Red Swollen Toe Pain

Pains in the joints are very common complaints as a person advances in years. More often than not, these joint pains are due to arthritis. There are several kinds of arthritis which may occur in old age. In all these types, the indication is that the joints have become worn down with age and so they are not attacking themselves. In this manner of speaking, joint pains are an autoimmune disease, i.e. one in which the body attacks itself.

The Ayurvedic name for arthritic joint pains is Sandhi Vata. As the name suggests, it is caused by vitiation of the vata dosha in the human body. The word sandhi means 'joint' in Sanskrit. Ayurveda believes that Sandhi Vata can be caused due to rheumatism, infections, gout, hemophilia, trauma and even due to digestive problems which result in a buildup of ama in the body.

(1) Useful Herbs in the Treatment of Joint Pains

1. Alfalfa (Medicago satina)
The alfalfa herb is very effective in the reduction of joint pains. It must be had in the form of a tea four times a day.

2. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
Ashwagandha is the herb popularly known as Winter Cherry in the west. It has several positive properties for the human system. Treating joint pains are included in that list of properties.

3. Banyan (Ficus bengalensis)
The banyan tree produces a sap much like the latex from rubber. This is used as an external application over the joints. This application relieves the pains in the joints after a few regular applications and massages.

4. Bishop's Weed (Trachyspermum ammi)
Oil extracted from the bishop's weed is applied locally on the affected joints to relieve pains in them.

5. Celery (Apium graveolens)
Celery can be used as an effective treatment for rheumatism and gout, both of which can cause pain in the joints. Thus, celery provides more lasting treatment from the problem. The alkaline content of celery makes it effective in treating joint pains.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Second toe swelling and red, no pain?
    My toe next to my big toe is very swollen and the area around the nail is raised up above all the other toes. all my toes are very red but this toe is even more red. most of all it gets very ITCHY at times. there is no pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Lots of possibilities... tight shoes, allergies to nail polish, socks, or something else in your shoes, the nail from the adjacent toe irritating it, -- or, depending on your age, it can be related to a medical situation such as long-term smoking, being diabetic, poor circulation, a fungal infection (is the nail bright yellowish discolored?), or a nutritional imbalance.

    Woke up with red, swollen toe?
    It's my left foot and the second toe from the left. I woke up about a week ago with pain and redness in my toe. The pain still won't go away. I've been taking Ibuprofen to help the pain. It hurts to walk. What could it be? What can I do to help it besides take pills?
    I did not injure it
    I can move it, with pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Did you hit it? Is it infected?
      If not it sounds quite a bit like gout. Did anybody in your family have it? Are you overweight? It tends to strike the big toe but not always.
      It's a type of arthritis which is quite common. There is a medicine for it which works quite well.

    Why is my big toe red, a little swollen, hot, painful?
    I've had a fungi toe for years and it was never a problem except maybe it is ugly.
    Since last night I started having pain in it and at first the area by the nailbed hurt (so its not an ingrown nail) but now the whole nail hurts. My toe is red and very warm to the touch. Its hard to move now.
    I dont have a fever or swollen ankles or anything like that.
    What could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Without being able to actually look at it and examine it first hand, it sounds as though you have an infected toe. The redness, swelling, pain and heat would indicate infection most likely. It may be unrelated to the toenail fungus that you suffer from, or it may be related. The only way to determine that is to have it checked out by a doctor, preferably a specialist (Podiatrist).

      The other thing it could be is an injury. However, I am guessing that if you stubbed it on something, or it got stepped on or injured in any way in the recent past, that you would have mentioned it. If you did not mention it and actually did sustain an injury or some trauma to that toe, then it is possible that this is the reason for the swelling, redness, pain and heat.

      If you can take an NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory drug) like Motrin (Ibuprofen) or Aleve (Naproxen Sodium) then take some. I would also recommend applying ice to the toe for 15 minutes and then taking the ice off for the rest of the hour and the applying it again for 15 minutes and repeating this process until you have to go to work, school or to bed. The ice will help reduce the inflammation as will the NSAID. It is possible that if you do this for a few days it will resolve itself, but if it gets worse or does not get better within a few days of the NSAID and Ice treatment, then get to the doc.

    What is wrong with my big toe? Swollen, red, tender.?
    Yesterday morning I woke up and my big toe was sore, when I looked at it I noticed that the skin at the side of the nail was red and swollen and tender to touch. Today it feels even worse and I can't put any weight down on my foot. My Dr has no appointments till Monday. If I go to A&E will they think I'm a time waster even though I'm in a lot of pain and can't walk?

    • ANSWER:
      In-Grown-Toenail. Nasty little things. Good that ur going to the doctor soon. If you leave it as is, it will continue to swell and will get enormous. In the later stages it gets infected and the doctor refers you to a podiatrician to have your toenail removed. However Im not sure if thats necessary in such an early time. But however you need to go to the doctor to have it checked.

    Toe Experts. Preferably medical minded ie Diploma. Pain swollen infection.?
    My toe is red painful, and slightly puffy around the left side of my big toe. I'm pretty sure its an infection. I can walk on it with fairly little pain and only when I apply pressure does it really hurt. Should I go see my doctor? I was going to wait a few a days and if it persists do just that.

    I'm just looking for some second opinions... maybe the off chance of finding a doctor on here.

    It is only on the left side of my big toe, the skin looks rounded in, like something is underneath it, I did recently bite my nails which I hear can let in bacteria. And it is red and swollen like I mentioned before.

    • ANSWER:

    My toe is red and swollen and thobbing, almost like something has bitten it and it is swollen?
    What could it be? I can not sleep for the pain?

    • ANSWER:
      It might be a good idea to see a doctor right away if you are right about it being bitten.

      How long has it been swollen? If it is still within 48 hours, put ice chips in washcloth and wrap your toe with it for 20 mins. That should help with the swelling. If it is more than 3 days, hot compress would temporarily ease the pain. Then go see a doctor.

    My big toe is swollen, but not red, top of my foot and front of leg swollen and pains.?
    It's a burning pain, its not my circulation

    • ANSWER:
      gout, odema, fracture, and a million other things? best thing you can do is visit a doctor.

    How To Reduce The Swelling and Pain in a Swollen Toe?
    A few years back I was running in the house cause the phone rang, and I ran into the bottom of my couch and i kinda sprained my (pinky) toe. Then a few years later my dress shoes were getting really tight to the point where i couldn't walk straight anymore, and i was limping. i asked my dad if i could get new dress shoes, but i had to wait a year. So now my pinky is so swollen that its soo much fatter and redder than my other toes.

    can someone please tell me how i can reduce the swelling and pain? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    Frostbite can it return? Any other reason for red swollen toes?
    My mother had frostbite about 5 years ago, this was confimed by her Dr. This week she had to work in a cold office because the furnance was not working properly at her job, ever since her toes that were frostbit have been red and swollen, with lots of pain when she walks, etc. She also has MS, and I wonder if this is being caused by this?
    Thank you for your help and consideration.

    • ANSWER:
      MS occurs more in the colder regions, so i think the cold triggered her ms, I would say get her feet warm, and if it is not better n the next cuple of days c teh doctor.

    why is the side of my big toe red and swollen?
    ok,so i have been having this problem for about two weeks straight now,it started with my left big toe,it got red and swollen on the side of the nail and even pus started coming out and then after about 3 days,the swelling went down,and then the pain stopped and then the same thing happened to my right big toe it got all red and swollen with pus and then it went down and switched back to my left toe!! and it keeps switching back and forth! its been switching from one toe to the other non stop and there never swollen at the same time, i mean can anybody tell me whats going on? i have not injured them in any way,and i know i don't have ingrown nails,this came out of no where!

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, thats exactly what ingrown toenails do. For temporary relief you can clip off part of the nail digging into your toe. But for permanent relief you can get a special and quick surgery that will make them quit digging into your toes.

    My Toe Is Swollen and Very Red?
    About a year ago, I had to have my big toenail on my right foot removed, because I noticed it was turning more and more red each day, then eventually purple. My doctor said there was a ton of blood under my nail, causing my toe to swell and hurt. Now for some reason, I'm having extreme pain on that toe. The skin around it very red and swollen. The nail is almost completely grown back and looks healthy. I haven't stubbed my toe recently, or done anything to make my toe like this. Any suggestions on what I can do, or why it's like this?
    I don't think it's the way I walk, my nail is never worn down or anything. And I wear shoes that are looser fitting so I don't aggravate my toe.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not being silly. Is it the way you walk? Are you sticking your toe up in the air and is the nail rubbing against the top of your shoe? I wore down the nail of my big toe doing that. Wore it down below the skin and it was due to that particular pair of boots I had.

      I really believe that if you think about what's happening to your toe and what you are doing on an every day basis, you probably know the cause.

      First and foremost, do you think it's friction and/or restriction? Or, do you think it's biological? Your intuition may have the answer.

      Just to be clear, when I say biological, I mean that there is a disease of some kind. Not an infection. If it's infected, that's just the result of either physical or biological agents acting on the toe.

      One last thing about your shoes. Too much movement can also be bad. Just a thought.

      So, what has your intuition told you about your toe?

      P.S. my story about my toe was an example. I wasn't expecting you to have the same problem I had (god, would that be a coincidance)

    hot, red, swollen 2nd biggest toe... teenage girl?
    My second biggest toe hurts and is swollen, red, and hot. It does this sometimes, but I usually ignore it. I used to have ingrown toenail problems... could this pain be from that? It doesn't seem to get worse if I ignore it. It sounds like gout or bacterial arthritis I think, but I don't know what to do! I don't like doctors, so that is NOT an option. Thank you. :)

    • ANSWER:
      It certainly could be from an ingrown toenail. Look at it closely. Gout is best diagnosed with a simple blood test for uric acid levels. It usually effects the big toe. I have provided you with links below to WebMD. First is on gout, second on ingrown toenails, and then their symptom checker. You input as much info as you can and it gives you the possible causes. Some general first aid things to try. If you believe it might be gout or arthritis (kind of a reach for a teenager) then try some Ibuprofen (take with some food or milk to minimize stomach upset). It is an over the counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Try soaking the foot in some hot water with some epsom salts if there are any on hand. If the pain does not get any worse and you are dead set against doctors then treat the symptoms as instructed above when it flares up. The next time you go to the doctor mention the problem. Most doctors order periodic blood tests for patients. It does not require any additional needles to run one more test. Good luck and hope the info helps you.

    Big toe is swollen and throbbing and don't know what to do?
    Yesterday the kitchen drawer feel on my big toe I had pulled it out to far so now my big toe is swollen,red,throbbing. Couldn't sleep last night from it I had to put frozen hot dogs lol on it to relieve some of the pain. If I walk on it,it's even worse so I have to lay down and the pain will eventually go away. Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just go to a walk in clinic?

    • ANSWER:
      go to the walk in clinic

    how can I fix my rat's swollen toe?
    My one month old rat has one back toe that is red and swollen. It doesnt appear to be in any pain while it walks or grooms, but it looks disturbing and I would like to have a healthy rat. I cant afford to take it to the vet (I'm a teenager) so I have been dipping the foot in antiseptic daily. What can I do to fix it completely?

    • ANSWER:
      That could be bumblefoot. It happens when a rattie's foot is injured by a cage environment or a small cut from another environment. After a wound to a toe ((or foot, like your rattie)), it’s common for the toe to swell quite a bit and turn red. It’s not usually necessary to treat this condition and after a week or two, the toe will heal. If you like, you can give the rat an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to help bring down the swelling.

      giving Ibuprofen for rattie doses:::

      Ibuprofen is an NSAID, a non-steroidal anti-inflamatory. It is a more effective pain killer and anti-inflammatory than aspirin or acetaminophen. It interferes with blood clotting but only while it is in the system. Chronic use can cause bleeding, ulceration, and perforation of the stomach. It can cause fluid retention and decreased blood flow to the kidneys, so is more risky to use in the elderly, with heart or kidney disease, or with diuretics. The dose is 15-60 mg/lb 2-4 times a day. Lower doses are for analgesia, higher for inflammation.

      You can use you can either crush up a tablet or use liquid baby medications if they do not contain sorbitol, an artificial sweetener that rats hate. Sorbitol will be listed under the inactive ingredients. Most rats like berry flavored MOTRIN. To figure out the dose, look on the bottle to see how many mg/ml. Figure out how many ml to use to give your rat the proper number of mg. It’s a good idea to give the rat a treat afterwards to mask the bad aftertaste that may cause your rat to refuse the medication the second time.

      Remember- the dosage is 15-60 mg/lb 2-4 times a day. Motrin seemed to work really well for my rattie Darby when he had a small injury.

      The antiseptic isnt really doing anything- your rattie is licking it right off again. Ratties heal 1 1/2 times faster than a human.

      Remember- this is a quick fix. If you want your pet to TRUELY to be healthy- take him to the vet! Theres only so much you can do to a point.

      Good Luck!!!!

    I think i cut my toe nail to short now my toe is swollen and red and tender what can i do?
    I have soaked it in salt water but nothing now is throning in pain

    • ANSWER:

    Big toe pain/swelling?
    When I put pressure on/around it, the pain stops, but when I take pressure off again the pain is so bad I start crying. I can't sleep because it hurts so much, and the area around my toenail on the right side (left foot) is swollen and red. I think it's an ingrown toenail but I'm not sure, I've never had anything this painful before. It's not in the joint or anything, it doesn't hurt when I move it, just when I touch it, or when no pressure is being steadily applied. At this point, I really just want the pain to go away so I can sleep, then I'll ask my parents about taking me to a doctor if it still hurts tomorrow. Can someone please venture a guess as to what this is?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds a lot like an ingrown toe nail which does hurt around it. I think that maybe if you don't touch it for a while that it will be fine not to put pressure on it. The only thing I would say that if it doesn't go away on it's own, which I doubt it will because it's so swollen, try to cut the edge of the toe nail and remove it from the skin or go to the Dr and they will fix it. I just fixed my own but was very lucky that I did.

      GOOD LUCK! They do hurt and I hope you feel better.

    Swollen, red, itchy, rock solid toe. PLEASE help!?
    The past two days my big toe on my right foot has been very, VERY swollen (Almost twice it's size), very itchy, bright red, rock solid and hot to the touch while the rest of my foot is cold.

    I went to the doctor and they told me they have no idea why it's swollen. I put an ice pack on it for a couple of hours, kept it elevated, took some antibiotics and tried that all day but it only got worse.

    Could someone please help me? I don't want the swelling to get much more out of hand and the pain is already getting too much to handle. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      get a second opinion. That doctor was lazy or an idiot. SOunds like a fungus or something along those lines, but if it is not getting better (or getting worse), something is wrong!

    My big toe is painfully red and swollen.?
    The pain began around the cuticle of my left big toe, and quickly progressed to the entire top of my toe. The entire head of my big toe is now very red and very painful. It throbs with pain that I can feel all the way up my leg, even though the swelling is localized to just the head of my toe. The nail is even very red, although there is one small area at the base of the nail that is white in comparison to the rest of the nail. There is no swelling or redness in the joint of the toe--only the entire head of my big toe. I didn't injure the toe in any way. I was simply laying on the couch last night and the pain started. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like an ingrown toe nail. Soaking in hot water and ebson salts may bring out the infection iodine helps afterwards around infected area and look up proper nail trimming

    My toes are red and swollen?
    The toe next to my big toe and my pinky toe are red and swollen. There is hardly any pain, if any, now, but my 2nd toe hurt a lot about 2 weeks ago. I don't have in grown toenails. Any ideas as to why they are swollen?

    • ANSWER:
      Gout? Am just guessing here. See a doctor for a proper diagnosis

    What should I do about the pain in my toe?
    I woke up this morning and my big toe was in a lot of pain (it still is). It's red and swollen, I think it's an ingrown nail or something. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      See your Doctor as soon as you can. Inflammation is a sure sign of infection.
      For relief until you can see your Doctor, soak the toe in hot, but not scalding (careful) water, with a good solution of salt in it. Not a cure, but it will help the soreness.

    What condition could cause intense itching of and swelling of toes?
    Just recently my pinkie toe started itching really really bad when I went to bed. The next morning I noticed that my toe was all red, swollen, and had that general swollen pain. This continued and now my biggest toe is starting to do the same thing. What could be causing this?

    • ANSWER:
      If you recently went in the cold weather without proper shoes, it could be chiblains. But you really should let a doctor look at it in case you have an infection like cellulitis.

    2 year olds big toe is bright red and very swollen, I don't know what is wrong with it?
    My little girls toe has been red and swollen for about a week now. When I first noticed it I wasn't too worried and I thought I would leave it for a few day expecting it to heal up itself. Now I have made a docotrs appointment but can't get in until tomorrow. It seems to be getting worse, its alot brighter red than it was to start with and it looks shiny. I keep looking at it today and think it looks like it has a tinge of purple but when I look closer it just looks red still, but maybe it is slowly turning purple?
    I don't think its an ingrown tonail because the nail doesn't appear to be curved in or anything.
    I don't know what has caused it there are no signs of a cut or a bite, and as far as I know she hasn't dropped anything on it.
    I give it a slight squeeze to see if its causing her pain and she says 'sore' but doesn't cry out or pull away or anything to indicate it is anymore than just slightly sore.
    Sorry to go on just trying to give as much info as possible.
    So has anyone got any idea what could be wrong with my daughters toe? Any suggestions for how I can look after it until we go to the doctor? I am thinking if it starts turning purple I should take her straight to ER..
    At the moment I am soaking it in warm salty water a few times during the day, putting aniseptic cream on it and have it wrapped lightly in a bandage just to keep it padded and protected. Not sure if any of this will help but at least I am doing someting.
    The whole toe is swallon, not just the tip.

    No it is not hot to touch.

    • ANSWER:

    TOES- red, itchy, swollen, puss!!! PLEASE HELP?
    in and around febuary both of my big toes really started bothering me, they began to swell up and were red.

    as the months have gone on, its gotten worse.
    in the beginning of may only my left toe had a constant pain. by right toe only hurt when you pushed on the area of the nail.

    my doctor gave my some anti- botics and they pain went away.
    then i rubbed the left toe for like a minute cause it was itchy, and 2 seconds later a huge blister appered! it was soo wired.

    anyway, NOW only my left toe is hurting. its been about 2weeks of constant pain. its not so itchy but its red and theres always yellow dried puss. if i squeeze it white puss appears.

    if you look at my toes it almost looks like the skin around my toenail is eating away at itt.

    i used to have super loong nails, but now they look tiny!
    the nail also looks yellow, and there is a patch of a white, creamy section on my nail too.


    • ANSWER:
      What about toenail fungus? The nails are yellow with fungus.

    Stabbed little toe with toothpick, swollen, sore and red?
    Last night, there was a toothpick laying on the floor. As I was walking, I had the misfortune of driving it a good 3 or 4 millimeters or so into my pinky toe. (I think it hit the bone, sure felt like it). It was a bit hard to pull out and hurt like the dickens. I awoke this morning to find it in a lot of pain. I had my father check it out and he said since there's no pus coming out, it's not infected. I checked the toothpick and found there was no part of it broken off, so there's nothing left inside what's now a small, but deep hole located in the crevace between my pinky toe and foot. However, after a full day of being on my feet, I took my sock off to see that my pinky toe has become quite swollen and red. There's still no pus, and the pain isn't horribly unbearable, but I'm quite honestly scared, and I guess I just need someone to settle my worries. Will my toe be okay? I won't have to get it cut open or amputated or anything will I?
    All answers so far are good. You guy's have done your job. I'm not one to vote for best answer, I let the public do that. Thanks all!

    • ANSWER:
      Stay off of it and wrap it in gauze if you need to wear shoes. Pop some Advil if you need to. You'll be fine.

    three days ago my 7 month old daughter dropped her toy on my baby toe it is now swollen and red?
    is it broken. I have it taped right now it hurts to walk i gotta kinda walk on the inside of my foot . i also wanted to know if it is broken what could i do to ease the pain my brother is getting married in 8 days and i gotta wear heels. any suggestions???????
    it was a toy tractor that goes with her exersaucer about as big as a shoe box plays music
    my toes has a dark purple ring all the way around

    • ANSWER:
      It might be broken. I broke my baby toe back in January by tripping over one of my daughter's larger toys. Is the toe visibly disfigured? Does moving it at produce a grinding/grating sound?

      There's not much that can be done for a broken baby toe. Just remember RICE:
      R - Rest
      I - Ice
      C - Compression
      E - Elevation

      I would recommend finding another pair of shoes to wear to the wedding if the pain hasn't lessened by then. Also keep the baby toe buddied up to the next one over with medical tape. Place a bit of cotton gauze between the two toes to avoid chafing and rubbing.

    Why does my toenail hurt so bad and its red and swollen?
    I had an accident about 10 years ago and since then my one toenail grew back thick and yellow (fungus)
    Started having pain in it just last night and its been hurting pretty bad today. It hurts just by the nailbed areas (so its not an ingrown nail)
    Its red, hot and swollen, I can barely move my toe. What could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      are you sure it's not an ingrown nail?

      often with nails like yours (my mommy calls it fungi nails) the thickness of your nails take up too much of your toenail space, and it starts to grow inward, often poking, irritating, or cutting through your toe flesh....

    Do I have an infected toe-if so whats the best thing to cure it?
    Yesterday my shoes rubbed and caused a blister, then it popped and i thought it was the end of it, however today ive woken up with a swollen red toe that is very very painful - even just walking around the house causes extream pain as well as not moving my foot at all. Please help
    stacey xxx

    • ANSWER:
      This may gross you out a bit, but it's how I fixed my infected ingrown toenail. I took a sharpened awl out of the shed and stuck it into my toe to the base of where the nail had grown in. It hurt a great deal. I then forced the ingrown part upward by levering it with the point of the awl and cutting with nail scissors. This hurt even more. There was quite a lot of blood and pus. I then bathed the toe in methylated spirits to kill all the germs and but a bandage on it. I retreated it with metho the following morning and evening. Walking was agony but it did heal. My wife now refuses to let me perform DIY surgery. Use an antiseptic foot bath to kill the bacteria and dress the wound. Change it regularly and continue to apply antiseptic. You may like to take a couple of painkillers also.

    sore swollen red tender to touch little toe whats wrong?
    In my family our little toes curve in slighty it comes from my mums side. They are also bulbous looking on the outside where it is bent. Mine has started to curve more in wards on my right foot so the top part of my little toe is curved more out to the side and now causing me problems with shoes as it is rubbing against them and become sore. It feels very sore to touch if I press it my bone feels bruised. When you look at it there is a clear see through patch of skin and below that it looks like fluid may have formed below the skin I have tried to pierce through but then there isn't any sign of fluid there (maybe it is trying to protect my bone but because it is swollen and so tender it is causing me havoc when wearing shoes and walking as iam always in pain even in comfy plimsolls or trainers. Obviously need to go and see the doctor getting an appointment is impossible these days especially when you work long hours I have tried looking on the net but nothing seems to be what I've got? just wondering if any one could explain what's wrong or had any suggestions?!?

    • ANSWER:
      i like the way you say mom, mum

      haha sorry

      move to the US you can see a doc here

    my pinky toe hurts, and a lot. its red and pretty swollen. what to do?
    everyone has told me its broken and it will fix but its been that way for about...2 months? Its swollen and slightly redder. Sometimes i get a random pain spike during the day if im wearing shoes. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    Big-toe pain..?
    Okay, here's the deal...
    My big toe on my right foot is throbbing very badly on the right side where the nail meets the skin. I really don't think it is ingrown toe-nail because it actually starts bleeding and having this white, nasty fluid come out sometimes when I get done walking. It is very painful. At the moment, here are some of the things i noticed...

    -Right side of my right big toe where nail meets skin, is swollen, red, and sometimes bleeds when I get done walking (hurts to walk lol).

    Now, about a few weeks ago, I did try getting rid of an ingrown toe-nail, but I guess I was being stupid and cut myself there by accident (yes I know, OWCH!). Now I didn't know it could be infected, so I just ignored it (even though it still hurt), and I just went on with my day the next morning. I put on shoes socks, etc. I come home everyday after that, big pain lol. I think it could be an infection. Can someone help me with helping stop the pain?
    also, wat happens if I used Benadryl Itch stopping gel. It says it may be applied to minor burns, sunburns, minor skin irritations, minor cuts, scrapes, rashes due to poison ivy/oak.. I'm really not into this whole doctor stuff = ...

    • ANSWER:
      It IS infected. You need to wash it with warm soapy water 2-3 times a day and put antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) on it and cover it with a band aid. You can take ibuprofen (Motrin) for the pain as directed. If you do this for about a week and it doesn't get better, go to the doctor so they can culture the drainage. Good luck.

    I have an infection in my toe from where I had removed an ingrown toe nail how can I treat it at home?
    Its horribly painful and pus has been coming out on occasion how can I treat this at home the side of my toe is swollen, red and has sharp pain

    • ANSWER:
      You need to draw the infection out using a poultice. Here's 2 methods: one from a fancy website and the other courtesy of my mother (tried and tested by me more than once).

      "Bread and Milk poultice - These work very well for infections and boils. Simply heat milk and add a bit of bread, wrap in gauze or cheese cloth and place on cut or wound. Use as hot as you can stand it. Repeat a few times a day as long as necessary. It works pretty fast and often much better than over the counter products."

      Read more:

      You can also use hot water instead of milk - put a slice of bread in a bowl and pour hot water (as hot as possible) on it. For the dressing, use an old clean sock (those odd socks came in handy sometimes) and cut it up as needed. Cut a thin long strip of sock to use to tie it off. Place a small bit of the bread against your toe and let it mold to your toe for a min, pressing it gently in place. Cover with the 'sock-bandage' and secure. Do this in the evening or at night before bed - might want to put another sock on over it to help keep the bandage in place. In the morning, remove, clean and put a bandaid on it to keep it clean during the day and repeat the poultice again at night; with a fresh bit of bread and a fresh 'sock-bandage' (very technical term lol) . If you can repeat the poultice a few times a day then so much the better but if not just keep the area clean and protected during the day.

      When you remove the poultice you will notice the bread has hardened and discolored - this is good, this is the infection being drawn out. You may need to do this a few times before it's healed but this method will work. I've had a couple of nasty cuts get infected before (on my finger, but I'm sure this method will work on a toe too) and my mother taught me this. Its not very pleasant but it works! And it works using things that you already have around the house. One thing though, it's very important that the water/bread is as hot as you can stand it - almost boiling but not so much so that it will burn you. Once you've put the bread against the cut, hold it in place and don't take it away. Hold it for a min before wrapping it. I know its messy but it really does work.

      Best of luck! Hope you feel better soon

    Swollen toe/numbness...what is it?
    For probably about 2-3 months now I have noticed some changes in my right foot.

    it started as pain and was somewhat red and swollen. I mentioned it to dr but he never really thought much of it I guess and said not to worry about it.

    Lately it has been feeling really numb though and still's starting to worry me.

    Any idea what it could be?

    • ANSWER:
      Try calling your family doctor for him to recommend a good foot doctor if they cant help you :)

    Pain and swelling in one toe?
    For the past two weeks I have had pain and swelling in my middle toe. It is red and tender. I also have psoriatic arthritis in a few of my joints. I'm wondering if my toe may be fractured or what? I think I stubbed it a few weeks ago. What should I do? Can't go to the doctor today, but I will soon ...

    • ANSWER:
      its most likely a sprain. if you cant flex it at all then its a fracture. keep it iced till a you see a doctor. the longer you wait the worst it will most likely get. hope you get better :)

    How do I stop the pain in my ingrown toe nail?
    I have an ingrown toenail. It's on the big toe and I keep kicking everything because its clumsy. It hurts now because about a month ago I was too brave and I was annoyed by minor pains there so I cut my nail back on the side to about half of its length. Now it really hurts and red and a tad swollen. I do not want to see a specialist because I want to swim and run this summer. What do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend seeing a specialist because its not going to get any better. I have had 2 before and once i had them sorted it was so much better and they were healed withing about 2/3 weeks. If you don't your not going to be doing any running until you do.

    Help!Toe swollen and discolored?
    My bf was working overnite and he dropped a pallet of inventory on his toe. He said it hurt the first day but the second day he couldnt even walk and hes moaning in pain. He let me take off his sock and his toe is swollen, dark red with white around the nail. He says its not broken. He doesnt have insurance so dont say see a damn doctor. What can i do to help him? Aleive isnt workin either.

    • ANSWER:
      Even if his toe was broken, seeing a doctor won't be much help. All they can do is tape it and tell you to take pain medication. You can try taping it, if you feel comfortable. Have him keep it elevated and ice it for the next 2-3 days and stay off of it as much as possible. He can take up to 4 ibuprofen, which is a hospital dosage of pain medication.

    My toes are swollen and in sever pain. Can you tell me what its from.?
    My toes are swollen and in sever pain. its been like this for about a month now an when i have socks on it hurts more an when i walk the bottom of my foot under my toes hurt. my toes have a tine of purple to them but for the most part they are red an its only my 2,3 and 4 toe not all them Can you tell me what its from.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be edema (a swelling) but if it has been like this and is painful you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. By putting it off you could have serious and potentially long lasting implications of not seeking medical advise/treatment.

    Pain in my middle toe- that is not gout?
    My middle toe has recently been very red, swollen, and quite painful.
    I can't recall ever injuring it, so I suspected that it could possibly be gout (even though i'm not really a prime candidate for it.)

    Anyway, I went to an urgent care and they prescribed some sort of gout medicine, and that didn't do anything at all.

    Is there some other possible reason that my toe would hurt so much?

    • ANSWER:
      Suddenly swelling, redness, and painful sensation... These are the standard signs of a gouty inflammation. And since you said you cannot recall ever injuring it physically, then most probably the problem rooted from within, which is the formation of uric acid crystals.

      I don't know on what basis that you were so sure that you are not really a prime candidate for gout. As a matter of fact, most gout victims do not believe they are actually suffering from gout when they get their first attack. When was the last time you went for a blood test? What is your blood serum uric acid level? Well, even though your blood uric acid level is within the healthy range, that doesn't mean you are free from gout. This is because there is no where you can tell the amount of uric acid hidden in the area outside the blood stream, especially when it is deep inside the synovial fluid of you joints.

      As a matter of fact, those gout medicine are mainly pain killers. None of them work in eliminating th uric acid in your body. Thus, you cannot conclude that your swollen toe is not gout simply base on the fact those gout drugs doesn't work in reducing the swelling pain. Well, they never guarantee it works 100%.

      Base on my years of experience, you are having gout. There is nothing much you can do during the attack, you just have to wait for the inflammation to subside. If you really cannot stand the pain, take some pain killer of anti-inflammatory drugs such as colchicine.

      What you must focus on is how to prevent any potential gout attacks in the future. Drink more water, eat more alkalizing diet and exercise regularly to improve the blood flow that helps carry out the uric acid for disposal. Verify your gout condition with with Hidden Pre-symptoms of gout as mentioned in the following article

    Something is wrong with my toe. I can't see anything wrong, but it feels like it is swollen and there is pain?
    the nails are cut, and when I go feel it all around no pain. However, it does hurt at certain movements. It almost feels like a burn but I can't see a burn or red spot? Any idas? I am no diabetic -been 3 weeks now
    maybe a slight circular round red spot, very faint, like a burn

    • ANSWER:
      Hi,it may be the beginning of gout which is very painful as it worsens,but a simple solution get a antiboitic I think thats what he gave me, anyway the doctor would know and the pain goes away almost overnite.The other thing it may be is lyme disease,or a plantar wart. Hope you feel better!

    Big toe pain question?
    My big toe on my left foot has been hurting for about a year (more or less), and at first I just thought it was sprained or broken. And I know they don't do anything for broken toes except buddy taping, so I didn't go because I figured it would just heal eventually. But it's still hurting. Sometimes it's sharp pains, other times it kind of throbs. It often feels like it needs popped back into place. It's not red or swollen from what I've noticed, and I'm only 19, so I'm really hoping it's not gout. What do you think this is? Part of me is still wondering if maybe it was broken and is dislocated or something. I'm hoping to get a doctor appointment sometime next week - I'm just wondering what everyone thinks it is. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe a planters wart, Corn, Bunion these are all things could be problem.

    Swollen toe!! help please.?
    Okay, so on my right foot, the toe right next to the smallest one all the way to the right is swollen and it hurts really badly. ALmost to the point where I cant walk on that foot. My foot is fine though. The toe is a light red-ish/purple-ish, color. The pain is really bad and I can barley move it. It began as a small bump on the side and now the whole thing is swollen really badly. I dont know what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      u might have an ingrown toenail. i have those and my toe swells upa and turns purple red. 2 get rid of it take the pain and blood and cut the nail out as much as u can or make a doctor appintment and get it removed. either that or u stubbed it waaaaaayyyy beyond all recovery.

    My middle toe is red, itching and aching...?
    My middle toe is being a pain. This morning it started to itch like something normally would so I scratched it. The place where it all is, is right under the nail at the first joint. After scratching it, it started to ache. Thought nothing off it except maybe an allergic reaction to grass or something. About 4 hours pass and it got worse. The itch and the ache. I put some Cortizon cream on it and it doesn't help. Right now the first joint is slightly red and seems to be swollen a bit compared to my others at the joint. It's driving me crazy.

    I asked in another section and everyone kept telling me athletes foot but I don't have those symptoms.

    Have any of you ever had your fingers swell and ache from an allergic reaction? That is what my toe feels like after I scratch it, that nasty dull achy feeling.

    Anyone ever have this or know what it is?

    • ANSWER:
      something might a bit you. dont know where you live so couldnt say what it might be. try some benedryl if that doesnt help see a dr

    Foot Pain. My big toe was hurting and now it has spread to the top of my foot as well. It is a constant pain
    I didn't do anything out of the ordinary to make my big toe start hurting (ie kicking anything). Now for some reason last night the top of my foot became swollen and red and in constant pain. I'm using ice and advil right now. Any advice or reasons this may be happening. I haven't changed shoes in a while so I doubt it's that. By the way, it does hurt to try and move my big toe and right now my entire foot hurts unless it is elevated with ice to numb it. Comments will be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      If you're sure that you haven't broken, sprained or otherwise injured your toe, then it's possible that you might have gout.

    My toes are swollen and in sever pain.?
    My toes are swollen and in sever pain. its been like this for about a month now an when i have socks on it hurts more an when i walk the bottom of my foot under my toes hurt. my toes have a tine of purple to them but for the most part they are red an its only my 2,3 and 4 toe not all them Can you tell me what its from.

    • ANSWER:
      All I can say is that you should seriously get it checked out by a doctor, you could be allergic to something? Have you put anything on your feet? Have your feet been near anything that could possibly harm your feet in any way?
      I get swollen fingers from certain things I had swollen fingers yesterday because I was allergic to a certain deo called Right Guard.
      If it itches it's most likely an allergic reaction.
      If it gets worse everyday or just stings badly check a doctor.
      Book an appointment and see what they say because it's better to get it checked out than leave it alone.
      I'm no professional or anything but I do know what you should do, get it checked out get it done with they should be able to tell what's wrong with you, do what they say and then it should get better.
      Otherwise try buying products that can sooth pain down, do you walk around alot, laze around?
      If your not moving around enough you can cause bad pains in the legs etc and cut off blood supply.
      If your moving around constantly then you might need a rest, if none of this works just see a doctor, good luck.

    Can tight tendons cause painful toe swelling?
    I have mild cerebral palsy which mostly affects my right side, but also from time to time causes problems with my left leg because I depend on my left leg for walking. I've had to do more walking than I'm used to lately and as a result, am in a lot of pain. The reason I ask this question is because I've had a pulling pain going through the back of my left leg [as my right one does on a regular basis if I do too much] that goes right up the middle of my foot and middle toe. Since the pain started the middle toe has become red and swollen. Could this be because of the cerebral palsy, or is it possible I may have done some other sort of damage to my toe? Advice would be much appreciated I'm really in a lot of pain, it hurts to walk. Thanks.
    Preferably proper advice not these spam 'try this' links please!

    • ANSWER:
      I have very mild C.P too.
      If I do more walking,like more then I'm used too. I get very sore and sometimes if I hit my foot off of something by accident, it becomes swollen because I have a pin in it. But I can think that it's possible because the more you use your legs the more tense they get and maybe that's why they hurt. It happens to me all the time and then they sometimes spaz. :( So I think that it's possible.
      Your legs/foot could be tired from all the walking.

      I hope that helps. :)

    Why have I got itchy, red swollen patches on my feet?
    The last 3 weeks I have had red, swollen itchy patches on my feet. They can become very painful, to the point where I am limping around.
    The area that itches and is swollen can move each day, around the toes, by my ankle, on the side, on the sole, and from foot to foot. The skin is not broken or flaky.
    It is driving me insane, partly because of the itching and partly because of the swelling and pain.
    I have been prescribed anti-fungal cream, and 2 different steroid creams, which have been no help as yet!
    Does any one have any ideas as to what could be causing it, and what might help.
    Thank you!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It might that because the area around the foot can easily be moist from your shoe, skin can become very itchy and loose because of contact with liquid. I have a foot which is extremely flaky, and sometimes when it gets to itchy, I get the red patches. All because of the itching.

      It is best that what you are doing know will help the patches heal, avoid scratching them and maybe wear thin light socks

    I was hammering metal and a chard went into my leg near my calf, now my leg is swollen and red.?
    I was hammering metal and a chard went into my leg near my calf. My leg is red and swollen and for some reason my big toes is having sharp pains/burning. What shold I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the hospital. That metal needs to come out. You will likely get an infection if you don't

    What else could be causing my toe pain besides gout?
    I believe I have been misdiagnosed with gout in my big toe after doing research. However, the toe still hurts, but it's not red or swollen. Even hurts when I move it up/down; mildy squeeze; wear shoes with 11/2" heals or walk a lot. Took 3 different meds for gout which hurt stomach, but toe never felt any better. My uric acid level that day was 10.9 which is why Dr gave me those meds.This has been a problem for over two years, so to me that's one more reason it can't be gout. before I go back to Dr, I would like some other help, please!

    • ANSWER:
      If your uric acid is 10.9, and your toe hurts, it's gout.

    Infected Toe? Red and warm to the touch!!!?
    The other day I was walking out of my kitchen and stubbed my toe. It immediately started bleeding and was throbbing. I cleaned it and put a band-aid on it, which I would change daily after I would take a shower. This being about 4-5 days ago, it's swollen and red now all around my big toe. It's very tender and warm to the touch. I was in so much pain last night that I could hardly sleep. It felt like a constant throbbing. There was a bit of yellow stuff coming out of the side of it when I put pressure on it.

    HELP! Any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:

    Infected Toe? Red/Purple and warm to the touch.?
    The other day I was walking out of my kitchen and stubbed my toe. It immediately started bleeding and was throbbing. I cleaned it and put a band-aid on it, which I would change daily after I would take a shower. This being about 4-5 days ago, it's swollen and red now all around my big toe. It's very tender and warm to the touch. I was in so much pain last night that I could hardly sleep. It felt like a constant throbbing. There was a bit of yellow stuff coming out of the side of it when I put pressure on it.

    Any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      i am in 2nd yr medical college, so i hope this helps =]
      the yellow oozing sounds as if it is Pus, it is nothing but the dead white blood cells, dead bacteria etc. the redness, pain and such is all associated with Inflammation.
      Pus is in fact a good sign, it is a sign that shows your Immunity is indeed working =] Pus is the after kill of the function of your WBC which is to destroy foreign bodies by phagocyte or pinocytosis. which is what we are in the process of learning now! =] to state the obvious, please see your doctor right away, as online help in infections or such as this might be can not be diagnosed. If the stabbing contact contact was with rust, it could lead to Tetanus, which in no way could be examined online lol
      please consult your doctor and seek treatment right away.

    Infected toe? Red & Warm to touch!!?
    The other day I was walking out of my kitchen and stubbed my toe. It immediately started bleeding and was throbbing. I cleaned it and put a band-aid on it, which I would change daily after I would take a shower. This being about 6 days ago, it's swollen and red now all around my big toe. It's very tender and warm to the touch. I was in so much pain last night that I could hardly sleep. It felt like a constant throbbing. There was a bit of yellow stuff coming out of the side of it when I put pressure on it.

    Any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I would defently say, get it checked out tomarrow. But for now, put ice on it for the swelling. Hmm, I really dont know what this might be, the other day i cut my nail that was growing outward and it came infected, but its only warn, probley from blood. I would say get it checked out because im preaty sure the yellow stuff is eather puss or and infection. Hope this gets better!