I be doing something else?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the clinic............

    I have an infected blister?
    I ran a 5K a couple weeks ago (around three weeks ago) and got a pretty large blister right on the ball of my foot under my big toe. It popped from when I walked on it a little later, and drained, and I thought that was the end of it. But as the days have been passing, the spot where the blister was began to hurt a LOT. I can't put weight on it. It's very swollen. There is a brownish-blackish dot forming close to where the blister was on the ball of my foot. It's very itchy. Sometimes, my entire foot hurts from having to keep the weight off that area. I know it's infected, but is this serious? Should I wait a few more weeks for it to heal over? What's going on? Please tell me anything you know about an infection with my symptoms!

    • ANSWER:

    What Could Be Wrong with My Toes?
    I am a seventeen-year-old girl. For the past maybe three years I have been having a recurring problem with my toes. Everyone few days to months (usually two or three at the most), they start to become itchy, slightly swollen, a bit discoloured (pink-red and a little but of a dark-ish grey cover that is mostly on my big toes), and they become very sensitive to pain. Even lightly scratching one of my toes can be quite painful. The symptoms usually start on my right foot and then spread to my left foot. Recently, when the symptoms start to appear, they even spread to the area on my foot above my toes in little splotches. My toes and the areas where it started to appear partway up my foot have left the spots affected discoloured pink-red, and pink-red with a grey-ish cover on my two big toes. It also leaves dead skin on some of the spots. The symptoms on my toes only appear on top and on the bottom of my toes, not in between them.

    If it matters, a bit less than a year ago I once experienced spams in my toes, feet, and legs, starting in my right foot, then my right calf, and then spread to my left foot then left calf. I had just been walking with my mom and the spams starting coming and going for no reason. I had not suffered any leg injuries or anything. I went to the emergency room to get it checked out but the doctor said he couldn't find any reason, and to just come back if it happened again. It hasn't happened since but I don't know if it could be connected to some other problem.
    I should mention that about three years ago, I got chilblain and what the doctor said was athlete's foot at the same time. I treated it, but after that is when this recurring problem with my toes started.
    I eat fish and poultry but no mammals or any other type of animal that is not fish or poultry. I don't have a diet that varies too much.
    I try to eat healthily and usually aim at getting the right amounts of different food groups, but I probably do lack some things because of my eating habits. I do get enough dairy, though.
    The spams only happened that one time. It has never happened since.
    The swelling is't severe. It mostly affects my big toes and a bit on the top of my others toes. It is noticeable but nothing too terrible.
    It happens all throughout the year. I live in British Columbia, Canada, and though it does get cold and wet often, my feet don't often get damp, thougy I have to say that I don't wear shoes that keep my feet warm when outside.

    I am going to get it checked out by a doctor, but I just want some ideas.

    • ANSWER:

    I have an infected blister?
    I ran a 5K a couple weeks ago (around three weeks ago) and got a pretty large blister right on the ball of my foot under my big toe. It popped from when I walked on it a little later, and drained, and I thought that was the end of it. But as the days have been passing, the spot where the blister was began to hurt a LOT. I can't put weight on it. It's very swollen. There is a brownish-blackish dot forming close to where the blister was on the ball of my foot. It's very itchy. Sometimes, my entire foot hurts from having to keep the weight off that area. I know it's infected, but is this serious? Should I wait a few more weeks for it to heal over? What's going on? Please tell me anything you know about an infection with my symptoms!

    • ANSWER:
      Judging by the pain you've described, you should consult a doctor soon. When pain becomes inconvenient its time to see the physician. Your infection sounds bad but not incurable or life threatening/altering. You'll need to take some antibiotics to help your body fight the infection internally.