Swollen Painful Ankles Legs

Swollen legs can be a particularly painful condition. While it may arise from a host of reasons, the most common factors causing it include deep vein thrombosis (DVT), phlebitis, varicose veins, venous ulceration and as a post-surgery complication. Of these, swelling of legs due to varicose veins is very common. The condition has been found to make a large number of men and women of varying ages suffer in addition to facing gradual deterioration in mobility.

So, what exactly are varicose veins? Why do legs swell when you have a condition involving varicose veins? Well, these important questions need to be answered first, before delving into a discussion on the various options for treating swelling of legs.

To state simply, varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins, lying close to the skin's surface and causing legs to get swollen due to their abnormal engorgement. The word 'varicose' itself comes from the Latin root 'varix' which means 'twisted'. It is important to realize here that varicose veins do not signify any special group of veins. In fact, any vein can become varicose. However, the veins in our lower limbs are the ones that usually get affected most. This is largely due to the great amounts of pressure that these veins are regularly subjected to as we stand upright and walk about.

It is unfortunate that many of us tend to look at swollen legs due to varicose veins as a cause for little concern. In many cases, it is even considered a cosmetic concern that does not require any expert medical attention. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Varicose veins, if left untreated for long in the hope that they would go away on their own, can quickly lead to more serious complications, including a great degree of pain and discomfort. They may also signal a higher risk of other disorders of the circulatory system.

Support stockings are among the best means of treating the condition and are great for providing relief from all the associated pain and discomfort. Medical compression stockings work by applying graduated compression, highest at the ankle and gradually reducing towards the top of the stocking. This encourages venous blood to flow back up the leg and provides lasting relief. In fact, routine wearing of medical compression stockings has been shown to help in preventing the symptoms of varicose veins to appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

    my niece is suffering with very painful swollen legs and ankles?
    she cant do her shoes up and legs/feet feel like their on fire all the time, also her stomach is swollen and she constantly feels sick, her hands sieze up as well. her doc just prescribed amitryptiline and wasnt really interested and said its to do with her nerves!!
    she is worried sick as she is 33 and a mother of 3 young girls. i advised her to seek another opinion, can anyone shed any light on this please, shes in bits over it.

    • ANSWER:
      If the prescription is not working after a few days she should seek another opinion. This is not normal.

    What causes legs, & ankles to swell? Mine are Now Permanatly swollen & painful?
    my legs, & ankles as well as My feet are always swollen.. but get worse when Im sitting In any position.. they also hurt alot. I feel like there Is arthritis in my ankles as they sometimes get painful to walk. I have already checked with my dr for Clots.. ( there are none they say) but why do they still hurt & why are they so swollen? also i have RLS( restless leg syndrom) at night.. what can i do about that too? nothing helps...

    • ANSWER:
      It could be one of a variety of causes. Arthritis for example, oedema (fluid retention), bad circulation. You say they get worse when you're in a sitting position, why don't you raise your feet when you're sitting down.

      You should go back to your doctor and ask him to run some tests. You could also start taking some "water retention herbal pills". I took these years ago and they were great.

      Normally water retention and bad circulation don't hurt. Arthritis causes a lot of pain in the limb and any area affected. Which makes me think it's more arthritis than anything else. This can be confirmed in a blood test.

      Good luck

    Neuropathy, can't touch own ankles, swollen legs and water sweeping through. extremely painful?

    • ANSWER:
      time to make out a will

    aching legs swollen and painful feet?
    im only 34 n this problem is destroying my life i can only walk for about 10 Min's and my legs start to really ache from the hip down then my ankles swell up and become painful then my feet and toes swell up my feet become so painful i cant put my feet down down this can last weeks at a time before the swelling on my feet goes down when i get in bed my legs really become painful and feel really strange ive taken painkillers and eat loads of bananas so its not low potassium

    • ANSWER:
      I hate doctors, but every now and then you have to get things checked out. I think I would even see one, If I had those symptons. You're too young to be having those problem. where do you get the pain killers ? apparently they aren't working. seriously , get it checked out. Good Luck.

    swollen feet, ankles and legs.?
    i am only 3 days away from my due date and i have got very swollen feet, ankles and legs which are painful when i walk especially on a morning when i first wake up. i have had this for a good few weeks now or even longer but the midwife say there is nothing to worry about but i'm not really convinced. has anybody else had or got this sympton while pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      Get to the doctor now. If your legs are that swollen, you most likely have preeclampsia. I had pre-eclampsia so severe I had to be in the hospital for 3 weeks. Those symptoms are exactly what I had.

      If you worry, go to a pharmacy and get your blood pressure checked. If it's high at all, get a second opinion from your doctor, not just your midwife.

      Preeclampsia is a VERY serious complication and shouldn't be just ignored. Good luck and kudos to you for not ignoring it!

    Swollen, Painful Legs from possible blood clot or something else?
    I may have a blood clot in my leg, and both of my legs are in severe pain, like someone took a sledgehammer and beat the crap out of them, especially the right one which the ultrasound yesterday revealed there was a lack of circulation. My pain starts around 3pm in the afternoon. I won't get into the doctor until the 19th to get my results of the ultrasound and the CT scan. My right ankle and foot are painfully swollen and I'm limping. This particular symptom started today. Is there anything I can do or take to reduce the swelling and pain? The Darvocet that my doctor prescribed isn't do anything. Could this be a symptom of something else than blood clots? Is there anything I can do or take to reduce the swelling and pain? Please help! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm glad your going to the Dr. and I don't know why he didn't give you advice on how to take care of yourself until he next sees you. Try lying down and elevating you feet so they are higher than your chest. When they are not swollen and in pain begin an exercise program that involves elevating you heart rate don't overdo. when you see your Dr. ask him for an exercise program that right for you.

    While you were pregnant, did you ever suffer from sore & swollen feet, ankles & legs (below the knee) at all?
    If so, how did you cope with it all?

    Did you do or take anything specific to alleviate those painful (and sometimes terribly itchy) symptoms?

    How much time did you have to wait after the birth of your baby before your feet, ankles and lower legs went back to their original shape and size?

    It's so unsightly too, isn't it?

    I feel like a balloon or even an elephant at times, lol!

    P.S. I'm 37 weeks into my gestational period by the way.

    Thank you so much for your time!

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, i get this even if i walk around for 10 minutes. My ankles get really swollen and if i walk about alot, so do my legs (below knee), the best thing to do is relax and put your feet up (quite literally!!) so the circulation is increased... but if it becomes very regular, then see your GP as this can be a sign of pre-eclapsemia (dont know if thats how u spell it) but u certainly dont want to take risks with swollen ankles coz it can increase your blood pressure

      so keep an eye on things and dont hesitate to tell your doctor/midwife

      hope this helps

    swollen legs and ankles from sunburn?
    so my boyfriend has a horrible sunburn his legs and arms are almost a dark purple red color. He went to the doctor and the doctor said he has 2nd degree burns and what they call 'sun poisoning' and there wasn't anything they could do but give him pain pills. His ankles look like softballs and he can't even get up to walk. What can he do to make this less painful so he can get back on his feet? He has been in pain for four days.
    you have no right to call my boyfriend a jackass.

    • ANSWER:
      Aloe will help relieve the pain and draw out some of the redness. You can get the lotion at any pharmacy or walmart or anything like that. And then just keep a cold compress on the swollen areas. And then of course take tylenol to relieve the pain a bit. It's also good to take tylenol for a fever (which is possible from a sunburn). Just try to keep him comfortable in any way you can. And keep him hydrated! His skin is dehydrated and he needs lots of water. I know it sounds odd, but dehydration causes swelling so have him drink cold water, use lots of aloe, and ice packs or cold compresses on the swollen areas. I hope this helps!

    35 weeks pregnant with swollen feet, ankles, and legs?
    I've been mentioning this to my Dr for some time now and only says its normal. I have decreased salt and drink nothing but water and juice. I do not have high blood pressure but condition is getting worse and worse. My feet are to the point where they are painful to walk on, and feel like they are about to pop. Anyone been through this...I've tried everything from resting to diet and it's only getting worse. I know swelling is normal but this is beyond normal to me and others. PLEASE HELP!

    • ANSWER:

    Swollen ankles and restless legs!?
    I'm 33 weeks with my second, for the past few weeks my ankles have been swollen, lately they're really bad and slightly painful - could this be anything more than water retention?
    I've got midwife on Tuesday to get a check up anyway but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same?
    I can hardly sleep at night as my feet and legs are so restless! Thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      You have them because you and dlbs DON'T COME AND TALK TO ME ANY MORE *sobs uncontrollably*

      I had them, and I literally had heat packs (with a little lavender in them) on my feet all the time. Plus keep your feet elevated, it helps. Easier said than done, when you have a toddler, I know.

    How can urine acid cause painful leg swelling?
    65 year old brother has been having swollen legs from knees down to ankles for 2 years. Doctor says it is caused by urine acid. He prescribed some medication but it's not helping him.
    He did not give him any other advice.
    Comments please.
    Chris: Thanks for the correction. English is his second launguage, so he misunderstood uric for urine. Now I know where to look for further info.

    • ANSWER:
      Your brother most likely has "Uric Acid" problems, if the 'doctor' has any idea what he's talking about. Uric acid forms in many people, and tends to settle around joints, such as the knee, ankle, and big toe. This is a very, very old complaint. In fact, in bygone days, it was called gout and they thought it was due to drinking alcohol. Some quacks still hold to this belief.

      Is your brother diabetic, over weight, or being treated for hypertension (high BP)? If so, uric acid could be the problem, but there are others. Diabetics tend to have swelling of the legs, poor circulation, and so on. There is a simple test for this problem (examine the blood for uric acid crystals), and then treat. But, as with anything, the medicine may or may not work, since we're all slightly different. And, if it isn't uric acid, then it won't work. There are home remedies that may work, such as vinegar. Also, watching what he eats may help. Alcohol can cause flare up, but not in everyone. Some foods can cause it to flare up as well. I doubt I have space here to list everything, but you can check online at some of the medical sites to see if you know anything he does that may trigger bouts with it.

      If it is 'gout,' the pain can be intense. You may try raising the legs, such as in a recliner or using pillows in bed, to about a 20 degree incline. This works with most leg problems, from varicose veins to swelling, and in both men and women.

      They may be other medicine to try on the market, but you may need to see another quack, er, doctor. Sadly, today, too many are so stuck-on-themselves that they won't admit they may be wrong, or that you may be different (and their training is thus wrong) in such a way that the medicine doesn't work. And, since your doctor was so helpful in giving advice, I suspect this is the case. A good doctor should take the time to answer any questions you have about your condition, and alternative treatments, when available, but that is not always the case.

      Example. I 40-year-old man was taken to the ER for extreme pain in his right foot. He had no idea what happened to it, other than it started hurting the day before, began swelling, turned a blushed or reddish color, and finally made him seek medical attention since he could not walk and even "air touching it hurt." The doctor immediately declared it was gout, order a test to confirm it, and went out to write this in the man's medical charts. Even though the man did not drink, the doctor wrote that the man was drinking and set off an attack of gout. When the test came back without the expected uric acid results, but an elevated white blood cell count, the doctor assumed it was wrong, and held his opinion. Two days later, the man noticed that his foot was returning to a normal color, and the swelling was leaving. At this point, he noticed a small red place on the arch of his foot. When it was examined closer, it was found to be a bite or sting site. This, with the allergy to insect bites and the elevated white BC count, lead to the actual cause of the problem, a spider bite, that happened while the man was sleeping. It may just have been luck that the man was diabetic, which kept the poison from spreading and thus causing a more severe reaction, that could have been fatal. The lack of uric acid and elevated white blood count should have suggested something else was wrong, but... The 'doctor' who found the problem was not a doctor, but an Army medic, formerly, and he credited it with 'luck' and not his training. But, as I have seen often enough, usually the EMT and 'lesser' trained people can do better than the inflated ego doctors, and their big incomes.

      There are a number of causes to swelling legs. A complete history should suggest some alternatives, from poor circulation on up. A second opinion would be your best option, I think. And, keeping the legs elevated should help some, regardless of the cause.

      Hope he gets to feeling better.

    On neurtontin/gabapentin & have extremly bad swelling in my lower legs,ankles and feet. Is this normal etc...?
    put on neurontin a couple months ago and didnt have any side effects. Began to abuse it to get high, went to my docotor and told her (i've been clean for acouple yrs. and didnt want to fck things up with this stupid med) now i've been tapering off from taking 9 600mgs pills aday and now at about 2400mgs.
    2 days ago out of nowhere my ankle starts swelling, by next day, my ankle is so swollen its painful to even walk, my other leg starts swelling. The fluid was so much that it became VERY painful because my skin was so tight. I go to the Dr and she says its from the med. My ?'s are, has anyone had this happen to them? WHy would it start now after being on it for months and now that my dose is on its way down?
    she refused to give me water pills etc..to help it, do you know why she would do that? I bought my own, helped little. Im thinking i hav no choice now but 2 just stop med cold but had bad emotional crash b4 from just stopping.cant stay swollen but afraid to just stop med too.

    • ANSWER:
      As you will know neurontin is a neuropathic pain medication and helps to block pain before it reaches the brain. It is also used as an anti-convulsant ( a drug to treat epilepsy ) these are just 2 of its reasons for being prescribed.
      You were on one heck of a dose at 9,600 mgs to get high but thankfully you realized what you were doing and went back to see your Dr. i am glad to hear of your present progress keep up the good work and you'll get there.
      Your Q regarding the oedema you are experiencing at present could be due to withdrawal from abusing the drug as not all withdrawal symptoms are the same.
      On the other hand the two could be totally unconnected as oedema is not an uncommon complaint quite the reverse and yes it is painful, excruciatingly so at times. Your Dr will possibly not give you diuretics to alleviate your oedema due to your problem with neurontin but may have given you some helpfull advise.
      If not try the following take frequent breaks from standing don't sit down and put your feet up lie down making sure your body is in total alignment so remove any cushions, pillows etc which may support your head or any other part of your body and relax for frequent but short periods of time (approx 10-15 mins) before you get up and get up slowly or you may find yourself going dizzy. If you drink alot of liquids cut down by up to half, have the same cup as always but just fill it slightly less this way you still feel u are drinking the same amount.
      If it helps you any i am also taking neurontin to help with the pain of a degenerative spinal complaint and have done so for roughly 10 yrs but not in the dosage you are. I also suffer from almost constant oedema and have done so for the past 5 yrs as my condition worsens the neurontin and oedema in my case are completely unrelated but connected purely by my spinal condition.
      I am prescribed diuretics but only use very seldom i discovered support bandages and prefer to wear these as they give a really good support to my lower limbs and work just as well. I recently discovered they sold them in Tesco's so decided to give them a try not expecting too much. I was really suprised when they turned out to be just as good as the others i'd used for a fraction of the price!!!.

    Why are my legs so painful and cold?
    For many many months now I have had very painful ankles. Whenever I get up, even after a short while the pain in my ankles is immense. I have also been unable to walk with my right foot completely on the floor for some time as it hurts. Also for the last 3 days both my legs have felt really really cold from the ankle up to the knee. I don't have any swelling, redness or have had a fall recently. Any ideas as to what could be the matter?
    I am 26 but I am over weight by bout 5 stone. Could this be my body telling to get off my fat backside and do something bout it?
    I am calling the doctors on Monday. But I have things going through my head of having to wear support tights which I have to say I will not wear. I am 26 not 206.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like really poor circulation, make a visit to your physician.
      I would recommend exercising but that's after consulting your doctor.

    Painful legs and ankle from too much activity?
    I never use to be really active. But now that I've moved to the city I've been more active then ever. I have to walk everywhere because we don't have a car and the buses only come in the morning and afternoon and are too far apart. The closest shopping centre is about 2.5k away, so I have to walk there and back. We've been here about 3 weeks now. I've been active nearly everyday.

    My legs are hurting a lot. Even after a good night's rest they hurt. But now my ankles are hurting. My right ankle is worse. It's swollen, and if I put any pressure on it, it has this weird feeling. It's kinda painful, but it's also like numb with pins and needles as well. I can also sometimes feel the blood vessels constrict. It's painful and kinda scary.

    Does anyone know why my ankle has gone like this? If there's anything I can do to relief these feelings? And if there's anyway I can prevent it?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I have good news!

      The good news is, the PAIN is actually good for you! This shows that your muscles are regainig plenty of stregth from all the exercise you have been doing! :D You'll just have to try to deal with the pain for a few days and you'll feel much more alive afterwards! Your muscles will get much stronger as time progesses. You're body probably isn't use to your new active body whihc pretty much explains whyou have extreme pain than usual. But I suggest you should at least take a day off from work to let the muscles rest. it's bad if you overdo this every single day. Rest is also important.

    swollen feet n ankles with high potassium-can it be?
    I was recently released from the hospital 2 weeks ago for high potassium levels and a new blood pressure pill in hand to take. Now I have from this 2 day weekend off, swollen feet and ankles with legs hurting every step. I am sure legs are swollen too. They are painful in these areas especially sitting up or walking-the stairs drive me crazy.I have legs up in the air-flat on back as I lay down. I can't get in the medical clinic till Wednesday nor can I miss work which is this afternoon. I am a liver transplant reciprocate since 2001 with no issues from the liver.Please answer if it could be high potassium and with a quick cure. I have tried ice with feet in air but no response.

    • ANSWER:
      you need a doctor asap

    My sister and I have the same exact symptoms?
    the only weird thing about it is that we live 800 miles away from each other? She texted me yesterday telling me she thinks she has fybromyalgia and I asked her why ... long story short we've been going through the exact same thing!! It's really really odd... we've always had similar pains though in the same body parts at the same time and NO we aren't twins even though everyone thinks we are (we look a whole lot alike)

    anyway the pains are as follows

    very swollen PAINFUL legs/ankles & feet... (not pitting adema?)
    very stiff and painful joints from the lower back on down
    extremely dry skin (not even lotion helps?)
    we're both about to start our periods but this has never happened to either one of us before??
    we've both been eating relatively healthy with a few fast food moments in between and have both managed to GAIN weight rather than maintain or weight???? (i'm talking 15-20lbs in the last 2 months)

    i have no idea what could be wrong at first i thought i had diabetes ... but now my sister is having the same EXACT symptoms???? it's so weird???

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a doctor who has treated people with fibromyalgia as this disease is sometimes mistaken for arthritis and other infamatory illnesses.
      You and your sister might be eating something that your both allergic to. Compare notes as to what it might be. Wheat and dairy foods have been known to cause allergic reactions in people, especially as one gets older and the immune system isn't up to par.

    my sister and i have the same weird symptoms?
    the only weird thing about it is that we live 800 miles away from each other? She texted me yesterday telling me she thinks she has fibromyalgia and I asked her why ... long story short we've been going through the exact same thing!! It's really really odd... we've always had similar pains though in the same body parts at the same time and NO we aren't twins even though everyone thinks we are (we look a whole lot alike)

    anyway the pains are as follows

    very swollen PAINFUL legs/ankles & feet... (not pitting adema?)
    very stiff and painful joints from the lower back on down
    extremely dry skin (not even lotion helps?)
    we're both about to start our periods but this has never happened to either one of us before??
    we've both been eating relatively healthy with a few fast food moments in between and have both managed to GAIN weight rather than maintain or lose weight???? (i'm talking 15-20lbs in the last 2 months)

    i have no idea what could be wrong at first i thought i had diabetes or maybe hypothyroidism... but now my sister has the same EXACT symptoms???? it's so weird???

    • ANSWER:
      There is NO SWELLING with Fms

      you need to have your thyroid checked--thsi is a big cause of weight gain and can cause widespread pain

    How to relieve swelling in legs and ankles?
    I'm about 23 weeks pregnant now and the past couple weeks my legs and ankles swell up. Mostly it's my left leg that swells. One day it was so bad I was in tears. I go to school from 8am to about 3pm. My legs never really start swelling until around 12:30. I can't put my feet up because I'm in class. Sometimes it's so painful to walk up and down the stairs when my legs are like this. When I get home and lay down the swelling goes down but today my left leg is still a little swollen. What can I do to get through the day?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm 33 weeks & have not had swelling yet... I drink plenty of fluids especially WATER the water keeps your skin nice as it stretches and keeps you from swelling (youll lose the retained water after pregnancy usually 4lb in the first week! well you could recline your legs up as much as you can and take it easy but your so early in the pregnancy that the swelling may only get worse.

    My son is 8 months old and my right ankle is still swollen and painful. Is this serious?
    I had a normal pregnancy with no complications until right after birth when my blood pressure plummeted to 70/42. It came back up in about a day and since then has been fine. The leg that is swollen also has formed numerous spider veins in comparison to almost none in my left leg. If this is an issue to go to a doctor about would I go to a primary care or my ob?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, I would go to the doctor... as for which one, i guess it would depend on who YOU think would handle the problem better. I for one like my OB and he always seems to take care of anything that is related to my pregnancies and if he cant he steers me in the right direction.

      Good Luck!

    Side of my leg is swollen and painful, and the top of my foot is numb and hurts alot. How do i fix it?
    Strained a muscle on the side of my foot, i think the peroneous about a week ago, yesterday i twisted my ankle and reinjured it more. Now the outer side of my leg is swollen and hurts alot, and the top of my foot to the top of my ankle feels numb (like pins and needles) and it hurts alot.

    • ANSWER:
      You can try vitamin B6 100mg daily. But usually gets better with time.

    Edema (swelling) in lower legs and ankles during summers?
    What do you do when you get swelling in your lower legs and ankles during the summers? Do you find it painful, and does it make it difficult for you to walk? What is your remedy?

    • ANSWER:
      http:Relieving and Preventing Leg Edema

      The hallmark of treatment for leg edema is to reduce the swelling, and the first line of defense: leg elevation. Elevate legs above the level of the heart, which puts minimal pressure on the backs of the knees and thighs and lower back. Just sitting in a reclining chair in front of the TV is a great way to elevate your legs. Many products, for use at home or at work, can also help reduce the swelling associated with leg edema.

      Other aids for treating leg edema include:
      Leg wedges to elevate the feet while sleeping.
      Support socks and stockings, either over-the-counter or customer-made.
      Support socks and stockings come in various gradients depending on the pressure needed, and various lengths depending on the level of the edema.
      Proper fitting shoes and socks.

      Techniques to help decrease swelling:
      Increase muscle activity with walking.
      Go out to buy new shoes in the afternoon to get the best fit.
      Avoid standing in place for long period of time.
      Avoid sitting with the feet dependent.
      Limit salt intake.
      Do not abuse diuretics, but a short-term course may be helpful.
      Do not abuse laxatives.
      Drink plenty of water.
      Avoid contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy if possible.
      Use a compressions pump to help fluid return to the blood vessels.
      If the leg edema persists or continues to worsen, please consult your physician.


    What's going on with my feet, ankles and legs?
    What's going on with my feet, ankles and legs?
    About two weeks ago, my ankles started swelling up for no apparent reason. I have had this happen in the past, but nothing to this degree. After my ankles swelled, my feet started swelling. Then they started turning red and hurting very bad. Next thing I know, my thighs are hurting, then my knees and finally my calves. Now both my legs are totally red, and they are also very taut and shiny. It is now extremely painful, I can barely walk. Also, it hurts just to barely touch any spot on my leg. My cat brushed up against me the other day and it hurt so bad.

    Now as I said before, I've had my ankles swell before, but there was never this much pain with it and the swelling usually only lasted several days. This has been going on now for about two weeks. I have seen my doctor and she said she thinks it could be postherpetic neuralgia, as I had shingles about 2 years ago. But I had no idea PHN could cause your legs to swell and turn red, etc., etc.

    I would love to hear any suggestions or advice on what this could possibly be. It's really scary because I'm only in my mid-30's and am having what seems to be a serious problem.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

    • ANSWER:
      Your problem could be specific. but swelling deals with several factor beside heart, liver, kidney damage. leaking gut, capillaires. a weakened lymph system. all these factor in. since its fluid leaking healing any system is important.

      Shingles - Other Treatment
      Postherpetic neuralgia, the most common complication of shingles, is difficult to treat. Your health professional may recommend other treatments, along with medications, to control the pain of postherpetic neuralgia.

      Other Treatment Choices
      Other treatments for postherpetic neuralgia include:

      Acupuncture, a Chinese therapy that has been used for centuries to reduce pain.
      Biofeedback, a method of consciously controlling a body function that is normally regulated automatically by the body.
      Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), a therapy that uses mild electrical current to treat pain.
      Diathermy, a therapy that uses heat to increase blood flow for pain relief.
      Psychological therapies that help you tolerate long-term pain may be helpful. These therapies can include counseling and/or relaxation techniques that teach you to shift your focus of attention away from the pain. You may want to consider going to a pain management specialist if you have not found relief from pain that interferes with your daily living.

      What To Think About
      It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of these treatments. Although the pain may last many months or years, postherpetic neuralgia is usually a self-limiting condition and with time may heal on its own.

      having a healthy diet is important you cannot eat things you just want in quanties as before. now you must feed your body with healthy choices that help heal all contributor factor of your condition.

      maybe my group diet can help as we deal in all kinds of diets. I would recommend capiallary repair and organ healing so the waterfall diet is something I recommend. I would invite you to join our group. but if you want groups with just your condition that is fine. I am sure there are out there.

    Painful, swollen, bruised ankle/fibula?
    I rolled my ankle about 3 weeks ago, and it is still very painful and very swollen. I have bruising over foot, ankle, and up my the outside of my leg. Unable to bear weight and movement is limited. X rays taken 2 weeks ago were negative. What could it be??

    • ANSWER:
      A torn ligament or damaged tendon? Soft tissue injury doesn't show up on xrays so u need to rest the ankle & use compressive thermal supports to help healing & prevent reinjury.

    Swollen ankle, painful foot arch and a red, swollen spot on calf muscle - what is it?
    I went to the clinic the other day to have a doctor look at my ankle; it was swollen, and it hurt to walk on the foot. However, alongside the ankle pain, my foot arch hurts when there's pressure on it, and a part of my calf muscle hurt to the touch, or hurt when I extended my leg. They took an x-ray, said there was nothing wrong with my ankle bones & gave me an air cast to use for a couple of weeks.

    A few days later, there's a 'tough' spot on my calf muscle -- it kind of feels like a knot -- it's a bit swollen and my ankle is still swollen, and my arch still hurts like mad when I put pressure on it.

    I have an appointment with my doctor later in the week, but I would like to find out what this is if possible so I can avoid making it worse. I don't want to go back to the clinic because they only addressed my swollen ankle and nothing else that seems to be related..

    Is it a strained muscle or a tendon? Any help would be appreciated.

    As far as the calf-muscle 'knot', it's a few inches down from my knee and over a couple of inches on the inside part of the muscle.

    Apparently the 'knot' is some swollen / irritated vein + an infection in my leg, but it's not a blood clot as I was thinking a bit ago.

    As far as the ankle and foot, it seems I irritated a previous injury & they both apparently happened around the same time -- a coincidence, but not related as per what I'm told.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you did something to the muscle or tendon. I would just take it easy till you get back to the doctor.

      I'd kinda like to know what he says because I have a sore ankle and muscle knot as well, but my arch doesn't hurt. My doctor didn't find anything.

    My ankles were swollen and one looked bruised after training?
    I had football training and towards the end I could no longer run.
    The sides of my ankle's( more like my upper feet beside the ankles) were very painful..like the leg and feet bones were hitting off each other, so I stopped.
    When I got back to the training room I seen my upper feet were both swollen, the left one was a little bigger and looked bruised.

    I think it could be because of the way I was running, my feet were pointed outwards instead of parallel to my legs.. Would this be the reason.. Thanks!! :-)

    • ANSWER:
      get it checked

    Inner ankle on left leg & arch on right leg is dark, painful, swollen, warm & tender to touch. No injury?

    • ANSWER:
      Have you recently started taking up a sport, maybe running perhaps?
      Or are you flatfooted, or make have arches that are too high up? There are too many possibilities. Your best bet is to use RICE- rest, ice (in 15 minute intervals), compression (use an ace bandage or an ankle brace/sleeve), and elevation (above heart level). If it still hurts within a week or so, it's probably time to drop in to see the doctor.

    My legs, ankles and feet swell day or night. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Why does this happen?
    I have had edema (swelling) in my legs for the last two years. No doctor has been able to specifically determine why. I have been told it is 'allopathic'. Whether I sit, stand, or lie down, the swelling is always the same or becomes worse. My skin is so tight it is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I have a prescription diaretic, nova-hydrazine, but do not like taking them.Travelling by plane is now impossible due to the extreme swelling which occurs as a result. Car rides are becoming difficult, too. My feet go numb within minutes. I am otherwise in good health, and exercise every day, walking at a speed of 4 miles per hour for an hour a day on my treadmill. I have excellent heart-lung ratio. I have been tested for diabetes (my dad has it) but it is negative. I am only 41 years old and am worried that this condition will seriously debilitate my life. I do have Sacroilitis due to Ankylosing Spondilitits, but am not sure how this is linked. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Since Ankylosing Spondylitis is in the family of rheumatic diseases, which include rheumatoid arthritis, I am guessing that part of the swelling may be due to your condition. However, my main concern is how much salt is in your diet. If you have a salt laden diet, then this will greatly effect the amount of swelling you have. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your doctor to go over your medicines (some medicines can cause swelling in some people),have a complete physical, and blood work done. Although you don't like taking the diuretic, I would further recommend that you continue to take it, so that you don't develop fluid around your heart. I hope you and your Doctor find the answer soon and that your will be comfortable again. Good Luck.

    Swelling and pain in ankles, weight gain - what is wrong with me?! Please help!?
    Over the past couple of weeks I have had very swollen, painful ankles. I have not injured my ankles at any stage. The swelling fluctuates - sometimes it is only slight, and other times it looks like a tennis ball on the outer side of each ankle. It is painful to walk.

    I went to a GP who thought it may be DVT, however this was later ruled out by ultra sound, which showed no clotting in my upper legs.

    So far I have been unable to get a diagnosis for what is causing this to occur. I also seem to have gained a lot of weight recently (10 kg), despite no change in diet or excercise program. I am beginning to get VERY worried and just want to know what is wrong with me! Any ideas on what it could be?
    Pregnancy is not possible - any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      ummm.......I think you are pregnant!

      I really wouldn't know, but you should go to web md and enter in all of your symptoms and it will pull up some conditions that you might have.

    What foods or herbs have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties for pain and swelling of joints and legs?
    I have a disc in my spine that is pressing on nerves that are affecting my legs (soreness, weakness, etc in muscles and joints). Also have painful swelling in knees and ankles. Have been to all types of doctors, had P.T., epidural injections, steroid injections, etc. I have been on Prednisone, which in large doses did help, but because of the bad effects they can have on the body after long term use I want to find some sort of alternative method to ease my pain. I also want to avoid any type of back surgery, I cannot stand or walk for long periods of time, and have a problem rising from a sitting position.
    The pain in my legs can best be described as the type of pain someone would get who would have pain in their muscles and joints from overdoing excersise or running several miles when not used to it......just worse. It is pure torture to spend the day at work....getting up and down from the chair, getting in and out of a car....I am 59.

    • ANSWER:
      There are several alternative meds for pain and swelling. These are herbs and phytonutirents in foods. Herbs include tumeric and ginger. These have a tremendous anti inflammatory effect. Pineapple has an ingredient known as bromelain. This too has effects on inflammation and pain. You should be able to find several articles on these foods. Another important supplement is fish oil. This as been found to affect the inflammatory cascade associated with arthritis.

      However, you injuries seem to be disc related. I would of course recommend the above, but intermittent traction is the best treatment for you symptoms. These are therapies like VAX-D. I only say VAX-D because it is the most well known. DRX is the best in my opinion. These therapies do not involve surgery and are becoming more available.

    Could it help to soak my swollen painful feet in Epson Salts?
    My feet, ankles and shins are badly swollen and extremely painful. Also my hands and legs cramp. My doctor gave me
    an RX for Lasix to reduce fluid in my system but it hasn't helped. I called him and told him I was no better and he said to continue the Lasix. It has been about 4 months. A friend
    suggested Epson Salts. Can anyone help and/or advise me?
    I am totally miserable. Thank you.
    My shoe size has inceased from size 8 to a size 10 and I may go further. My skin feels taut, like it could burst.

    • ANSWER:
      yes the salt and warm water can help provide relief after doing this every nite for a week im shure you will notice a great deal of relife another thing you can try is aplying icey hot to them every nite when you go to bed besure you have baout some type of added pading for you shoues mabe even arch saport and make shure your feet at dry during the day some gold bond poder or even some baby powder can help this i hope this helps

    35 weeks preg, painful swollen foot suddenly?
    I'm pretty petite, and my weight gain has been slow and steady (115 lbs pre preggo, 134 lbs now at 35wks). I have not changed my routine at all and have kept being active and being restful pretty even throughout my pregnancy.. however.. doing my routine laundry last night, my right foot began to ache insanely, I look down and the whole thing is swollen!

    Mind you, I've never had swollen ankles or feet the ENTIRE pregnancy.....

    Its still swollen this morning.. it hurts to drive with it, sit still with it, etc, and sends throbbing pain up my leg. My other foot is a liiiiiiittle swollen now too..

    Is this NORMAL preggo swollen feet/ankles? I called my doc late last night and I felt TOTALLY STUPID for it afterwards.. but this is my first pregnancy, and it really startled me since I'd read that swollen appendages could mean serious probs

    I've drank plenty of fluids/water - no help
    reclined and elevated feet - no help
    I dont intake too much salt anyhow either.


    • ANSWER:
      Call your doc and demand that she sees you. That sounds very different from the swollen feet I had... don't let your doc make you feel stupid.

    is swelling in your feet and legs that doesnt go away dangerous?
    I am a diabetic and I take Lyrica which is for neuropathy pain. One of the side effects is swelling. My ankles,feet and legs all the way to my knees stay so swollen I can hardly walk sometimes. It has gotten very painful. I feel like I have to have this medecine though that pain was unbearable.What can I do other than learning to live with it?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think this is something you should just learn to live with. I highly recommend making an appointment with your doctor and go over different medications for you. You need to keep an open mind.
      Pain pills often do have side effects, but surely there is something else you can take that won't cause your pain to be unbearable.

    My ankle has been extremely swollen and very painful for a month with no injury what is it/?
    I cannot walk on my ankle, did not fall or hurt it prior to this. In 2 weeks time I have taken 100 15 mil morphine and 100 5 mil oxycodone which just makes it tolarable. It is so swollen it feels as if it is about to explode, I ice it, keep it elevated and walk on crutches. If I stay off of it completely the swelling goes down only a little there is never any pain relief. My ortho dr. first put me in a brace but now says not to wear it, to stay completely off of it and ice and elevate it. My next appt is in 8 days, the pain iso intense I don't know if I can stand it much more. Two days before this started I had an MRI done on my knee (same leg). A friend called me this morning saying he heard on TV that one of the side effects of an MRI is swollen and painful joints. Has anyone heard of this or have any ideas or suggestions for any relief?

    • ANSWER:
      Could be gout. The link below has info and a picture of a big toe and ankle with gout.

      I am surprised that your doctor can't give you some idea of what it is...

    I am suffering from swelling in my thighs, legs and ankle that has become painful?

    • ANSWER:
      You should see a doctor. You may have congestive heart failure, or it could be a blood clot, or cellulitis, all of which are dangerous.

    Other than water retension, what is swollen feet and ankles a symptom of??
    My girlfriend's feet and ankles have been swollen for about two weeks. The swelling is moving up her legs now. She says its not painful - just uncomfortable. She does have Hep, however....not sure if its A B or C. I believe its C.

    Serious answers only please!

    • ANSWER:
      Heart failure, for one. That's what happened to my mother when her heart was failing.

    Are my swollen ankles/feet anything to worry about?
    I did a long haul flight to Thailand last week (where I currently am) and I have noticed over the past couple of days my feet and ankles swelling up quite a lot. So much so there is no ankle definition as such just that they are about 4 times the size of normal and they seem to be getting worse. I have been drinking lots (about 2.5litres a day) and my wee is a light colour so don't think dehydration is anything to do with it. I am quite worried about it. Also I had an accident on Wednesday where I came off a motorbike cutting my knee and hand open. I had no other injuries and my feet and legs are not painful. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I having to go back to hospital on Thursday to have the stiches removed from my knee and hand and didn't really want to go before this as of costs adding up.

    • ANSWER:
      this sometimes happens with long journeys, ans also standing in one spot for long periods as well as sitting still for long periods , it is the blood not circulating in legs, and the blood all pools to the bottom of the legs, you are meant to wear flight stockings for those periods, for now sit with legs raised on stool , massage legs . put feet in cool basins of water, and of course see a doctor for to be safe

    Is ankle swelling that gets very painful during exercise a sign of Congestive Heart Failure?
    I have had swelling in my ankles and legs for many years now. I have SLE lupus and am on several meds, none of which are new. For the past 5 years I've been having frequent palpitations or the feeling my heart is jumping. Test on my kidneys and thyroid have came back negative and I am not having a Lupus flare. I have had severe kidney damage in the past and I read this could lead to CHF. I've gained 25 pounds in the past 4 months and thought this was due to birth control I was on but I've been off the stuff for a month now plus I've been exercising daily on my treadmill. But when I exercise I get an excruciating pain in my right leg and it's been swelling a lot more than my left leg lately. I really don't think there is a blood clot or anything in my leg, but my extreme weight gain and inability to lose anything along with my severe leg/ankle swelling as of late has got me wondering if something is up with my heart. I have had constant lower back pain that feels like fluid moving or a slight burning sensation right at my hip when I am laying down. Oh and to add my menstrual cycles have been really bad and happening every other week and the gynecologist said the problem is not gynecological. I'm trying to help my doc figure this out so any input of what these symptoms may mean is much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:

      You need to be seen by your doctor immeidately. This is urgent. Have you been tested for Antiphospholipid Syndrome? This is a disease that often accompanies SLE (approximately 50% of SLE patients have it yet only 25% are actually tested for it). APS can cause blood clots to form called DVT. This problem is HIGHLY excerbated by the use of hormonal birth control. The warnings that you have heard from birth control advertisements about how they can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke...these messages are geared towards you. The OB/GYN should have never put you on contraceptives in the first place. This is contraindicated in people with SLE and especially those with SLE and APS. I remember my wife's hemotologist YELLING at her OB/GYN over the phone a couple of years back when she was trying to give my wife birth control to help with an abnormal menstral cycle. He said "YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HER AND I WILL TESTIFY AGAINST YOU IN COURT" Pretty strong words for a doctor (this hemotologist is a Fellow with UCLA and has immense experience with SLE and APS). Suffice it to say that the OB/GYN looked into what he was saying and found him to be 100% correct. Have your OB/GYN do the same, she/he will come back into the room with an ashen look on their face realizing that they goofed.

      More importantly you need to be seen by your rheumatologist immediately. Tell them about your symptoms. They may just refer you to the local ER to have an ultrasound done on your ankles looking for clots. Tell your Rheumatologist that you've been on birth control and also ask if you've been tested for Antiphospholipid Syndrome. Your Rheumatologist will take it from there.

      Good Luck to you...do not wait on this, it could save your life.

    what does it mean if your inner and outer part of your ankle are painful and swollen? And inner knee? .......?
    I also just had a complete rt. hip replacement near the end of this past Oct. My left leg is fine but its the right one I am concerned about. Anyone have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Call your doctor ASAP. Could be a number of things. A possible infection or blood clot could be very serious. It could also be as simple as needing elevated to reduce swelling. I would call your doctor NOW and see what they think. Good Luck.

    Tops of feet swollen and painful...help!?
    My doctor says that this is normal, but it hurts so bad and doesn't go away when I sleep or put them up. I sleep with my feet elevated every night on 2 pillows, I prop them up at work, I've switched to low sodium everything, I drink LOTS of water during the day and at night, I soak them, etc. It looks like i have large "pockets" on top of my feet. My husband was rubbing my calves and feet this morning and said that my legs were cool to the touch, but the tops of my feet were burning up like they are inflamed. Did you have this issue and do you have any suggestions on what I can do? I already know that I can't tolerate wearing support hose...it's 85 degrees here right now. When my ankles swell, I can sleep with them propped up and their back to normal in the morning...this is just crazy. By the way, I'm 35 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      I"m 36 weeks and I've been having the same problem for over a month now. My feet feel like they're bruised and they're so swollen I can't wear anything but sandels.

      My OBGYN told me that the only thing that really helps is elevating them above the heart (Prop them up whenever you can, especially while sitting) I put mine up on the coffee table with a couple big pillows underneath. Walking can also help somewhat, as it gets the circulation going.

      In his opinion, pregnancy swelling has little to do with sodium, so salt isn't much of an issue. He also told me that drinking water doesn't seem to do much good either (for the swelling, still good for you!)

      Other than that, as long as your blood pressure is good, it's really just one of the not so fun pregnancy side effects.

      Good luck!

    Anyone had bad swelling of legs and feet, below knee?
    Hi....has anyone experienced extreme swelling of ankles and feet, and taken otc meds for it and got relief. I just bought a diuretic, and i'm hoping it will relieve some of the pressure and swelling. It is painful to walk I'm so swollen below my knees.
    I just had twins on 8-26-07. They were born prematurely and stillborn, and had a D&C performed on Tuesday. The swelling was there before I had the D&C.

    • ANSWER:
      I did when i was pregnent, the best thing its to keep you feet elavated ! ALOT!!

    My ankle tattoo is swollen but not painful is this normal?
    I got a tattoo about 3 days ago and its is my seventh one, but my first one anywhere below the waist. It is right above my right ankle bone.
    It seemed swollen the first day but not that painful, and by the second day I was walking completely normally.
    I noticed yesterday though that my tattooed ankle and my foot are quite swollen in comparison to my other one. Its not ridiculously swollen, but maybe that of a sprain, and less as it moves down my foot / up my leg. Its not painful and I can still walk, but should I seek anitibiotics? It doesnt appear infected, is not oozing anything weird, and there isnt redness, just swelling. Is this normal? I read there may be a reaction stronger when red ink is used and this was done in a dark pink / redish color.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you are ok, it sounds like normal swelling from being poke repeatedly with a needle. If it starts to feel warm or starts to ooze, seek medical help. To help ease the swelling, stay off of your feet for a while and try alternating warm and cold compresses right above the site of the tattoo for a while. Good luck.

    im currently 30wks pregnant and suffering the most horrific cramps during the night?
    they are so painful they are waking me from a deep sleep, the blood vessels in my legs have totally broken and look a mess, i also have sore swollen ankles and legs, any suggestion greatly appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      Call your midwife or doctor asap at least to talk it through so that they can add this to your notes.
      At home, put a pillow under your mattress to raise your legs slightly at night to aid blood/fluids to flow back to your body and not "sit" in your legs. You have circulation problems at the very least. Go and speak to someone, now.

    Can strep throat cause your legs to swell and ache?
    While rubbing lotion on my foot, I noticed a sensitive and painful area on my ankle. The next day my ankle started swelling for no reason, then it traveled up my leg to mid thigh. The inside of my calf and back of the thigh are swellen too, they ache, and are sensitive to touch in certain areas. About 3 days after it started, the other leg began to ache and swell. My Dr. said with all of my tests (thyroid, kidney, blood, lymes, diabetes, etc.) I came back with a only positive for the strep virus, and this is a reaction to that. How can strep throat and ankle bloat have anything related?

    • ANSWER:
      Check out the website attached it lists the symptoms of streped throat and one of them is Myofascial Pain Syndrome or muscle pain. I would think that the streptococcal bacteria in the blood stream just happened to set up camp in your legs rather than the neck where most seem to get the discomfort?!

    Painfull swelling in both knees and ankles, red dots on legs, fever, and more? Any ideas?
    In September of this year my knees and ankles started to swell up and were very painful. After living with the pain for a week I was checked into a hospital, diagnosed with shingles, and left after 4 days. I went to a follow up afterwards and got no answers for why the pain is still here. I have been to many different doctors, no one has a clue. I still have swelling in the joints (gets worse as day progresses), fever at night every once in a while, and red dots (broken capillaries). Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm really desperate to find something. Some more extraneous info that might be helpful:
    -Arthritis & lupus have been ruled out.
    -I'm 19 years old/female/asian
    -i did get "better" for a week or so then symptoms came back.

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend seeing a rheumatologist (a doctor that diagnoses and treats diseases of the bones and joints) if you haven't already. They may be able to help you figure out what could be causing this.

      Also, would you please e-mail or IM me off site? I have some other questions for you.

    Do you think I should get a second opinion?
    About 4 years ago I started suffering with swollen feet and ankles. They weren't painful just uncomfortable and at night they'd go down back to normal thin ankles. This problem started on holidays away.

    The swollen ankle problems came back a second time the following summer and likewise would go down of an evening. I also noticed a few times on holiday when it was particularly hot that not only would my ankles swell but my legs would tingle a bit from the knees down wards. On feeling my legs they would be quite hard to touch and very smooth. As soon as the winter came my feet never suffered at all.

    Last year however the nature of the feet problem changed and I began to experience pain in the ankle joints and knee joints more regularly. I went to the doctors and the doctor told me to go away and lose some weight and the problem would ease if not go away all together.

    I wasn't prescribed any painkillers or pain relieving ointments so last year I bought these from the chemist.Neither was I prescribed anything to reduce the swelling. Instead the doctors advice was to lose the weight.

    Well I have since lost 3 stone in weight but the ankle and feet issue is worse this year than the last three years and I am still self teating it with painkillers and pain relieving gel.

    I now have very painful toes almost like someone has hit them with a hammer and broken the tiny joints, I also have painful ankles most of the time and occassionally my knees also have a deeps seated achy pain.

    I have been back to the doctor and again he has advised me to lose more weight.

    I am beginning to think that my doctor feels that some conditions are self caused and therefore can be self cured.

    I am also worried. My father suffered with seriously disabling gouty arthritus yet he wasn't over weight at all, in fact he was the exact opposite. As thin as a rake for most of his life. But he suffered from swollen feet which regularly gave him pain. Don't ge tme wrong my father lived till he was 89 with numerous medical ailments but for the last 10 years of his life he could do nothing for himself.

    When shopping on Saturday I also spied a woman with what looked like the same problem as me one foot that looks like its spilling over and out of a shoe.because it is swollen and full of water.Yet she wasn't over weight, she was slim around a size 12.

    So what do you think, should I ask my Doctor for a check up by a muscular specialist to determine what is wrong with my feet, as I suspect that there is a medical condition here which needs proper treatment?
    Some mornings I wake up with swollen feet. Even if they aren't painful in the morning they will be by the afternoon and evening.

    I just wish they'd go back to normal.

    Will check how much salt should be in my diet etc and carry on losing weight. But something still doesn't feel right the type of pain I get in the toes is different from the pain round the knees and lower back on my right side.

    My toes late in the afternoon feel like they are hot and have been hit with a hammer. In other words the pain I would associate with an injury, yet I have no injury.

    My ankles and knees have a dull ache and occassionally feel tingly like pins and needles. If I press my ankle for say 10 seconds it makes a ditch so there is obviously some water retention but it is also painful.

    My lower back on the right side only is agony for a few hours first thing in the morning. It feels like something is trapped but once up it starts to ease off touching it feels like a bruise would.

    • ANSWER:
      You may have a problem with your Baroreceptor reflex, which returns the blood back up from the feet to the heart. If this were the case though, you would also be susceptible to passing out and feeling dizzy a lot of the time.
      The other cause that can happen is water pooling in your ankles, due to retention. Check your salt balance in your diet.
      Check out the website attached, has some basic and useful info for you.

    Should my leg be swelling after a tattoo?
    I had a tattoo done 2 days ago on the left side of my leg from my knee to near my ankle. It is very painful and i find it at times hard to walk on. I am ok sitting and lying but when i get up my leg is very painful. My leg has swollen since yesterday aswell and was wondering if this is norml and if so how long does it last?

    • ANSWER:
      Thats not normal. You must have had an allergic reaction to the ink. I would get that looked at.

      Theres swelling with every tattoo. But if its so painful you cant walk, and if its getting bigger by the day, No, thats not normal.

    Are swollen feet and painful joints related to IBD?
    I have indeterminate colitis and have noticed that in the past 2 weeks all my joints ache, my lower leg muscles hurt (to the point of me limping when I walk) and my ankles and feet are swelling. Could this be related to my IBD, or possibly to one of the medicines I have been on? I am currently taking Pentasa and was taking Mercaptopurine (a/k/a 6-MP), but my GI instructed me to stop taking the 6-MP because it wasn't working and had dropped my white blood cell count too low.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, colitis/crohns/diverticulitis/ibd all can cause those symptoms. I'm also on pentasa and 6mp but thankfully have not had any negative side effects.
      Here are a few sites on that subject for you to review. Hope that they help. Good luck and feel better!





    I have lymphadema, lymph fluid settles on my ankles.Is there anything I can do or take to reduce the swelling?
    Lymphadema is when your circulation is not good and fluid from your lymph nodes settles in your legs, ankles and feet. It looks like water retention but it isn't water it is lymphatic fluids. It is not lethal but it causes painful walking and joint problems if not now then when one gets older. Any way to get rid of this?

    • ANSWER:
      Of course go to the doctor and make sure you don't have a heart condition or something else. And see if the doctor wants you to take any medication for this.

      Other than that, try not to stay on your feet too long during the day or even sitting in a chair with the legs down. Try to put your feet up when sitting in a chair (on an ottoman). When in bed, you could put a pillow under your calves with the heels of your feet hanging over the pillow (not on it).Gravity can help the fluid drain back to the heart in this way.

      Excercise can help in moderation, but you need to check with your doctor what is okay for you to do. Walking is good sometimes.

    What is this strange rash I have on my lower legs?
    This rash has appeared on my lower legs and it is the most bizzarre looking pattern. It is identical on both legs and feet. It is painful, tender to touch, even to have clothing on is painful. It gets deep red and then fades, but it doesn't go away. My joints swell and are most painful when it is at the reddist color. My ankles, feet and knees become stiff and hurt so severely it is problem to even walk across the room. I have picures I can show but not able to post them with this question. I will email the pictures to anyone who is interested in seeing them.

    • ANSWER:
      Take the pictures and head for your doctor, who will probably send you to see a specialist. This isn't something that is going to go away all by itself, and you need treatment NOW.

    i had a bone scan done on monday of my ankle that has been very painful and swollen?
    since november 14th of 07. i saw the pictures of my legs after they injected me with something and my leg that has the bad ankle was all white and the other one was dark. now the orthopedic surgeon got the results back yesterday and wants me to come in as soon as possible so i go tomorrow morning. does anyone know what this means and why the bad leg was all white on the scan and not the other one. can anyone help that knows, i would like to know before i go to the drs. he told me before it looks like a occult fracture of the ankle.

    • ANSWER:
      What type of bone scan did you have? Isotope? If so that is to see if the bone is first taking up calcium, if you have any break, if the cartilage between the joints is good shape, if their is any infection or cancer. The isotope substance can be for different reasons and the camera used to take the picture is not a x-ray machine but a gamma camera. They allow time for the radioactive dye to penetrate the bone and then by using a gamma camera that picks up areas where the dye has gotten too. Therefore the white photo and the other not so white photo could be simply because they only wanted to exam one foot, so were not going to hang around for the dye to penetrate the other foot. I went for the injection at 1pm and then had to go away and return at 3pm. Two hours and do normal things like eat, drink, shop and I arrived back at 3pm but they did not start to take the pictures until 3.30pm. According to the results 'Normal' yet two years later, I had a bone density scan and found out I am osteopenic, so while the calcium was being taken up by my bones and gave a normal test result, it was obviously I was also loosing calcium. Therefore wait until you see the Doc. Good Luck